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Twin Flames, Divine Love and Self Love🌻🍂

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

🎆 Twin Flames And Divine Love 💞

🌒The secret is not to crave your Twin Flame but the Divine love that you came to an awareness of because of them. That is God. This Divine Love doesn't come from the sky, or somewhere outside of you but through the deepest centre of your heart. That's where the God in you is, that's where the God in your Twin Flame is. This amazing love that so desperately wants to express itself through you. So focus on Love Itself. That Love is energy and consciousness. We are but a drop in the ocean of that consciousness, we must remember that and be One with Love and know we are not separate from it, we are not, and cannot be, in any way.💜

💟This Divine Love wants to love you and your Twin Flame, and you are the channel through which the Divine loves them completely and absolutely. So be in love with this Love that your Beloved may be loved by the Divine through you. As Rumi said, "Why set your heart on a piece of earth? Seek the Source that shines forever!"💓

🎇They are the vessel, as you are too, for that Love to flow through you both, that you both may become fully embodied as the one child of God that you are, by the completion of the expression of this Love. Can you see how imperative it is to love this Love that it can fulfil it's desire to express itself through you and your Twin Flame? 💘


💜💓Twin Flames And Self love🍋🎆

🍉We already know that this entire journey, probably the whole point of the journey is loving yourself. That's what makes you attractive and magnetic to your Twin Flame.🍊

🍇So how do we go about that? In what way do we love ourselves so fully, totally and completely? You don't need me to tell you how much you love your Twin Flame, you already know how much you love them and how much you're one with them, you want to be with every little piece of them, you just want to love and adore them with everything that you are, that's how you must love yourself.💜

💎Love your Twin Flame in the way that they need to be loved, without conditions, expectations, demands, necessities, for who they truly are, and nothing else, you love them like they've never been loved by anyone else, in truth, it's the first time any of us have been loved in this way. They need to be loved by you like this, so give them what they need, if you truly love them, then just love them.💤

🌞It's that same Love that you need to give to yourself because you need to be loved in the same way as they do, that's what they're showing you. Love yourself the way you love them. Your Twin Flame cannot accept anything other than pure perfect Love from you so if that Love is tainted in any way, they have no choice but to pull away. But when you love them with the purest kind of love, where reciprocity is an irrelevance, the purity of that love is what magnetises them to you, and brings them home.😍

🌼The Love that you feel for them, they have brought out from inside you, to show you that is exactly the Love you need to give to yourself. That's your Twin loving you, and they will do whatever is necessary to get you into a state of perfect love, however uncomfortable it may seem at the time, to detox you from anything you were holding that wasn't pure Love. Industrial strength, weapons grade top-notch quality Love! That's how you must love then, a pure Love that heals, don't underestimate the amount of Love they may need if they've been hurt, and you, for that matter. It could take a whole lot of love.💭

🍄But you need exactly that love too, they're your mirror, and you must give that to yourself first. You loving yourself is you loving them and you loving yourself is them loving you. You don't even have to send them Love to a place over there that's outside of yourself, outer and inner are the same. Just love yourself and rest assured that you're loving them exactly how they need, and this love is what makes you magnetic to your Twin Flame.🍧

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