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Twin Flame Energy Report, Late Summer Vibes 🌞💥

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You'll succeed in your endeavour, feel the promise of love, it's OK if it takes it's time,, energies of fruition and manifestation of a dense manifested reality, a tiny thought, word, discussion, starting small, growing into something big, attaining proof, something will be paying off. You're now making the means to manifest your actual dreams, you're really making a shift to pursue your heart's desires, moving forward, doing it right, not too impulsive, it'll be a smooth transition

Someone will make love known in a tangible way, entering a new phase of the journey, learning new things, there will be physical rewards for the changes you're undergoing. This is so attainable, this passionate endeavour. You've come so far, wondering where to go next, show me my next steps please. You'll know what to do, even if you can only see that one tiny little step in front of you, do it and you'll get the next one. Re-evaluating goals, regrouping your resources, look at what's not worked and what has worked. You're determined, you have logical understanding,

you have endurance. You're taking score of now so you know what you want to do next, evaluation of where to go next. You are prepared to face challenges.

When issues and problems plague your relationship, changes have to be made so that you can start feeling happy and inspired again. They can be small changes, or they can be big changes.

You have to start somewhere, and you have to start now. You may be feeling broken and hurt, but you will not hesitate to overcome the hurdles that keep coming. You are not letting your emotions get the better of you. Instead, you think about what will be the best thing to do for you and your relationship. You are someone who is very attractive to both sexes. Anyone who has fought as hard as you have, will have a certain kind of ‘extra’ physique about them that will send out signals to

other people letting them know that you have a strong and good character. The light that you radiate illuminates all that is dark around you, and will attract many people, somewhat like

a moth to a flame.

However, for you, the love that you must illuminate needs to encompass not only yourself and those that love you, but you must also challenge yourself as part of your learning to love those that you find thorny to deal with. Embrace the people who are making your life difficult. You will have no problems in love at this time, but right now you must focus your attentions on bettering your circumstances so that you are ready for the final phase.

People love your character and energy, and you're really overcoming old fears and patterns and setting yourself free from them. You have brought them to the surface and conquered them although some lessons may well have been challenging. This is a time of dynamic passion - for life in general, relating to the fact that you are overcoming old fears, breaking out of old patterns, and setting yourself free. There will be confidence, decisive action, an assertive leap forward into the heart of your life. You'll find you have broken through habitual limitations and restrictions, thereby freeing off your power to be used constructively. It can be a spiritual breakthrough, which will always include the courage to face your fears, and see them for what they truly are.

You may also find yourself juggling the yin and yang of emotion, torn between love and indifference, desire and uncertainty. You may also spend time and energy sorting out truth from fiction, your own, the other person's, or both. Amid this maze of complex emotions, soulful thinking and truthful choices help you find harmony in the moment. Focus on today's realities and possibilities rather than memories of yesterday or wishes for tomorrow. Find self love and appreciation for who you are. You can live the good life now as long as you don't place demands

on your life that cannot be fulfilled, or fret that your romantic situation could be something other than it is. Fears of separation from your lover or other painful emotions seem overwhelming but the steps you take now can help you find resolve. With good intentions and effort based on loving kindness, reconciliation and better relations are very possible. Accept and bless your experiences, and let go

of anxieties. or if you can't do that, notice what you're saying and picturing in your mind that contributes to creating and manifesting those anxieties. If your feelings are hurt, it's very important that you confront the demons that are preventing you from enjoying your life, in order to be able

to let go of them, you must experience your emotions and accept them fully.

Pain from past relationships doesn't have to eclipse present hopes and realities. Sweeping emotions

under the carpet of pretence creates a lump that'll trip you up when you're not looking. If you face a difficult situation, use it constructively to help you move forward towards enlightenment and completion. if you do you'll be reaping the harvest of your favourable karma, experiencing the

consequences of your actions and choices. Your answers will come as romantic potentials are

tested by the verdict of the passing time. You or your person may challenge the nature of the commitment, feel indecisive about continuing a relationship, or undergo transitions into love. Be willing to brave the fires of passion and the poignant pangs of disappointment to find the truth of your heart and your person's. Beware of expectations and demands you place on yourself involving love, no one promised that romance would be easy, but outcomes are sometimes a


Changes may appear on the horizon and the more you're willing to respond creatively to events and circumstances, the easier your path will be. If you map out a plan for creating happiness in your life that's based truly on who you know yourself to be and open to new discoveries about

yourself and others, you'll feel more grounded when you travel through unfamiliar territory. Dust off your enthusiasm for adventure!

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