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Stepping Into Your Divinity With Your Twin Flame 💚💜

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It feels so good to know one is on the right track, to be unpeeling the layers and to receive greater peace and greater clarity. It brings so much relief to move into a greater understanding of what the dynamic has been, and why things have been the way they have been. Everything experienced leads to Union, the more that is worked through prior to it, the better.

There is no coming forward necessary, your person is already with you, everything that's going on is OK. It's about moving from the old frequency to the new frequency of the timeline where your wish lies. While moving out of the old vortex, some cycles may be repeated until you genuinely make that choice to let the old vortex go, it's OK if that takes a while. If things have happened between you and your Twin Flame that were not so great, you can make the choice to step away from old ways of how you perceived them in the past, how you interacted and seeing the truth that only love is real. People have been going through this same process with family relationships too at this time, leaving the old patterns behind, once and for all.

If things are not the way you'd like them to be right now, go deeper. If there's any sense of injustice, what's really the Divine truth here? Divine love cannot be taken from you, Divine justice will prevail. There may be a sense of frustration about things needing to shift and that shift feeling not possible, but remember who is really orchestrating that shift. Trust the Divine's ability to do this. People have trouble trusting the Divine because they believe God will treat them the same way as their families, confusing their parents with their Divine Parent. the wounded place is where to go and do the work. It reveals the current relationship with God and what's been in the way of Divine Love. Choose to see the Divine as She truly is, your Divine Father and Mother. Choose to accept yourself as the Divine child of God/Goddess, who sees you as His Divine child, She looked after you and loved you and never left. Twin Flames in Harmonious Union are a result of their relationship with the Divine, your relationship with your Twin Flame will be healed as a result, when you see God clearly, you see yourself and your Twin Flame clearly. If you show up as yourself with your Twin Flame, they'll see you clearly, if there's any inauthenticity they won't be able to.

So much progress has been made in the collective over the last few months, so much change has occurred. Things can shift unexpectedly in five minutes, understand how loved you are. Everything in consciousness is connected, you and your Twin Flame the most, it will be so easy for the Divine to orchestrate meetings at just the right moment. Week be week, you're moving closer to love, the closer you get the better it will be. Allow yourself right now, to receive complete satisfaction and fulfilment. What's the Divine's promise? She will not let you down, no need to try to make things happen, it's all yours.

Your heart truly is your Twin Flame's heart, and all the desire you feel truly is their desire 100%. There's no way they could be feeling any differently about love, and only in the revealing of that love that they can realise that it's you. you recognise the connection, take a moment to savour the feeling you get knowing that to truly recognise the connection, they must do too. They may be experiencing a bit of a conflict between their headspace and heart5space, and that's OK, it's quite natural, it's about lining up the feeling with the reality, and this is where the shifts are happening, everything is being balanced out. Go to each place to bring love there, nothing's ever been kept from you, that's the illusion, that's what's being undone now, show up for yourself in such a beautiful way, and know that your Twin Flame has to be doing the same in their heart. they reflect the healing you give to yourself, and in that healing, as you reach a much more peaceful place, it's very fertile ground for that Harmonious Union.

Water that right now, it's OK to still have a few moments and a few little bits that still need working on. there's nothing wrong with that, please don't judge anything that comes up, let it show you the next step that needs to be taken. Please don't criticise yourself, you're a Divine being worthy of receiving all of his or her love. recognise yourself and your worth and your Divinity, collapsing the pattern of feeling not Divine. Mother/ Father God has no agenda, only to love. Realising your True Divinity, and peeling away all the beliefs about not being lovable, and choose Divine love in this place. Know the security, the stability, the eternal nature of that love, that's your truth.

Another block that people have is a fear of having everything they want, not knowing what to do with all that love, so ask yourself, what does that experience of love mean? Happiness? Describe it, what form does it take? where does it come from? What do you receive by receiving Divine Love? The practical experience of Divine love. Know what it is. How do we receive that experience of satisfaction and fulfilment? What's out nature? What does it mean to be in that state of love? It's about being unafraid to be you, it's safe to know that love will not be taken from you, it's not temporary, it's not going anywhere, it's eternal. How does it feel to know all of this? What's the feeling other than happiness? What does it bring to you? answering these questions helps you find your own way of explaining it to yourself so you can ground into it. Closeness, connection, intimacy, togetherness, imagine being with your Twin Flame in that state. It's will be the first time that one has been really truly loved by another, it's OK to not be too sure what that looks like.

You don't have to go into your Union knowing how everything works, you can explore it and find your way together, it's completely safe to do so. keep surrendering, keep being present with yourself, keep loving yourself, it's very very peaceful, connected, joyful, expansive and secure. Everything then becomes clear, what you're going for. It's easy to lose sight of the end result, things can seem to become very abstract. It's also easy to lose sight of the end goal because your Twin Flame is often someone you've experienced a lot of blocks with. It's good to realise, 'it's going to be this! It might not be that on day one, and that's OK too. That's where the Union is moving and expanding into, ever more deeply, everything will unfold in due time.

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