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Revealing Your True Twin Flame, The One In Your Heart, It's Real, It's True 💘

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

💚During this time period, the collective is clearing out all the old conceptions that the Divine is trying to withhold the Love, and releasing resistance to claiming that. It's also a time of turning away from the past, we've gone way beyond that paint, we're so much further and deeper into that self connection. every activity can be a spiritual practice, if you bring your presence there. Ego pulls us out of presence, but being present and feeling our feelings is being with God. Ignoring your feelings is ignoring yourself. Not completely, just in these places, but these places are important. Each step taken is one closer to your Twin Flame, to your Heaven on Earth. That's already guaranteed, the deal's already done, in truth, we're just walking the journey, we're living it out. Whatever experience your Twin Flame is having 'over there,' it's just a reflection of the pattern we're still buying into. If your experience isn't comfortable, the same thing's happening 'over there', there's no more comfort. If you're the twin called to do the spiritual work, and if you're reading this, you probably are, all your blocks have been moved over to your Twin in order to free you up to be able to do the spiritual work. They are in fact, taking on the heaviest burden, they're living the illusion, playing out the pattern, please know how much they are loving you by doing this! how blessed you are to be doing the spiritual work, to know what's going on and have your destiny in your hands.🥦

🥭They agreed to take on more, that's our man/woman, they're taking it on. They should be feeling pretty divine in your heart right now, that's the part of them you know, the God in them. when you feel into your heart, all the deeper places, ask the Divine to guide you, be with God everywhere. see God in your sock drawer, it's part of your commitment to yourself, your femininity/ masculinity, it's giving you what you need to feel safe. No more living in survival mode, but Love is the mechanism you want, the new foundation, surrender the old pattern of being anxious and needing to know what's coming, call in more safety. Nothing can harm your Love. If you're still feeling a little doubt, alternating with knowing, that's OK, it's a process in itself, it can take many months to reveal a Twin Flame, so if it's taking a while, there's nothing to be afraid of. Both Twins are going trough this in unison right now. It's simply a process of dipping a toe in, 'it is! Ooh, it might not is...hang on...' That's the dance. The doubt isn't a permanent state, work the process you'll move through it.🧡

🍏Greater peace and knowingness is the destination, there's only one man/woman for you, they exist, they're real, you feel them in your heart, you're not going to receive anything different, that's your man/woman, the one in your heart it's real, it's true. That's God speaking to you, your feelings are good. Keep going deeper into trusting God here, and even beyond Harmonious Union, just keep going there, keep working it. It really doesn't matter how it looks. If we have a pattern playing out where we're still doubtful about committing to this real love, isn't it quite natural that we find ourselves sitting in an in-between place? And it doesn't feel comfortable because we don't have the full clarity we need to take the next step to fully receive ourselves. we need to keep working through it and it may mean sitting in a place that looks completely different from the ideal, but if that's what it takes, so be it. because if your Twin is sitting in a place on in betweenness, in their heart they're clearly nor committed where they are because they're working a process. A pattern is being worked through with their situation, it could be a pattern of understanding what it would mean to fully commit their heart, there is a desire to do so, and until they're ready to do that fully, which is the Union part, they're going to be in that in between stage.🍐

🪀And this in between stage may include one's Twin being in a relationship where they are settling, and if you have experienced this kind of relationship yourself, you'll know that the safety you were seeking there wasn't real safety, it was a trap. A form of love may have been playing out, but you could see the pattern present, 'This is better than I've known, my heart's still not fully here but I'm getting a benefit of sorts, I'm enjoying this type of set up but it's not the real thing.' When we fall in Love for real, we have the blocks come up because the blocks are the separation from the real safety and the real commitment. Know that the Divine is all the good and all the safety and all the beauty. Every time you're not feeling that, just know it's only ever about God, God everywhere. It's not the journey but getting clear on whether we want a relationship with the hell of separation or not. There's no need to be concerned about what others may think, if anyone would be bothered by you having your good, they'll reveal themselves and leave your reality.🎀

