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Releasing Old Energy To Welcome The (Not So) New Energy Of Harmonious Twin Flame Union 🍁🍂

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Just because we're no longer in the month of romance, it's no excuse to stop romancing yourself, keep doing it, do more of it, it's the energy of your Union that you're expressing there. Work through any upsets that arise in real time, don't let them sit or slip, take responsibility for sending Love there 100% of the time. When you're at this stage, you've reached the last full layer of darkness to work through. It'll be the same block that was there the whole time, the core energy holding the situation in place. love yourself there, it requires faith, just choose to love and choose willingness to receive love there. This is how you attain Harmonious Union, it's not about your Twin Flame, but is simply the result of this feeling. There will be no real happiness going on 'over there,' your Twin Flame has the same desire to have all of this love too, they have the same longing for real connection. Even if your Twin Flame has not yet worked out that you're their One, they still desire true connection, before that AHA moment, they still feel the same desire. Being in another relationship can help them find that desire more clearly, they know it's not there with that person. There's no reason to have less, there's no reason why you can't have God, have all of God, God's love is for you. The dissonance between frustration and fulfilment, there's no middle ground. Your good is not hiding from you, choose to claim it now, it was always there, it never left.

On reaching the core of separation consciousness in order to clear it, everything's so much more subtle. Untangling the final pieces of believing you were still separate in this place, you're not, it's a very gentle process. Harmonious Union is being attained in all the little places, Harmonious Union attained piece by piece with every little bit of healing by zapping every little upset and trigger the moment it arises. Each time we catch these triggers, we're seizing the moment. Triggers point to a place of misalignment, which always lead to deeper healing and Ultimate Truth. Heal through the triggers, and the situation that led to the triggering dissolves, as it's served it's purpose. So we can forgive and move forward, all the actions that led to the healing no longer matter. It's safe to trust every step. you'll know when you're succeeding because you'll feel more playful, there's been a lot of inner child healing taking place. The journey isn't meant to be harrowing and pummelling, no harm comes to you in this process, it's just letting go of the settling energy. the Divine will meet you there. you're always going deeper, enjoy the good feelings, but there's no need to attach to them.

Pursue your dreams right now, they'll bring your Twin Flame closer, Deny your dream to pursue your Twin Flame, and they'll get further away. So really have a good splurge with your creativity. It opens a whole new slice of the pie to get stuck into, instead of waiting for your Twin Flame to show up, so that when they do, you can walk straight into your dream and quickly ground it into practical reality. This is a life changing moment for the collective. life changing means grounding it. We don't want a Union that comes in on a high because it won't last. Ground the energy moving through or it can't take root, it needs to be channelled. emotions and things will come up in a high that have not been processed because they're effectively not being noticed, be present with your feelings. Bring that energy to a place where it can grow and access nutrients, let it root in Divinity, the place where you get your sustenance. Your entire being will be able to express more fully the more you can express without blocks. You don't have to force your way through them, there is great joy to be had when you follow Divine guidance.

And as you pursue your creative dreams, stuff will come up, you'll come into contact with the most unlikely people who are connected to Divine Truth, who will give you words of wisdom along the way. People and energetic cords from the past are in the process of releasing, you don't need to release absolutely everything for your Twin Flame to come in, you can continue the process after Harmonious Union. This foundation is not about bringing the past back but placing all your experiences in their appropriate place, in your foundation, from which your Heaven can arise. There's a full on energy cleanse happening in consciousness, the new energy coming in is completely different to the energy from the past, which may be connected to old relationships, so it belongs in the past. Be discerning. The Divine asks you to go to the place that needs healing, go all in. For your Twin Flame to come in fully and be fully with you, a process is undergone which can take a while. We want to give all of them all of us. If parts of us have been given away, the process helps retrieve them. In the meantime the Twin Flame can't come in because the energy is blocking them, if there's an (previously unnoticed) energetic link to an ex or an event, clear the whole event out, so it's no longer the time when this happened, when love meant this, when that song opened your heart. Was that ex the right person? You know that now, their energy need to go. It was the part of you that knew only that much about Twin Flame energy at that point. Be with this part now, knowing their Twin Flame in his/her heart, and projecting it onto the people around them.

In your heart you did know, maybe tried too long, give this part of you what he/she needs, love, peace, the Divine, you've found the right person, now sweep out the old. Release any bit of the past that comes up, the Divine will direct you to all these places in consciousness, it's up to you to dissolve it. Have zero tolerance, let go of all settling energy. And remember, there's really no blame. The Twin Flame's perception is completely railed by the block. They're completely immersed in that projection they're in, living out a pattern. There's no awareness, they're in a pattern. Some Divine Masculines have been horrified when they suddenly attained 'total recall,' it can be pretty full on. In that awareness their heart becomes aware, although there's a period when the pattern's dissolving. When the awareness comes in they can't deny it, so then there is the inner conflict between the heart and the pattern. It's a process of letting go of the pattern, and that's down to us doing the inner work. Their heart won't be currently engaged in the pattern, they're just playing it out. They may have the projection of a relationship, it's not a true heart awareness, but the minute that happens, it can be very sudden, especially if you're the one doing the gradual work. Because you're one being, your Twin Flame should be able to manage that quite well. The pattern is the unawareness.

The idea that if we choose that we're better off without ourselves, which is effectively what we've done. Perhaps in a past life you went off without eachother. Boom, there's the choice, that's what's happening in this settling energy, the misaligned belief that one is better off without themselves fot this or that reason. It's that awareness they step back into when we make the choice. The moment that choice is made, you're back in the pattern of believing this is your truth, it's undone with one new choice. Choose that you'll always be happiest with yourself. The moment your Twin Flame's heart becomes aware, the moment the pattern begins to break down, and the awareness comes in it undeniable. They cant argue with their heart without experiencing massive contrast. There is an element of surprise. The Divine gave you the awareness in your heart. Awareness can hit all at once. Everyone you loved was, in fact, the Twin Flame energy, disconnect from the people, we fell in love with the Divine. Release past history, the hard years, it can be done in an instant.

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