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Show Your Twin Flame The Real You ~ Let Them See You Shine! 🌿🧡

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🍏As a result of all your hard work, the energies have shifted. Because you have been loving yourself you may find that you are being more supported in all ways, and that there's no need to be over efforting, it's OK to relax into these shifts. They are happening naturally and effortlessly now, because you're doing all this with the Divine. For the sector of people who resonate with this, your Twins are doing a little bit of housekeeping, putting things in order, they've gone in, they're sorting things out, it's a really good feeling (remember the emphasis I placed on refreshing one's living environment the last few weeks). There's also an energy of Divine counterparts walking away from unfulfilling things. if there are third party situations that are being walked away from, it's plausible that these third parties may have had some beliefs, which the Divine counterparts were attracted to, naturally, but later realised that they had thought that the third party was more spiritual than they actually were. Stay surrendered as what we know to be the Divine truth comes into being, the walls are coming down now, there's a marriage of head and heart happening.🍐

🌴Find who you really are, neither what others in your life may have wanted you to be, or the complete polar opposite of that (family patterns). It may be time to fully explore all of one's relationships, what's the next place to go|? Look at what's about to unfold. Your Twin Flame is not your Source, even if they show up they won't necessarily start giving you Love, because they can only give you what you've given yourself. If they show up, they're you, so wherever you're blocked, they're blocked, wherever you're not loving yourself, they won't be and it'll feel uncomfortable. If you're not clear that the Divine is your Ultimate Lover, your Twin Flame won't be clear either. They're not an independent person, it's like having another you in the room, it's not meant to be exciting, you already know everything about them and they wouldn't have any energy that you wouldn't also have, so there's nothing to receive from them, they're just like you. It's not a high like when two people try to get energy from each other. It's peaceful, like, 'hello, nice weather.' Where's the energy going? into healing this or that upset or into doing your Life Purpose, going for a run.🍃

🌄If the Divine has orchestrated a shift and your Twin Flame gives you an opening, you have the right to take that opportunity. They're your man or woman, do you feel like you're being intrusive? Are you silencing yourself? Don't control what aspects of yourself they see, that's still controlling. They have to see and feel the truth, and you have to let them, don't hold yourself back because you won't be allowing you to be you. It's very common to have a fear that you can't be fully yourself around them. It really is God through your Twin Flame, you can't annoy God because you can't control God. With Twin Flame dynamics, there is no room for pretence of any kind, it's OK to be completely unfiltered for them, give no shits. They love that authenticity, don't turn the volume down or censor your language out of fear of being judged, it's always you who is doing the judging. Who is your Twin Flame to you? Your man/woman, of course, and who else? They're you. Please don't judge parts of yourself as less worthy and that the love you receive is based on how you behave. If that was a family pattern that played out as you grew up, it may have given rise to some confusion as to why someone would love you for your authentic self. It may have affected the way you may feel about what you can and can't express. If that's the case, remember that all your life, God has been speaking to you through all things and all people and showing you what you need to heal in yourself. If anyone around you at all triggers you it's a mirror to look at that place that needs healing. When it's fully healed it won't matter what anyone around you does, it won't affect you.🥦

🌏Are you concerned that you may be naturally to intense or too boisterous for your Twin Flame? Can you be too much for God? Did God not create you this way? If so, claim that part of yourself, allow your free expression. Your Twin Flame will find you incredibly cool if you present your truth to them, rather than an image. Don't hold back from sharing all of yourself, not just the aspects that you think they'll like. It's Ok to show them that you're in Love with the Divine, it's OK for them to know that you're someone that loves. It's incredibly attractive for someone to be so willing and open to Love. This journey is about not being anyone other that who you really are, and your Twin Flame isn't exactly the same as you, they're complementary, so they don't have to share all the same memes on social media. What you both are is complementary energy, and that's so attractive. So if there are aspects to you that they don't seem to have, it's for a reason, and that's something they want in their ideal man or woman. The key understanding is that you are who he or she wants, you don't have to be anything other than who you already are.🌌

🌅Is there any lingering fear remaining that there is something that you could do or say or be, that could be off-putting to love? That love wouldn't want? It's just a place you need to go deeper with Divinity. You are Love itself, you were made in Love, you were made of Love, it's how you were created. You don't have control over the way you were made, any parts of yourself that you deemed annoying are simply because other people have told you so. You're free to be who you are, unrestrained and uncensored. The way you reveal your Twin Flame and your Union is by you being you. The whole time we pretend to be someone else, they can't see us clearly because we're not seeing ourselves clearly. There's no recognition and what we want is to reveal the truth, is this my true Twin Flame? Bring it on! If you are you and they either like or dislike it reveals the truth, don't keep that experience at bay. Control is how some people maintain relationships. They'll pretend to be someone they're not, let you be you, the right person will like it. Don't be afraid of this because Love says you should never be afraid of being you.🌊

🧢Whatever you want from your Twin Flame, give it to yourself, they're not doing anything independent of you. It's not about them but you. Keep upgrading your living environment, the energy of wealth is flowing energy, keep refreshing every single corner, don't hang onto items that are past their best just because they're dutiful, pass them onto others and have new for yourself. You're releasing third party energy by choosing to let go of things, as it's the same energy that keeps people in relationships that are past their sell by date. Could you settle for any old person? No, you desire the upgrade, the true vibrational match. It's time to start living that in every way, in a way that your Twin Flame can see. The deeper truth is that anyone other than who you really are won't work, not only will they not get to recognise you but you won't get to see the truth that it's really really really them. They're only attracted to who you really really really are, take that step to really evidence that. The more you don't want to show who you really are, the more you're saying you're not sure they'll love you. You want to find out who really is with you, who really loves you, who really is on this journey with you, don't be afraid to reveal yourself.🧿

☔This is a time of going deeper into communication with yourself, and remember, your twin Flame isn't someone else, it's like talking to yourself about you, discovering who you are together. They are honestly attracted to who you are and are very much repulsed by any pretence. Let go of anything other than the way that you express. Let yourself be you and express exactly as you. No one else can be you, you're not an abridged version, if you're a bit individual and no one else is like you, then so much the better, it's bound to tie into your purpose. It's time to meet yourself more deeply and just receive yourself more in that place in your heart where you're happy with how you are so here goes nothing. Decree: "I choose to reveal the truth of my Twin Flame by revealing the truth of who I am". Don't be afraid if they react negatively because you just heal it more deeply. You can't be rejected by Love, so let's reveal more deeply and let God Guide it but let's find out what your Twin Flame makes of your authentic self and see if they like it. you are different to how you were in the past. You're a very powerful person with a lot of healing energy and love and so much more peace about you. The real One is only ever the real One and God knows this truth and you can trust that.🍇

💜You're now revealing the truth of where is that Love, let it come closer into your life, more fully with no fear keeping it away anymore. Be proud of how far you've come, stop settling anywhere, feel into these places in your consciousness about authentic expression.🪀

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