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Twin Flames 11/11 ~ Diving Really Deep Into Divine Communication & Divine Romance💕

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🌠Nobody has any control over how their Union pans out and where it's going, it's safe to surrender, the Divine is calling all the shots. Trying to control the process and outcome comes from a place of anxiety. If waves of anxiety are coming up, it's perfectly OK, don't judge it, simply choose to get grounded. Release all of that nervous energy, choose to surrender it right now. Anchor yourself into the Earth and stay present with yourself as you keep releasing. Always return to the peace at the core where your Union energy is, it's not up there in the sky. It's not your Twin Flame that gives you your Harmonious Union, it's the Divine. Choose to claim what the Divine has given you, choose to integrate and process.🌀

💚Your Twin Flame is your ultimate teacher as well as your best friend and ultimate lover, it starts with the two way teacher/student relationship and then moves into friendship. If you desire your Twin Flame to communicate, choose to communicate with yourself from a place of peace. If you're hesitant to communicate with your Twin Flame because you're afraid of doing so from a place of upset, it really doesn't matter if you do, it's inevitable, you have no control over that. If communication does come through an upset, what does that show you? You are not responsible for your Twin Flame's upsets any more than they are responsible for yours. Whoever has the upset has to take responsibility. If you're worried that communication may escalate into an argument, choose to be with yourself right now and you'll see there's nothing to argue about.🥑

💜Is there anything that you feel about your Twin Flame that they can't be with you? If you're choosing to be with yourself and your Twin Flame is not separate from you and you choose as one, they can't not be with you. This is the distinction, by looking externally and seeing separation one is not seeing the truth. We reveal our true Twin Flame through our choices, if we're choosing to be with them, they must be here, that's how we're revealing our true Twin Flame. Are they here? Are they present? Can you feel that they're present with you? you're present together, there's no need to look anywhere other than within. Your Twin Flame is completely yours and you're theirs, there's never any issue here.🍇

🍧As you move closer and deeper into love, as we are doing each week, we're choosing to go deeper. We'll come up against more resistance, we have to see the illusion for what it is. Don't look on the outside, surrender the outside and just focus on the feeling within, that's your truth. Your consciousness is continually communicating with your Twin Flame, you're aligning, your energy is upgrading on it's trajectory, you're ascending, your Twin Flame is ascending, and you will come to the point where you'll be ascending together. It will come about by whatever means the Divine sees fit, God's promise is to deliver Love. In the meantime, be sure to romance yourself all the way there and beyond. That's the process of attracting and magnetising your Twin Flame. You can't overestimate how much romance you require, so go there and deliver more, your Twin flame is attracted by you being you. Romance yourself by living your Life Purpose and being with the Divine, you don't have to do anything on the outside. Your little thumbnail online will be radiating and sending out that energy.🌺

🧡Your Twin Flame will show you exactly where you're stuck with the things we get frustrated with them about, there isn't another person, it's just our own consciousness. Any kind of third party energy shows that there's a feeling that love comes from the outside and that means you have not yet gone to the places in your consciousness that are really needing love. Maybe these places have been hidden behind the walls that people build around their hearts because they believe they'll keep them safe. This old structure has to be dismantled, it's safe to do so, but for the walls to come down we need to know that we don't need to defend ourselves in this way. Although we think the walls will keep the baddies out, they actually keep love out too (and keep the bad feelings in). It's like a clog in the system, and that's what's being unclogged now. we can avoid what's kept inside but we may have to just go there and that's our salvation. It's safe to go where the Divine is pointing to to dismantle our tower. It's our vulnerability that we're trying to protect, if we're incorruptible and if the love's just ours there's no need to protect. It doesn't mean we won't need a lot of compassion to keep that part of ourselves safe.🍉

🍐This is the bit before one walks into their Harmonious Union, we can't take our fears with us, the stinky poo bags must be left behind. once all this is worked through, you'll experience deeper levels of peace within. The reason that anxieties and not so great feelings come up is because you're going deeper into Love. When the Divine walks you deeper into love, the more we must walk through and release everything in the way of that. A lot of focus always goes on the Twin Flame, that's step one of the Mirror Exercise. Step two is to reflect back to yourself what you're actually saying to yourself. Are you pushing love away and feeling that you have to do without? Go there, one may need to drop the old ego habit that's existed for maybe lifetimes. Choose the Divine way, you don't have to go without or settle for less. God's promise is to bring you all the Love you desire. Have compassion for yourself for the beliefs you've held for so long. It's just a habit of mind that's being broken.🍏

