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Have Compassion For Yourself And Your Twin Flame As They Transform Along With You🌸

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Be Compassionate To Your Twin Flame, Whatever They May Be Experiencing🍁

💐Where there's issues of codependency, people have a tendency to drop what they really feel

in order to keep the codependency going. Stop putting up with any inner conflict, say what you mean and stand up for yourself. Your beloved, depending on the situation they're in, may be blocked from seeing you clearly, a little work may be required to see yourself and to see the Divine as your true Lover, which will then manifests through the body of your Twin Flame. They may (depending on whether you're in the sector that this resonates for), only know the Divine truth of themselves at the deepest levels. They're not necessarily conscious of it and of you, that's

not to say that they're any less awake than you because they're not, but they experience only what they're permitted to right now, it's like they're in a fog, it's not their fault. Their higher aspect knows and deep in their heart and soul they know but they're not conscious of it, why else wouldn't you be together? A block to seeing the love of their life makes it easier to understand this, they don't have that clarity at present, so within you there must be a place where you lack clarity.💚

🌞The energies at the moment signify a deepening of that clarity, clearly you know but it's time to go much deeper, anchored, more secured, real. Your Twin Flame isn't daft, we're lifting the fog away from them. The reason they have this fog is so we, as the Twins who are doing the spiritual work can heal. The only way they can show us our blocks is for them to be veiled. How else could they possibly be doing what they're doing? It makes no sense (not that it matters though). They're confused but they're not to blame. Each piece you heal reveals more and more. More and more about their current dissatisfaction. They see this when you no longer accept dissatisfaction for yourself. Make the Divine the only thing you'll settle for, cut through the self deception for the both of you. When we heal that within ourselves all that becomes clear. All the work you're doing, the energy is firing up, leading to balance, there's huge energies at work at the moment. Your Twins are feeling it, they're really being affected, the timing isn't up to us. You can ask for a sign or message, it might not come directly from your beloved, don't worry, things are happening. Trust that there's stuff going on.💜

💙Your beloved is feeling the pressure, he or she is being shaped right now, the Christmas and the New Year holiday period will have highlighted everything that's off with the current situation. Have faith and it will improve. Trust the Divine and root out any unbelief, you've got everything you need.

There's magic in the air, sexy, naughty and intense, unseen things are coming to light. Seeing what was hidden with new eyes, your beloved may be seeing themselves more, seeing you more, keep seeing, keep calling in more clarity. The same message keeps coming through, believe it and it will happen stay present with what's in front of you. There's a transformation taking place, move calmly through the situation with faith towards a new beginning. Your beloved is undergoing their transformation, which is well under way. It's happening, they've got it. See yourself clearly, hello, it's definitely me. They've got it under control, they're healing and transforming with you, this is your confirmation that it's all under way.🌸

Twin Flame Energy Report💋

🌸Now is an excellent time for the rediscovery of childlike qualities in oneself, happy moments, take responsibility for making choices that favourably affect your destiny. Be willing to boldly act in ways that increase your potential for romance to return to you. Think about your positive qualities, seek constructive ideas and look optimistically towards your future. Be open to the playful nature in yourself and have fun. Take a chance to fulfil your romantic notions, while keeping your eyes open and your wits about you. Listen to the sunny spot in your nature that's unselfishly loving and compassionate. Let it brighten this moment in your life and warm the lives of others round you. Inwardly nurture your emotions with a strong voice of appreciation. Confidence in your choices creates a foundation for positive experiences in your evolving world of love. Friends from childhood may re-enter your life. Think back to pleasant times in the past to see if you can find almost forgotten ways of being that can be useful to you in the present. A lot of inner child healing going on at the moment. From your place of emotional centeredness, you may see a path to fulfilment that was invisible to you before. As you become more confident on how you can fulfil your longings, unrealistic demands and expectations fall away.🌠 🍋Cultivating inner awareness can help you tell the difference between real needs and unnecessary wants. If you're with your partner, take some quality time to listen to what he or she is feeling, you may learn something new. Feel the emotional vitality that comes with asserting your beliefs (if only to yourself), as well as the resourcefulness, transformational decision making that will lead to the fulfilment of fiery desires and breakthroughs. Look at you heart's true desires and create a bonfire of passion with faith in your tomorrow. Waking up from your passive self and asserting the fire of your will. Spirited, romantic notions generate a happy mood and enlighten the choices of good fortune. Smiling friends brighten feelings, the possibility of a new (old) love or a passionate affair may surface. Unwavering feelings light the torch of action, heated passions will burn wildly and restlessly. The direction of your emotions may be unclear but uncertainties will be clarified with new insights that lie just around the corner. Own your power and be emotionally centred during fiery times.🌟 💟Just when difficulties in relationships or life projects seem insurmountable, you'll find you have a hidden reserve of energy and determination that can carry you through to success. It may be a good idea to look at your present course and assess if a change is needed. You are strong, insightful and intuitive, and able to navigate your journey. You're in touch with your feelings at this time and willing to open your heart, for you understand that love is the essence of life, the greatest gift that anyone can posses. People fund you inspirational and you are well aware that you are the one who's responsible for your choices, actions and outcomes. You are becoming better able to control your moods, heal your emotions, improve your romantic fate, and find fulfilment. You have emotions both becalmed and driven by the winds of change and have successfully navigated swift and difficult currents in the sea of love.🔥 💚Your experiences have made you sensitive to the uncertainties in life, and adept at keeping emotions in balance, you can help others through the trials of life as a result of having gone through them yourself. You may find contentment, commitment and/or stability in a relationship of mutual attraction, or come to a satisfactory resolution of an old problem, in either case you may find the key to opening the doors of your heart and fulfilling your desires. You will be becoming more centred, find greater inner balance, and weighing the positive vs the negative helps measure the truth of the heart. Use your power in the service of compassion, mediation and the reestablishment of harmony. Trust plays a role in fertilising the bond of love. Be willing to trust. You may move into sharing feelings on a deeper level, weigh up your heart's leanings and your intuition's messages. Keep your mind clear of insecurity or at least notice when and how your old insecurities crop up so you can avoid running aground on them, so that your love can act as a strong foundation for creating harmonious relationships, you'll take responsibility where it's due. Your relationship will have clear boundaries and therefore the law of the relationship will be easy to follow, you'll know where you stand in your relationship and with your partner. Other people's views will seem stone age to you and you'll wonder why they create such drama, this will be a love relationship that's both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.🌵

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