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Twin Flames, Loving Fearlessly & Communicating Deeper Into True Authenticity 🌞

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

💫If we're living a Divine life, we must address every area that requires addressing, don't invalidate any feeling because it's an apparently small thing. There is no difference between large and small upsets, all of you matters. If the Divine has given you a person as a Twin Flame to pursue, it's always safe for you to love, this love is never lost. You only ever have one Twin Flame, as you progress along the journey, you come to fully know yourself, everything that's not aligned to who you really are can fall away. Do what the Divine desires, surrender to Divine will. The Divine is really your Ultimate Lover, and being able to surrender there in peace is what brings you your Harmonious Union. Your Divine counterpart recognises you when you recognise yourself at the core, so go deeper into the core of who you are. really know yourself at the core, so you can truly be seen by your Twin.😍

🌷The core Twin flame dynamics don't function at the personality. Your personality isn't you, it's simply a collection of signs and signifiers that we have constructed to express our essence. It's safe to dissolve your surface personality to reveal your eternal self. In different lifetimes, you have different egos, but the same soul. The ego is a culmination of every negative experience one has had, it's function is to keep one separate from the Divine, but in truth, it doesn't exist, it's an illusion. It may be the result of, for example, past heartbreak, deep to the core. Be with this part of yourself that's known heartbreak, what does this part of yourself need to express? Don't invalidate any feeling that comes up. Bring Divine love into this place, let this part of you know that heartbreak is an illusion, your heart is completely incorruptible. Everything this part of you has experienced is simply the illusion from being with the wrong person (and your Twin Flame will make you revisit all these places, but you won't be hurt this time, because now you're going there with love. It becomes easy to let go of the wrong person, it wasn't meant to be because, it wouldn't have been a good match.🍃

🥤You have the power to let these unhappy thoughts and illusions go, you already have this power, you're so much more powerful than you imagine. Surrender comparisons with others, focus on your own strength and attractiveness, no decoration necessary. open your arms to yourself, come home to yourself by realising you were always home. It was only an illusion that made you think you were on the outside, it's so important to heal in these areas, to make new choices and take responsibility for what we attract into our reality, for being mindful of our thought processes and not giving in to ego when it tries to make us feel like less. Becoming aware of which thoughts are of love and which are of fear, and not following the latter is true mastery. If you're feeling insecure about the progress you're making and really want to see something external that acknowledges that you're moving forward with your Twin Flame, ask yourself exactly what this insecurity is about, it may be just ego talk, which should not be listened to, because it is nonsense. Recognise when this is happening and choose love there instead, work through any bad feelings and bring yourself back to peace. Is it love or fear speaking to you? Remember that many habitual thought patterns are just habits of mind, and can be broken.🍀

🌟All these problems don't stop when you reach Harmonious Union, and so, once you do, it's particularly crucial to notice the dynamic, the energy, to notice how you feel, and going deeper and deeper and deeper. You become intolerant to ego and fear, and intolerant to being around people in that frame of mind, it may mean letting go of other ways of being, and moving deeper and deeper into peace. And as you do surrender into your Harmonious Union, in some cases, not all by all means, some people will move deeper into communication with their Beloved. But when you do communicate with your Twin Flame (coming into Union does not necessarily mean a lot of chatting in between, so don't worry), you really can only share of yourself when you are fully aligned in peace. It's not about sharing a story or of giving power to that story, it's about sharing of yourself and your love.💜

🍂All communication is great of course, but say you didn't know that your Twin Flame was your Twin Flame and they shared a story about something that happened to them with you, how would that make you feel? Sure, cultivating the friendship is vital, but you're so much more than just a friend, how would your Twin Flame recognise you? You tell them how you feel, this person is your Ultimate Lover. You do well by trying to create a friendship but this person is the closest to you in the entire Universe , so you really desire to give of yourself. They are your One Great Love, whatever communication you have had (even if it's in your heart), is perfect for what it was, but it's time to go deeper. It's always wonderful to communicate, but it's time to go beyond the standard ways of communicating and let the Divine speak through you. to go deeper with God is to communicate with feeling.🌊

💚If your Twin Flame were to walk in right now, what would you say to them? I don't mean 'hello, how are you', but what does your man or woman really want from you? It's not the way to speak to them like they're someone that you don't know or las if you have to find some sort of entry point. The more you love and express the love in you, whether it makes sense or not, that's what they're attracted to. To truly love them, not simply relay stories and events, when you're fully in your truth, you simply speak truth. If you're still not comfortable with the truth, don't worry, you will be, we're moving into that now. If you're wondering what on Earth you'd say to them if they were here now, if you believe it would be hard to speak your truth, go to the place in your consciousness where you have communicated, go deeper there, and see how beautifully you did. What did your heart truly want to say? Does it feel odd or uncomfortable? How odd is it really to speak the truth? 🍷

💜It's safe to free yourself of any expectations of how your Twin Flame will communicate or not, don't go by how things have gone before, don't try to fit yourself into the shape of how they're going to respond, surrender that. No need to approach then in a nice, neutral way that you may think is better for them and keeps things at a safe distance, it's safe to smash that habit. You don't have to tell them everything, like you love them like no other and want to marry them right now, it's not about creeping them into recognising you, you can simply tell them that you think they're amazing without feeling stalkerish. You can use words to express your admiration and appreciation and how much they mean to you without being extra. Don't worry, this is the space the collective is moving into. The seasons are changing again, and each equinox and solstice brings a distinct shift. Ride that energy, as the days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere, it's a good time to internalise more.🌞

🌳At the end of the day it doesn't matter whether your person responds or not. The sending of a message is the opening of communication, all that matters is that it's received. Your journey is about loving fearlessly, it doesn't matter what your person is doing because at some point they won't be able to help but to be in your environment, and you become the Lover Extraordinaire! Stop compromising in any area of your life, if you accept anything as being less than perfect, that's a choice of settling, that your Twin Flame will reflect back to you, by settling. Even the pictures on the walls in your house should be perfect for you. We need to be properly loved, and when we fully love ourselves, our Twins feel it, 'Hello... energy energy energy, magnetise, magnetise, magnetise!'

To communicate is to give of ourselves Do it the Divine way, the more divinely we see ourselves, the more authentically we communicate. Understand that it's safe to communicate, we don't need to create distance between ourselves and our Twin Flame. In transparency, we are authentic. In communicating authentically, we don't need to think about it, by planning what to say, one is following a formula and trying to extract an outcome. No one has a problem being told they're loved.🍧

💟So to summarise, support yourself in every way, in your career, in your health, nutrition etc. congratulate yourself for communicating, whatever form that is taking for you at this time, for coming into a more profound state of peace, and choosing to go deeper and deeper until it feels safe to be authentic. Go to a place where you can just express yourself unapologetically, you don't have to be afraid of love. It won't be difficult, just chip away at the last bit of fear about it being safe for you to love. The final going all in with God, it's safe to give all of yourself. You won't know what form the communication will take, but it's safe to take the plunge, jump off the cliff to be with God, you're practically there and it's safe to express!🥑

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14 juin 2023

Thank you for your authenticity and clarity! I just had a profound moment as I read your words. My love and light are brighter now. I feel truly at peace for the first time ever. Thank you!

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