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Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Happy People Attract Happy Experiences

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The keywords for this week are creativity, romance, charm, imagination, beauty relationships taking root, love blossoming, the best of times with your lover. You're a quintessential quester. You have a clear idea of your holy grail are you're totally devoted to getting it, no matter the cost. Your commitment to dreamy ideals includes honouring the poetry and ideals woven through daily life. You know what your ideals are so don't settle for less and enjoy the journey. You're a classic romantic, you're in touch with your intuition and emotions and you use them masterfully to charm and attract others.

There may be an invitation that can give you an incredible emotional experience which can result in renewed energy or exciting opportunities. Your life is currently being blessed with the ability to dream and dream big. You're well aware of the necessary momentum of things, you must become aware of making constant adjustments to yourself. Flow in the inner direction that resonates with your understanding. You're able to distinguish fantasy from reality and have a lust for life, if you're capable of pushing back your fears and learning from them, you're a beautiful and wonderful lover. This is a positive tiding that someone lovely is coming into your life.

Feel into your own inner romantic or warrior of love, you're in love with love itself, which is particularly crucial for manifesting your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You thrive on all things beautiful and are currently inspired by the many creative outlets available to you. You have dreamed what it is you want to create and now are moving forward with this dream to make it happen, this is a good omen that love may arrive on your doorstep soon, make sure you're ready and waiting to open that door! You're at a point on your journey, neither the beginning nor the end, but a place where work must be done to harmonise emotions. Balancing your ability to think logically with your direct awareness of what's happening in and around you and your ability to see intuitively is an important key to meeting your challenges successfully. Work on listening to your body's messages about how you're reacting, including your heart rate, breathing and muscle tension. Too much focus on problems drains emotional energy, depletes resources and narrows your horizons and blocks the emergence of sensitive, heartfelt expression. Comments may be heard differently to how the speaker intended, so be willing to ask for clarification when exchanging messages as a means to reduce stress. Emotional renewal that brings together mind, body and spirit and improved relations are within your reach.

Embrace your emotional explorations, you may be in the early stages of Union without knowing it, enjoy your quest for the answers to love's riddles.Finding the centre between peace and excitement seeking fulfilment and transcending the ambiguities of uncertain emotions allows you to live joyfully even if you feel undecided about something. Ignite the fire of your inner romantic and explore creative ways to unleash your emotional attractiveness. Being alive to the freshness of the moment allows you to live spontaneously. Spoken words, body language, and your intuition can all be channels of communication. Look for recreational pursuits or projects that can open up opportunities for love and play.

If you're involved with someone, time and experience leads to greater clarity about the lifestyle and emotional makeup of the person you are with. Don't allow confusion or indecisiveness to dominate your attention, questions involving the direction of your love life may soon be answered. Concentrate on developing and appreciating your best qualities, for your confidence can help light the fire or rekindle passion. Become aware of moments when a despairing attitude limits you, for moving beyond such limits can open a brighter horizon. This is a time of passionate beginnings, seeds of renewal, connecting with friends, relationship issues evolving, creative insights, and productive enquiry. Seeds of affection sprout, enriching emotional experiences and hopes for new adventures of success. Lighting up your mind, your emotions and your creative self expression can lead to rewarding friendships appearing on the horizon. You'll be offered something of value, either tangible or intangible, that strengthens your sense of direction or increases your ability to move towards getting what you want.

With passionate forces coming into play, it's important to realise you have something of value to offer others. Focus your thoughts and emotions on success, especially if you're experiencing romantic uncertainty. The warmth of love brings happiness, playfulness, romantic celebration or even engagement. Optimism and faith contribute to your inner growth and your discovery of outer possibilities for personal enhancement. The path to the fulfilment of your dreams is more easily found when you balance emotional concerns with creative activities. Sensing balances logic and sensuality, meaningful connections, clarity, expanding yourself towards beneficial change, coming out of the closet, ie, truths will be revealed. The receptive mind opens to subconscious murmurings and the ability to communicate intuitively increases. Be careful, however, not to taint this communication with your projections. Thoughts travelling through time and space unite lovers, regardless of their distance apart. by sharing romance partners gain a greater trust. A truce conveys good news.

It can mean good decisions in love, inward or outward improvement, inspired hope or greater clarity. Conditions are ripe for your emotions and ideas to influence each other in positive ways. It's time for you to set out on a physical, mental or emotional exploration of some kind that will take you to a depth of understanding you've not previously experienced With enhanced awareness, you'll leave behind you habitual or fruitless ways of reacting. Emotional upsets or quarrels will be settled with balanced reasoning and compromise. A partnership may be strengthened as two people work towards the same goal. Spirited talks with a friend who has similar interests brings a closer bond, happy people attract good times and interesting experiences.

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