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Twin Flame Energy Report, April 2020

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Inner strength, open mindedness, and determination to overcome difficulties in love exist within you, use the sword of discrimination to protect your vulnerabilities, communicate your truth and move towards new opportunities.

Faith in your ideas inspires hope in tomorrow's success, living the truth of your inner values helps you find the love you seek. Sharing your feelings expands your awareness both of yourself and in what's going on with others around you Plant seeds for future fulfilment by staying centred in the present reality of your feelings. Using the sharp blade of wisdom, cut emotional cords to the past, that limit you now. people, places, habits, things,with your person, bear in mind it's important to let everything be new. Prospects for happiness lie in the present, especially when your intellect and emotions are balanced by trust and faith. A tendency to overanalyse your emotions can keep you stuck in your head, listen to the optimistic voice for inspiration and for learning how to heal your heart and overcome doubt's doldrums. Make or renew a commitment to adopt a healthy attitude about your emotional journey.

This time period is also about establishing deeper connections, growth, making artistic or romantic dreams tangible and gaining material possessions, accepting your lover's his advancements, realistic manifestations, working with others for completion, releasing alliances & forming new ones, working together on a project, planning to do something together,entanglement in eachother's lives and monetary investment, working towards commitments, goals, dreams, visions, you and your beloved are working as a team right now, even if you're not around eachother, you have different tasks and abilities and so great things can be achieved. Remember you're both on the same team, working towards the same goal. Best foot forward. Finding what you want in love can emerge from the process of living with passion and listening to heartfelt preferences. Set your mind to fully exploring the possibilities in your current situation and making the very best of them. Tilling the fertile soil of your mind with prosperous thoughts inspires your growth and success. Seeds of desire planted in the past may yet bear fruit, such as a relationship growing in depth and richness. An investment or other money making opportunity may come into your life. Money may combine with a business or creative adventure especially if you and your lover try working together. Creative thought illuminates conscious awareness with sunny vibes and happiness, and awakening success, truth, fire, passion illuminating your path with clarity. Goodness abounds and life is to be enjoyed. Let go of worries, make the best of this time and squeeze every ounce of joy out of it you can. Count your blessings and practice gratitude. Everything will be alright regardless of whatever terrible, sad things appear to be happening. The universe is present and attentive to you and is taking care of your wellbeing. Relax, trust your needs will be more than met. You're bringing in a lot of healing, comfort and warmth to your love interest, you're shining bright like the sun and you're radiant. Your person views you as happy successful and abundant there's something about you that's fascinating them and you're definitely on their mind a lot. A breakthrough is near, things are working in your favour so don't give up. Don't quit before the miracle, your manifestation regarding a new beginning, you're very close, although you may not see your union, it lies ahead. there's unseen help at work right now. Everything is being revealed, if there are aspects hidden on your part or with your partner these will come to light soon. A breakthrough is very close. Your beloved is really missing you and can't stop thinking of you, only their fears are blocking them. You have the power and the strength of the Universe backing you in making a choice of what direction to take in the relationship, Rest assured this is not a time to be concerned in the love department when you look at the grand scheme of things. Rest assured, there's a beginning to a new relationship or even entering a stage of your current relationship on the horizon. Someone you're attracted to is ready to take a leap of faith, it seems they've battled their fears and a significant inner change has happened to them, they're now trusting their instincts, and following their bliss, new beginnings are coming. Passionate desires, searching for emotional answers, adventure, expansiveness, flirtatiousness, integrity, cooperation and social networking are on the horizon. A pioneering spirit combats stagnation, testing personal limits and having the determination to go beyond the familiar uncovers new realities and sometimes even profound wisdom. Intense desire can bring home hot romance for the night. pursuing love can lead to greater openheartedness within yourself, and sometimes reciprocated love as well. Your quest for nurturing experiences can expand your awareness. strength to talk about emotional needs lies within, while circumstances may suggest appropriate discretion. A commitment to changing self defeating behaviour leads you closer to experiencing the pleasure of your desires. Don't be a slave to the quest for emotional perfection, free your mind from inhibitions as well as idealistic expectations that love will come easily. You have the strength to jump hurdles and the ability to enjoy the present. Share positive emotions and take responsibility for making your current situation a rewarding one, for the choice of an adventurous or sour attitude usually lies in your own hands. There's so much for you to appreciate now if you realise it. Your willingness to express yourself, even if you're a little shy in doing so, can enhance your ability to make good connections. Adopting an attitude that will expand instead of limit your experiences, especially when passion's too hot to control, promotes inner harmony.

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