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Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Leaving Past Hurts Behind, An Offer Coming In & Moving Into Harmony 🌟

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You'll be feeling happy to leave something behind, moving into something better, taking what you

love with you, moving forward to better places, greener pastures, leaving old habits and patterns.

There will be a moving forward to calmer waters, it will bring you extreme peace. Letting go of toxicity, you're serious about this, you've already made the choice not to settle.

Your prayers are being answered, clarity is coming, expect forward movement in the current

situation, your love interest is admiring you a lot, they're not only amazed by your gorgeous appearance but your beautiful soul as well. They never had intentions to hurt you and want to say sorry. You've decided to get rid of everything that makes you unhappy and you no longer perpetuate negativity by holding into baggage. Putting your past behind you and going

to a whole world of new opportunities, you no longer have to feel abandoned or rejected

for you look forward to your future and nothing can hurt you.A struggle could be reaching its end. Sometimes, this can take the form of ending a relationship, or alternatively, putting a painful chapter of your relationship behind you and reconciling. In any case, there is the desire to leave the past, and go forwards towards an unknown, but brighter future. If you’re single, you may be ready to leave a part of yourself behind, perhaps one that prevented you from accepting love. If you have had old wounds you’ve been nursing, you may be finally ready to leave them behind.

You and/or your person may be trying to figure something out, decide to find that feeling, pour your whole self into it, serious thought to the next steps, prolonged process and developments, hard

work paying off, no need to rush, a still budding relationship where ideas, experiences and emotions are being intermingled, you may be getting to know someone or reached a point where

you find out something new about them. Building and growing from past success, this is a good time to open up about your feelings, offer emotional support and be open about your expectations.

You have gone the distance and have found your reward, you are closer to your destination and that the end is in sight. Think about ways in your life where you have worked hard and now you are starting to feel the benefits. You have made your own mistakes and those mistakes did not mean failure. Understand that those around you, especially people who are younger than you

or on an earlier leg of their own journey are going to make mistakes and do not judge them for false starts or faltering. Remember when you were just starting out and think of the times in which you had to ask for help or how you could have done things easier.

There is no shame in asking for direction or help in the next steps of your journey. Just as you offer your advice from others, take in that which is given to you. Because you have found some success in your own right does not mean that your journey has ended. Lives are constantly changing and new experiences will come to you. Allow for your most recent successes to further your own foundation and do not be resistant to growth or change that is coming your way.

You may be getting to know someone or coming to a point in your relationship where you find out something new about your partner. It is a good time to open up to your partner about your feelings and what you want out of the relationship. If you want your relationship to grow rather than stagnate, you need to offer emotional support and be open about your expectations. This is not a time to be taking it easy or just seeing where it goes. You are likely past that point and there

needs to be more energy put into the relationship if you want to see it blossom. Then you may see a substantial offering, it'll be very real, starting anew in the physical plane, they'll want to lock it

down, cement it, fusion of you and them and a higher power for this shift to have happened.

Destined, synchronicities, coincidences, life changing commitment, something you have wanted for so long is just within reach. If it’s a new (old) love, this time period heralds good tidings and good

vibrations. Expect to have a stable and loving relationship. If you are in a committed or long-term relationship, expect some positive changes to happen. Relationships can strengthen. Lovers can also take it to the next level. This can also be a chance to reconnect or rekindle a relationship that has gone cold. If you’re single and looking for love, something new and exciting can happen in the romance department, so get yourself ready! Who knows? You might be wearing a wedding ring and changing your last name soon. Where you are in love right now is exactly where you

need to be. There also is a sense of healthy independence between you and your partner. You know your boundaries and you will both respect them. There’s enough room for the both of you to be happy and loved and still feel like your own person.

Small but heartfelt acts of kindness can change the vibe of a situation, creating a ripple effect of sweetness, it can be a current act or a memory of a past experience when you received a gift. Whichever it is, the person giving the blessing is without guile or agenda, except for making

someone happy there's no danger or anything to worry about. Accept the gift without suspicion or if you're taking an action, make it one of kindness, there is no need for any harsher emotions.

If you're wondering how your person is feeling about you, someone feels a warm, knowing, joyous feeling. They may feel there is something that they know about you that they may not be able to place their finger on. Either that or someone comes back into your life from the past. You finally get the "girl that got away." Be prepared for sweet times together, a period of mutual love, generosity between partners and a time of pure romance speckled with innocence. If you are in a relationship, expect to be given flowers or for your relationship to be strengthed.

And you will be moving into harmony, relationships, values,alignment choices, conscious connections and meaningful relationships. you have a beautiful soul honouring connection with a loved one. You may have found your one and the sexual energy between you goes way beyond instant gratification and lust to something spiritual and tantric. Open communication and raw honesty, you'll be willing to be at your most vulnerable and you've learned to open your hearts to one another and share your truest feelings from which trust and confidence can emerge. This makes for a powerful bond between the two of you, you'll create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship built on trust and respect. Also you're getting clear about your values and beliefs you're figuring out what you stand for and believe in. It's tome to go out into the big wide world and make choices for yourself, staying true to who you are and being genuine and authentic in all your endeavours.

Expect good results from the relationship. Love is coming your way, so make sure that your door is

wide open! It can be a brand new relationship, a rekindling of an old love, taking your relationship to the next level, or finding and reconnecting with an ex-lover. It can even be the friend-zoned guy or girl who steps up his game and impresses you with something that will blow your mind. Whatever it is, the air smells sweeter, and you see the world through rose-coloured glasses. Your friends will start to notice the bounce in your step and the huge smile that seems to be permanently glued on your face. Everything will feel light and easy, and this romance can really be the happy ever after you have been waiting for. Don’t worry! It’s a very encouraging omen. It’s all good!

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