🧢You're being made aware that every second of your day, every moment, every heartbeat, God is with you. The Divine has planned this journey, step by step, it's already done from start to finish, it's all laid out, so all you need to do is follow the steps. It's all done in the right order and you can relax into that knowing. The timing's there for a specific reason in that you can't put the cart before the horse. The pace you're going at is always the most compassionate. Please know that the Divine is guiding every single step. Every reading you have, every card, every message, every phrase that comes to mind, all the Divine. Know that you are eternal, it may seem like it's taking a long time in this life, but we're just making a short investment of a few years into our Harmonious Union. Even if we did have to work for the rest of this life, it's really the only thing to do. Whatever your age, there's no less love, you'll have your entire childhood, teenage years, young love phase when you come back together because it's timeless.🧿

🏩Looking back on your journey, you already knew at the start, even if you hadn't had the revelation of the person in your heart, all that Love was there. This experience had already been in your awareness, on some level, you've always known who you were and what you'd be doing in this life, even if the final puzzle pieces weren't yet in place. Look at how far you've come and what you know now. Your person was always there, even years before you met in the physical, it was still real, you were still not separate. You may have believed it was a past partner, or you may have known it wasn't. How would you have known that? Because you already knew who it was supposed to be. In your heart you're ageless and you can have all that gorgeous, giggly, silly fun together. Your heart is your communication from God, everything you feel you know. Ego will tell you not to feel that, it doesn't want you to feel the good stuff, but all the good stuff you're feeling is from the Divine. the journey is really accepting that that is God and you can have it. The good stuff comes up and feels great, then it bottoms out and we think we can't have it. the Divine is urging you to trust, to follow Her, and not doubt this. Love, continue to go deeper, this love is yours.🍄

💜It's completely safe to trust that Love you feel. if you don't, you're pushing God away, it's literally that. Really validate your experience in your heart, please know it's completely safe. Love won't lead you astray, it's the only thing that won't. Those thoughts that have led us to harm when we we've loved before were just because there was a block to that love, not because that love was not for you. That's all it is, just go deeper with the Divine there into that trust. You're claiming your relationship with the Divine, you're claiming your mastery, all the experiences of awakening and enlightenment you're giving yourself are rightfully for you, you called that in. An expression of beautiful deepening, please congratulate yourself. And remember, you have to look forwards to this wonderful love and togetherness that awaits you, you can't progress if you're constantly looking in the rear view mirror. Your good is not what was back then, it's grown immensely. What was was but a mere snippet, the initial layers that naturally you called in and then the work begins. Now I know who you are, I just need to now reveal the deeper truth, time to get to work with God to be in Union with your true partner, your eternal soul spouse. You know that all you're doing is revealing that and once it's revealed, BOOM! You're pretty much there, keep going, God's not slow once that's revealed, it's all going to come for you quickly. things are starting to get interesting, deeper commitment is the way, it's an incredibly strong place to be.🍇

💛As the world goes deeper back into lockdown, it's an opportunity to go deeper with God, choose perfect health and choose to be in Union with the Divine as the new way of being. lockdowns also put third party situations under immense pressure, it's really a way of facing a block. Any non Twin Flame based or healing based relationship will feel like it's in a pressure cooker and really, what that's going to do is highlight the pattern. It's up to us to locate the pattern that keeps the separation there and continue to expose it and the third party situation will dissolve, just like any other unnecessary relationships have done in our own lives. If you have a third party, remember, your Twin Flame has a Twin Flame, and that's you, and that's a big frigging deal, there's no replacing you, not now, not ever. Trust your feelings, that's God talking to you. Any kind of situation like this is just expressing a sense of not being able to have their love. There's no reason why you shouldn't be together, it's just a block. It's happening on the inside, this is the place we create it. All the love you require, you can provide for yourself, and I highly recommend doing that, and doing it a lot, all the time. Regular stuff, contact, communication, you're not ever deprived. Go deeper there, express that more, if something feels good, do more of it. Be willing to see what you're moving through, recognise the patterns. you're allowed your Harmonious Union whenever God says you're ready. No one else can influence that, it's between you and the Divine, it's just the awareness, you'll move through what you need to at just the right time.🌞

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Jan 04, 2021

WOW you captured the deep love DF has for DM they look fucking hot together the golden glow reflecting in DM face reflect on wigs of healing he lights up with her glow he is ready to lift his wings to shield his DF light from above you could say they are in the light fathers light look at them glow very inspiring painting thanks so much shalom

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