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Twin Flames ~ Stick to Your Own True Love Story

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Don't go by other people's stories, your truth is your truth, stick to your own true love story, it may feel a bit quiet at the moment, but it's not quiet at all. It's an inner process, the external's coming

all you have to do is just stoke the fire. On this journey, it's easy to get into the habit of thinking that others have it easy and seem happy, but with soulmate relationships, it's all on the outside. Address any irritation that other people have an easy time of it. If you're choosing union and doing the inner healing work required, you really couldn't be doing any more. Sometimes less is more and you would do well to lighten up and relax more. Have you made the choice to claim and choose your Harmonious Union? Are you moving forward with healing and loving yourself? Is any more required of you? No! Surrender difficulty, choose for it to be fun and easy (although that does not mean there won't be challenges).

Look at it in terms of a joint choice, if you or your person wishes, on some level. that things are different, it means, in Twin Flame terms that you're both not happy with separation. Every choice we're making is happening, even if it doesn't look like it's happening, it's happening. The choices are reflected in the moment, the teachings say we choose as one, so why can it appear so difficult, if I'm choosing Harmonious Union, why are they not present? They are, they're choosing love, it's possible though, that they may be projecting that love somewhere else. The only reason they're projecting is that on some level, we think they shouldn't be with us. Even though you may be seeing something different, your choice is supremely powerful. The reason they may be with someone else is because we have a belief somewhere in our consciousness that they should be with someone else. All you need to do is show up for yourself in the places you think they should be elsewhere. That phrase 'you're better off without me' is literally the phrase to heal again and again and again. It applies to decisions from this life and previous lives. When they say no , they're showing you all the places when you doubt they're your person or you're still unsure.

When they're in your presence, they know that when they're with you they feel an energy of peace and home and happiness, sometimes what happens is that they think it's due to another person. That begins to fade as you heal, them thinking it's the other person but when you're present, they also feel what you have together. It's a bit like being in between worlds. At some point, this old reality that they're having begins to reveal itself, the more love you have between you, the more the old reality crumbles until they're left with the truth that there's no connection. We're tipping the scale until you can feel the love holding your union, and really it's about showing up for yourself on the inside, the more you're able to do that, the more they're able to just be there, the more they want to be there because you're just enjoying them. You're not asking them to do anything, I'm here, I love you, you're for me and I've healed the part of myself that needs anything to be different. It's only your beliefs that hold the illusion in place. They will sit there and say no, it's this other person but the only reason they're doing that is they're showing you you don't think it's you, you don't think you're enough. You think someone else is a better fit, that's the insanity of separation. You were born enough!

When this is healed, they don't think that at all, of course it's not the other person. That person is only there to show you what you need to heal, they have no other purpose. They're helping you, albeit uncomfortable, but that's where the growth happens. Focus on the fact you're going to be successful. This is my man / woman and I'm going to heal more and more and more. It's strange being face to face with them with this knowledge. The same love is there as always, but when you understand the connection, you can see it happening. The change can be instant. How do you know what you've already built? Commitment is the theme of the day. When you're choosing, your Twin Flame is choosing with you, they believe in exactly the same thing you do, they may be just projecting it more loosely, you're more focused on who and what this is. Your choices really do have power, you can use them with your Twin Flame, and they'll reflect them immediately, just remember it's about the relationship within, all about you being you with you, and them over they're, they're not, they're you. They're over there living another life, no they're not, they're you. The more you do this, the more the old reality crumbles and the reveal can be instant.

Some people who found they had had false Twin experiences, had their 'person' show up for them and they felt happy and attracted, but their heart was elsewhere, and then the shift happened. The veil drops, it was this person all along. A choice was made and the old reality visibly crumbles to nothing. Even when they're living with someone else, there comes a point where that relationship

degenerates to the point where they're living separate lives. It may be crumbling piece by piece, it may not be completely visible, how little there is there. Have compassion, have faith, third parties can even be present after Harmonious Union, it's just an energy. Choose to commit to yourself, and follow it up with actions by doing so wholeheartedly.

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