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Totally Aligning Yourself With Divine Truth & With Your Twin Flame To Have Your Harmonious Union 💚

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

🪀A huge theme at this time, which cannot be emphasised enough, is authentic expression, being one's true self. When we are truly in our Divinity, we see others as Divine. This may be until they reveal themselves as otherwise, and then Love can be fierce. We meet people in a state of vulnerability while they're choosing love. If they reveal that they're not, we invite them to do so and clarity is established as to whether they are or not, and if they're still not, we set a boundary. But please know that you have always been loved all along. The Divine was the One who has always invited you to love and the Twin Flame love is really falling in love with the Divine.🩱

🌞The collective is coming into a place that's much more grounded of late, feeling safe in one's body. We can't heal if we don't feel, as you unblock more feelings, go deeper. When your Twin Flame triggers you, they stir up places to help us feel places that require healing. Expression of choices is also a huge theme right now, it's particularly crucial right now not to bypass or override any feeling by stating something in it's place that you know is true, we can't avoid any feelings, if that energy is in you, find those places. As trauma is released, the energy of the trauma still needs to dissipate, and it comes up to be cleared in layers. Abandonment is being released, it's not an option anymore. Choose to be one with Love, choose to live trauma free. Keep reaffirming that you choose to be with Love, choose to release the bad feeling. If you feel any resistance in this place, choose to claim your power here, it feels better to let Love in, we have been conditioned to believe that we need trauma to be loved, but it's the release of it that brings us love. Keep reaffirming, do I want to keep the old mindset or do I keep choosing love?💛

💚Meet your triggers, if a feeling of, say, being unwanted is triggered, feel into your desire to be wanted and claimed by your person, and go in there and claim yourself in your own unique style, and tell this part of yourself that he or she is yours, he or she has always been wanted, really claim yourself strongly in this place. That's your Twin Flame and you, and your Twin Flame recognises you by you being you, no one else, you have to be you, your own way of loving. Your Twin Flame is going to love all that, 'That's the man/woman I love best. Any desire to self medicate through substances is a desire to numb out. For former smokers for example, it's likely that they may taste cigarette smoke as their traumas release as it relates to the upset that caused it. Patterns are upheaving that are the reasons why people turned to various substances and addiction patterns are now being released in the collective. love is the ultimate state. No substance could ever replace the Divine, where we didn't learn to put the Divine there, we put a cigarette or something else there. It's just a sign that one is missing the Divine in their life. You have Divinity, you know how to put Divinity in all these places. If one gets high not off of God, there's always a comedown.🍀

🍅Deeper areas in consciousness are opening up that were previously inaccessible following the release of these patterns, there's a progression in consciousness, being able to receive in ways you never have before. feelings may surface of being left out in the cold, separate from Love. Sweep the part of you that is feeling this way up into your heart, and let him or her know that you're coming home for good, you'll never leave this part of yourself, the Divine was always there with him or her throughout all of his or her life. It was just an illusion of being left out. The Divine has always been present through every second of our lives, just feel how the Divine was present in that moment, go back there, placing Divinity there. This is an area where your Twin Flame can help you go deeper through the mirroring. If for example, they appear to be denying the Divine, while you are choosing it, they are revealing who they really are to you. If they have expressed an interest privately, but are denying it publicly, they're pointing directly to a place in yourself, deep below the surface where you are still denying God.🍊

🍏Things like this will reveal a true Twin Flame, and honesty will do that, we want truth here, not fantasy, any apparent misalignments are not to be bypassed, but investigated deeper. With true Twin Flames, there really are no misalignments, just miscommunications, so these are the places to go deeper. Only when you heal these things can your Twin Flame show whether they are making the same choices and choosing Divinity together as you make the same choices. We can't be in Harmonious Union if we're denying God, all of us have to be with God and that means letting go of the lies. Find these places, feel your way through truth, that's the way of healing, go deeper. Feel into the places that are still resisting or denying the Divine. Did the Divine abandon you in this place? No! What does this place need? Stay present in this place, you can invite the Divine to fill this place, really fill this entire void with Love. Maybe life felt that god wasn't there because there was so much pain, that's when we deny God, it wasn't that He wasn't there, we just gave power to the illusion. Surrender it because we know the truth here, the Divine was always there, choose to release any resistance to this truth.🌴

🌅Why do we feel so strongly that God wasn't there? Why does shit happen in the first place? Feelings of unworthiness, of 'just can't have it,' the innate belief that love's not there, experiencing the illusion of separation from love early on in life. That will lead to the creation of a life that seemingly doesn't have much love. It's that belief that created that illusion of life, and once that belief is released, one can see that the Divine was there all along. This is a deep place of healing. If one had known early in life that they were one with Love, life would have looked different. The old life no longer exists, we're putting Love in all the places we thought Love wasn't. Bring Divine Love sweeping through all of your life, a steady streaming flow, a Divine presence. In spite of all the shitty stuff, God was always present, always there, loving you. Turn to face the Divine instead of looking at the shitty stuff.🌊

🍷Imagine Divine Love in the form of golden rainbow light putting everything back to the way it should have been, you have the power to heal all of your life. Let go of the feeling that you had a hard time, everything brought you to where you are now, everything served it's purpose. Give yourself the Love you needed at the time, the Divine was loving you all along, supporting you, nurturing you, encouraging you, feel worthy to receive this Love. allow the process to work through, Part of Harmonious Union is being open about God and loving your Twin Flame before the world, any need to hide comes from denying God. expressing upsets gets one clear on their desires, it's not OK to be one person in public and a different person at home. Authenticity comes from knowing it's safe to be vulnerable, many true Twin Flames share this block, but it can be healed through. It's an important block, mind, Authenticity comes from the discernment required to know that when we open up, we're afraid we'll be attacked, and that's why we feel that we don't need God. Vulnerability is actually the safe space, when someone makes it clear as to whether they're choosing love or not, we act accordingly.🍒

🌞It doesn't mean that your Twin Flame has to go to church every day and twice on Sundays to be your Twin Flame, Atheists have Twin Flames the same as everyone else, but if you're choosing love, they do have to believe in Love. Some people don't. If there's a pocket in consciousness that believes in the ego's lie that we can't have love, we can't be with God, if we feel unwanted we can't associate with God because we'd be hated for it, these are the places to go deeper. The One that you desire is God, your ultimate Twin Flame, make sure you emphasise the Divine, because if you make your Twin Flame your source, you'll have problems.😚

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Rachel Carro
Rachel Carro
20 dic 2020

Truly beautiful, thank you so much! 💕💖💓

Me gusta

20 dic 2020

PAINTING DM looks at the dance of his love playful like a puppy feeling joy blue see her dance the love of 543 in the corner (might be naughty corner) he cry bring her to me father for all i can to is look at her beauty having fun a joy to behold in the corner he watches beauty beyond compare he wishes to play with her as he looks at her beauty blue is as faithful as blue love the artist Rachel spirit within the artist revealing for those who look with spirit eye

Me gusta
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