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Twin Flame Energy Report, Stepping Into Your Power 💘💕

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You are a strong person with willpower, high energy, courage, self motivation, financial acumen and leadership. You and your person have lived through failure and difficulty, you have perseverance and success and victory, will be yours. Know that your life is sending you one big,

unmistakable signal about the way you experience your relationships.

With springtime in the heart, dawns the infinite trust in love that only you in your full power are strong enough to give. You are Divine love and bliss in the moment. You're realizing intuitively that

our past and future meet only in the present, that whatever we do, we do now, not letting our

expectations and anticipations blind us to the possibilities this moment has to offer. Listening to the music of the salsa of love, it's time to also trust spontaneity and intuition and to rely on your heart for guidance. There is great wisdom in the ability to embrace the now, drink the nectar of consciousness and move in no particular direction, yet be moving in all directions at the same

time just as a flower opens to the sun. Embrace the light, joy and playfulness of love, a reminder to embrace your playful inner child. Emotions are liberated from apprehension, oppression and repression, trust your inner knowing.

With a particular person, you may have an intuitive sense that you can reveal a part of yourself that

you usually keep hidden and thereby open the way for them to reveal themselves more fully

to you in return. Out of the sharing can come opportunities for rewarding moments that the more

careful, closed off parts of you would avoid. Even if you don't know the direction of your

emotional path, you can find your way by trusting your inner knowing in the moment.

This is a time to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk, what are the good ways to behave

ways that express your inner beliefs? Take a good look at your beliefs and make sure your actions reflect them. Live your truth. You have every chance to go the distance, Structure and security to go

after what you've always wanted. Go after your dream with your beloved, it's a shared dream.

Together you're manifesting a thing of value, an effortless, easy relationship,2 equal parts, you'll be so successful together, stimulating your Life Purpose. It's time for someone, who has a tendency to

remain somewhat distant to open their heart to you, once this happens they'll become deeply

committed. Sacred love, the type of relationship where 2 people discover who they are, you have every chance to go the distance. You'll have the structure and security to pursue your dreams but not

on your own, this is a shared dream. Together you'll manifest something of both spiritual and material value, 2 equal parts that become successful together, while staying very young at heart, you'll share the same values and won't have to impress each other.

You're winning when you're not even trying. you'll be inseparable to each other, you are and will be best friends as well as romantic partners. You'll share meaningful experiences, you're meant to go after a dream together, you share values, you'll go the distance as you only have eyes for each other. Conscious connections and meaningful relationships. You have a beautiful soul honouring

connection with a loved one. Open communication and raw honesty, you're willing to be at

your most vulnerable and you'll have learned to open your hearts to one another and share your truest feelings from which trust and confidence can emerge. This makes for a powerful bond between the two of you, you'll create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship built on trust and respect. Also you're getting clear about your values and beliefs, you're figuring out what you stand for and believe in. it's tome to go out into the big wide world and make choices for yourself,

staying true to who you are & being genuine and authentic in all your endeavours.

Love is coming your way, so make sure that your door is wide open! It can be a brand new relationship, a rekindling of an old love, taking your relationship to the next level, or finding and

reconnecting with an ex-lover. It can even be the friend-zoned guy who steps up his game and

impresses you with something that will blow your mind. Whatever it is, the air smells sweeter, and you see the world through rose coloured spectacles. Your friends will start to notice the bounce in your step and the huge smile that seems to be permanently glued on your face. Everything will feel

light and easy, and this romance can really be the happy ever after you have been waiting for.

You are someone who is strong, charismatic and intuitive, with a grasp on the mysteries of the world. You're in touch with your feelings and willing to open you heart, for you understand that love is the essence of life, the greatest gift that anyone can possess, you are the one who's responsible

for your choices, actions and outcomes. you can control your moods, heal your emotions, improve your romantic fate, and find fulfilment. You have emotions both becalmed and driven by the winds of change, and have successfully navigated swift and difficult currents in the sea of love. Your experiences have made you sensitive to the uncertainties in life, and adept at keeping emotions in balance. As a good communicator, you can help others through the trials of life as a result of having gone through them yourself. You may find contentment, commitment and/or stability in a relationship of mutual attraction, or come to a satisfactory resolution of an old problem. In either case you may find the key to opening the doors of your heart and fulfilling your desires.

Or someone could enter your life who appears as a king, a perceptive, attractive person who holds the cup of love as if it were a fountain from which you can drink on a hot summer's day.

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