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Revealing The Truth of Your Divine Twin Flame Connection

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Your friendship with your Twin Flame is the foundation for your Union, free flowing communication, out in the open. How does your Union come out into the open? Will something occur on the outside to reveal it, as if there'll come a point when the magnitude of your connection will just not be able to be contained anymore? That's not it, it's all internal, it's not about tension and pressure and containing the energy till it no longer can be, but peace.

Your Twin Flame can't see what you can't see, they're not having an individual experience, many of then don't know what's happening, they don't know this spiritual work, their job is to hold the illusion so their experience will be different, they're experiencing the illusion. They're not trying to hold back feelings, it's more of a subconscious thing with them and it comes into their consciousness. It's present in their consciousness but they're not actively playing it out. It's there in their consciousness but their job is to show you your blocks, not pretend there aren't any, but show them to you. You don't look to your Twin Flame to gauge your progress, that's not where it is.

The onus is not on you to make them do something, you're not making them do anything, they can't do anything separately from you and they can't move forward towards you unless you clear in a certain area, they'll only communicate with you if you're clear about communicating with them. They won't move towards you until you've cleared that space, they're not like other people, they're you. They're not being someone else, they're just being your consciousness. Bring him or her back to you, they're not over there having a separate experience, they're another person to everyone else but not to you. With you they can only be what they've cleared, if you've not cleared friendship and connection, you won't have friendship and connection.

Each Union has cleared the way for a particular area that makes it easy to connect, for some it's sexuality. The energy can come though there so some start their union with that kind of interaction but it needs to be sustainable, at some point you have to build your Life Purpose, friendship and partnership. Passion is a way in and it's perfect and where you need to focus, but you want, at some point, to be focusing elsewhere because that energy's clear. When you encounter your Twin, they're literally walking by with a mirror, reflecting what you're doing, all they do is mirror mirror mirror. Don't expect them to do anything independently, don't wait for the penny to drop, that's not what's going on here. They're not deliberately doing something, they're just being their current state of consciousness. If they look away, where are you looking away from yourself? Where can't you acknowledge the love you have for yourself? Go there. You're being shown where to make a new choice, stop hiding from the love you have for yourself. Stop denying how much you love yourself. Every drop in every encounter they're giving you is so valuable, see it clearly.

We have all been so hard on ourselves, because we didn't understand our own divinity. What do you need to claim? Your divinity, your true self, and as you do that, you allow your Twin Flame to do the same and see you as your divine self. That's what you're giving them, they're not doing anything other than what you're giving yourself, they can't look at you and see you clearly if you're not looking at you and seeing you clearly. We go deeper and deeper until they start to show us they see us clearly. Joint core choices are made on some level and they deepen and deepen. Trying to think about how it's going to pan out isn't helpful. Choices made together are instant but you can't claim your divinity and five seconds later revert to self judgement, you have to continue

to choose it and not care if no one else sees it.

The Mirror Exercise filters through and releases the parts of you not in line with your divinity. God/Goddess makes it effortless. When you have cleared the way to communication, for example, you'll communicate, you'll both want to, all you need to do is love the parts of yourself that are afraid to communicate. Your Twin Flame will approach you when you've cleared that, it'll be peaceful & loving. You'll be able to look them in the eye and smile because you love them,

not because you're after anything, not because of anything other then that they're the most beautiful man or woman ever to have lived. And you're not afraid to show that because you don't need to hide it and you allow them to do the same for you.

They will push you, test all you limits in all areas, on all levels, and they will push them back. Constant expansion is what you have with them, beyond anything you've ever known before. You're designed for more, you're designed to have it all, so claim more, claim it all. It doesn't matter that you may have felt like you couldn't handle it all before, it was still yours then, it always has been, although the lie prevents it from being received, it's got nothing to do with the level you're at or were at. You don't have to be at a certain level spiritually to have your Harmonious Union, just be in the vibe of knowing it's yours. This is for everyone, you don't have to be a spiritual master, you already have Harmonious Union, everyone does. It's just the belief that more would be too much is what stops us having any more. We put a limit on ourselves because we get this idea that we can't take any more. Who are we saying that to? God, we're

saying we have enough for our idea of littleness.

When the friendship is complete you can move onto the next phase, your Twin Flame may show up but they might not know exactly why they're there, it's up to you to guide the next step. Really easy communication, they're your best friend, there's nothing to be afraid of in communicating, at worst, you'll just be given a trigger, which is nothing but the next juicy step to work through. If you can begin to allow yourself to feel just how in love with them you are and allow that to show in your face unabashedly, there's never a reason to hide that you're in love with someone. If that worries you, go to that place. If you're afraid they might leave, consider this: can a Twin Flame ever leave you even if you did bear your heart? They want the same as you do, love and God, it's all

they're ever interested in. What are you saying when you say 'I'm in love with you' to your Twin Flame? I'm in love with me, I'm in love with God, it's love I feel. Do they feel anything other than attracted to that if you say it without trying to control? Totally! You don't need to do anything other than state the truth that you're in love with them. You don't need to worry about any of the nonsense they may respond with, it's just your consciousness reacting to

the love you're feeling.

The Divine will provide you with the words, you don't need to plan or think about what to say, Mother God will never leave you without words, and She will provide all the opportunities you ask for. There's great peace in knowing that you can let go of control. Don't overplan and take the spontaneity out or you take the God out, and all you're left with is the rubbish. The mind looks for something to control and goes blank, the heart never looks for control and never goes blank. Just being in your feelings and saying how you feel, they're not looking for anything else, that's what feels good. They're not an ordinary person, they won't respond to you in an ordinary way. They're only interested in love and you can do that with a look. Show them you love them by loving then and acknowledging them and learning to acknowledge yourself. They can't do anything independently of the consciousness you're in, and for those Twins who are not doing the spiritual work, they're healing too but in a different way and we have to understand it and let them get on with it. I'ts on us, they're partnering with us, but in a different way, we have the Mirror Exercise, that's our job. That's my man/woman, I claim them and I'm completely in love with them.

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