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Twin Flame Energy Report, The Start of The Summer 🌊🌞

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Beginnings or completion, using resources wisely,effective goal planning, first dates, marriage

proposals, steps to emotional trust, arousal. New beginnings or completion, using resources wisely,

a catalytic experience may bring you face to face with change or a need for making new plans.

Destiny holds pleasant surprises and reciprocity creates good relations, as acts from your past bear

their fruit in your present. Listen to what's happening with those around you, for a friend, lover, relative or someone else close to you needs your support. Courage and emotional strength pave the way for meeting your own needs and lending a helping hand to others when they need it.

Dare to meet your life situations in creative ways that challenge your own boundaries and limits.

Follow intuitive feelings to discover your emotional reality. Your own impressions in matters of the heart create your personal world. Questions about the direction and manifestation of love bubble up from your subconscious to the surface.

Seeds of love you've sown are nearing maturity and now their soulful cultivation allow them to bear fruit. Stop worrying about what others say, jump high with good intentions and you'll get a better view of where you're going, look carefully for hidden or unexpected opportunities, if you don't like your situation, look for practical ways you can change it because you're in a position to consciously change the wheels of fate, now is time to make concrete plans for tomorrow's good

fortune, in a spirit of enjoyment and optimism

Divine folly, freedom, innocence, a free spirit, leaving insecurities and ego concerns behind are heralded with the new season. With sunshine in the heart dawns the infinite trust in love that only you having stepped into your power are strong enough to give. Divine love and bliss in the moment. It's realising intuitively that our past and future meet only in the present, that whatever we do, we do now, not letting our expectations and anticipations blind us to the poss this moment has to offer. Free of duality and innocent of pretense, you get to dance with Rama, the god of romance, and walk the path of the openhearted. Listening to the music of the salsa of love, also trust spontaneity and intuition and rely on your heart for guidance. There is great wisdom in your ability to embrace the now, drink the nectar of consciousness and move in no direction, yet be moving in all directions at the same time just as a flower opens to the sun, so are you now encouraged to embrace the light, joy and playfulness of love, a reminder to embrace your playful inner child.

Trust your inner knowing, with a particular person you may have an intuitive sense that you can reveal a part of yourself that you usually keep hidden and thereby open the way for them to reveal

themselves more fully to you in return. Out of the sharing can come opportunities for rewarding

moments that the more careful, closed off parts of you would avoid. Even if you don't know the direction of your emotional path, you can find your way by trusting your inner knowing in the moment.

Happy manifestations may materialise, maybe money. You've got what you need, you're very capable, gratitude leads to abundance, self acceptance to independence. Walking the path of the

romantic opens the heart. Your zest for life has helped you overcome obstacles and find what you need to pursue happiness and make your union a reality. Don't try to impress your lover, your beloved needs to connect as much with your inner spirit as with outer appearances if the real you is to be discovered. Or this time period could mean arriving at a place inside you where you’ll feel perfectly at ease with how things turned out. Looking back, you’ll realise why certain relationships

didn’t work out and you’ll make peace with the fact that they are now in the past. You’ll stop feeling bad about them, or about how you’re still single.People can be married and miserable.

They can be single and truly happy. Or vice versa. What matters is how people feel – not their marital status. Little by little you've been cultivating self love, and very soon you’ll be at perfect ease with your love life and hey, that’s actually when things change! That’s when you attract emotionally healthy people who go into relationships because they want to (and not because they need to).

For couples, you may have arrived at a beautiful, calm balance in your relationship. No toe-stepping, sabotaging, yelling or fighting. All that stuff is in the past. You have realised you are

in the same boat, and that together you can only head in one direction. So, you’ve learned to get

along, make compromises from time to time and make things work. There’s harmony in your

relationship. Sure, things aren’t perfect, but they are good enough, and sometimes “good enough”

is perfect

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