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Twin Flames ~ The Divine Placed Your Desires In Your Heart🍀

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

🔥🧡Things are upgrading, your vision is becoming clearer and more refined, you'll be able to see your Twin Flame more clearly, by choosing greater presence, you see things with more clarity. Many people are receiving a lot of information and insight in dreams at the moment, that's a good thing because by using your dreams to point you to where requires healing, you won't have to live that situation out in real life. You're never separate from your good. It's within you, your good is not in your Twin Flame, it's already present. The Divine is the Source, if we're looking to the Twin Flame as the source, we're looking in the wrong place. Turn and face the Divine in this space, the Divine is the Source. You already have everything you need, all your good is within you. Choose to allow yourself to have all of that right now. The Divine is the place where your Twin Flame exists. 🌞

🍈🎇It's OK if you're experiencing strong emotions, if they include feelings of powerlessness, choose to take back your power here. No one can ever take away your good, it's with you. Acknowledge to yourself that Love never left, no one has taken it from you. Your Twin Flame is not outside of you, they're you, you can't be taken from yourself. What's the only reason you may feel you can be taken from yourself? Giving power away to the illusion. When people trigger you, they're just letting you know that you've given your power away somewhere. You just have to follow the Divine's trail to find where you have done that in your life. You can't control the journey. The Divine is just going to deliver each piece that you're ready to receive, there's a place to go in your consciousness to heal. You might not have fully arrived there yet. If you've given away your power somewhere in your consciousness, your Twin Flame will be doing the same, and demonstrating it somewhere in their life. your Life Purpose is your Union, so wherever you're directed to go to heal. Your Life Purpose is not separate from your Union, so if there's a resistance or procrastination issue, live yourself and take your power back.🌻

🍃🌴Don't buy the lie that you're separate from your good. Your good had always been within you, nothing's actually missing. Does part of you think that you should be getting on with things while you're waiting for your Union to come in while your Twin Flame is not seemingly physically with you? What does that part of you need right now? It's OK for you to just live and enjoy life, that's what the Divine wants you to do. That's how you demonstrate you're living in a state of Love. There's only a need to make the best of it if you believe there's something missing. When your Union comes together is not in your hands. The Divine doesn't say that you've got to have a shitty time while waiting or that you're not complete till it comes along. The Divine is teaching you that your good is not in your Union. That's what you'll be learning because if there's been a lot of emphasis on your Union and not enough on living your life, and recognising that it's the awareness that nothing needs to happen for you to be happy and in a state of Love.💚

🌄🌅Otherwise, you're in a place of waiting for something to be happy and in a state of Love, and attachment to the when. Find all these places and choose to release attachment to expectations. You're allowed to be happy in the now, to have the Source of Love in the now. Your Twin Flame will never be the Source of your Love. There's no difference as to whether they're with you or not. If the Source of your Love is within you, they won't be the answer or saviour, Love won't arrive when they do. They will be attracted to the fact that you know you're One with love already. They are you do it depends on whether you cotton onto it. Don't treat them like this other person that you're waiting to become aware. Don't focus on what they're doing, there's no answers there for you. The answers are in how and where you are. Reassure yourself that your Love is not outside of you, all the Love you need is already in your heart. That's why the focus has to go within, or you'll keep leaving yourself to look over there, that's giving your power away. It's a habit like smoking, there's a reason for it, choose to let it go.🌌

💎💜Relax, surrender, stop controlling. There's nothing you can do to make your Union happen. If you've not healed the pieces you need to heal, it's not coming. So there's no point in fighting it or trying to rush it. It's going to come when you're at peace, it's OK to go deeper. Release control. Go deeper, choosing Harmonious Union is fine, but there may be another pattern that's underlying it. You can't bypass it, we're going to every single place till there's peace there. In that place where you don't think you can have your desires, what's the reason for that? What's the feeling that holds it in place? It may be an event from your past, maybe in childhood you were forced to accept what you didn't want. That alone is enough to give rise to a pattern. Go there. Your desires are important. The Divine placed those wants and desires in your heart. Go much deeper, don't avoid your feelings, what does that part of you need to feel fully loved? fulfil that desire. You need to be present with yourself. Redirect your consciousness to the place needing healing. What do you need to fulfil that desire for you? Can you first of all listen to your desires, feel the desire, express it freely to yourself.🍷

🎀🌺Acknowledge your desire, remind yourself where this desire comes from, that it's Divine, it's completely safe, it's how you were designed to be, it's your relationship with Source. Let this part of you know you honour and respect his or her desires, honour yourself there, give yourself that desire. Let this part of you know you're here to recognise his or her desires, be present with these desires, even if others couldn't be, you can. Let this part of you know that you understand and acknowledge how he or she feels and hear him or her clearly and you respect what they're saying. Recognise your desires are different to other people's. Take back your power here and have compassion for others. How does it feel to honour your desires here? See how this ties into your Union? Can you see it healing? Can you see how it plays out in your Union? If you feel you can't have your good you need to heal a pattern where you were not given your good when you were younger. A third party situation is just a manifestation of this. How does it feel to have that clarity?💗

💞💖If you're still focusing on your Twin Flame a lot, focus on you and the Divine. It's so easy to go down the trail of signs and synchronicities and readings, but you need to find the place

in consciousness that needs healing and that fixes everything. You don't have to wait for your Twin Flame to do anything, it's got to be the Divine first, looking to your Twin Flame to get your good is not the right way. The Divine first, how does that feel? That state of peace you're being guided into is just that. It doesn't have to be anything exciting or intense, that's not how to get into Union. It doesn't come from what your Twin Flame is doing, it's just an inner state of peace, not getting a fix by turning to them. Turn to source, Source has everything. Instead of looking outside to get a hit, you're creating with the Divine, we do that when we're at peace. Your good is within you. There may still be a place in consciousness that needs more Love and it's connected to the belief of your good being within you, so go to that place.🍁

🎁🪐Stay present with this part of yourself, just show up for you with loving presence, it goes a long way. Bring peace, awareness and connection to yourself here. Let yourself know all your good is within you. The connection to your heart, all the desires you ever had, including childhood ones, honour the connection to who you really are. Honour and love yourself here deeply. Recognise that when you claim this truth for yourself in your heart, you're claiming that for your Union. Your good truly is within, it's the connection to love in your heart, it comes in when you open up the door of your heart to Love. If you don't, then your Union will continue to reflect looking outside for Love. Turn in the right direction. The outside is not harmless if we're looking for God there. If we're doing an activity to escape a wound and they're doing that, it's exactly what your Twin Flame is showing you. We see the patterns come up as they heal, I've recently seen someone heal all the way through that. It's really just walking the steps that the Divine is guiding you down, breaking the patterns, choosing to break them.💛

🌱🌻We can't bring the patterns with us into our Unions, we have to make the choice to choose Love above all and the Divine Truth above all, how does that feel? The answer is way more simple. That's the beauty of being with the Divine. There may be more healing to do in this area, we're going to be going deeper. The journey is about you following the Divine, going where the Divine leads you and noticing where She's leading you and not avoiding it. At the Divine's pace, the Divine brings you each upset to heal and you meet each one of these things and come to peace each time. Surrender, letting go of attachment means letting go of the story, expectations, the old and what's coming. It means just feeling with the Divine in the present moment and meeting each feeling that arises, let it be enough.🍀

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