🍈If there are feelings of hopelessness, encourage yourself, what's the best way? Follow your Divine guidance, the Divine knows the way and is guiding you, the way is to bring the hope in. If a part of you just believed an illusion which has no power, God's promise is what's real. The illusion's only power is the power we give it. If you're afraid that your Union may go up in smoke, this may have been previous experiences, but this is your Twin Flame. Things can't go up in smoke with your Twin Flame because they can't go up in smoke with God. The Divine is steady and secure in Her Love. Help these parts of yourself feel that trust, these places are really needing safety and trust to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And keep giving yourself dollops and dollops of compassion. If you're sending out love and compassion externally, it's not going to you, you can't give what you haven't given yourself, or you're just taking from yourself, and that's the same as third party energy. Pretty much everyone has taken, taken, taken from themselves and found there was never any Love, that's the pattern we're breaking because we never need to take from ourselves. There's never any need to take from yourself because everyone has access to God, no one needs god from you, just you do and then you can express God from you because of your fullness. Point others back to the God within them.🌵

🧡Surrender attachment to results, we can't think our way, we can't have it happen the way we think it will happen, it'll happen the way the Divine knows is best. The Divine is going to guide us to every part that needs love. She's going to guide us there to heal these upsets. It's not that we're deprived of our Twin Flame, we've just got to go to all the places that need Love and put Love there. that's the mechanic because the more you love yourself the more lovable you are. If there are any parts of us that are unloved, we're only going to experience that with our Twin Flame and they can't get close. We can be loved in all these areas but the romantic love area is critical to our Union because if we feel any part of ourselves that is unloved or given up or blocked or shut down, we have got to go there, the parts we need to heal. If any part feels deprived of romance, give yourself that romance now. Really go into all these parts of yourself and choose to experience all aspects of romance.💥

🌳True intimacy is the price we pay for fearless vulnerability. How would it feel to be loved like that? give yourself the safety of that, does it feel comfortable to receive this kind of love? Visit this place whenever you choose to develop this kind of romance. Try out different experiences with the Divine, let God show you new experiences of romance. Maybe we don't know what they are, stretch the boundary of what we know romance to be. The Divine knows exactly the right person and they'll know how to love you, it may be new to both of you. you may have to explore that together, prepare yourself for a fair journey of exploring. It'll be great fun, being open and honest, unlike other relationships, this is the one where you can open up and feel vulnerable with and say, 'this isn't right,' and go far deeper into your desire and your truth in all these places. Explore what you think is and isn't right with them, up to the point where you can say, 'this needs to shift more, we need to go deeper here, expand love, heal something here.🍃

🍋Always keep growing together, living your life together, it's Ok to not know exactly how it's going to go. The Divine created our person so we could have that experience, it's ours. As we move deeper our peace expands, it looks like it goes away when we're in the middle of an upset but actually we're just going deeper. Peace at the core always. There's stuff that obscures the view like clouds over the sun, but the view is always there, the blue sky is always there. There have been a few people in our lives that we would have been better off without, that's we have walls and they have got to come down. We're not having that kind of relationship any more, it's safe to let love in, to let God in. It's enough for you to be you and no one else. Divine expression, if we are expressing divinely our Twins will recognise that. If we're being inauthentic, we need to get clear on who we truly are.🌻

🍇Another part of the journey as we reveal our true Twin Flame, we also reveal all the relationships around us and align everything in our life in to bring in our Twin Flame. You may see people not accepting your choices, we need to be authentically us so we can reveal all of that. So we can choose to be only ourselves. We'll be called to express our real selves and align with the Divine in everything we do.💜

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Dec 14, 2020

six ringlets of golden hair the woman coming with the cloud feminine killing the dragon with many heads the feminine dressed in white and spirit in the wind is guiding her to her divine she rides the crest of the waves with spirit blowing her from danger the masculine watches from a distance with amazement wow she looks stunningly beautiful as she comes to him love the picture paints a 1000 words in the beginning 22 letters i really enjoyed reading your words or should i say fathers words


Dec 14, 2020

we received spirit adoption we cry out, “Abba! Father!” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit who we are kingdom within free moral human born from first adam eve in gene pool the kingdom of his love to be revealed the two witnesses revealed within love the art lots to read thanks you are deeply loved by us white dove spirit shalom

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