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Twin Flames ~ Enjoying Your Authentic Expression Together & Connecting Deeper With Your Divinity 🌼

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🌸Love really does heal everything, everyone is a Divine child of the Universe, there's no separation, you're here to dissolve that and bring Divine love in, in it's place. The journey is one of creating your own reality, because we are all already doing that all the time. If anything in any area of your life is anything other than absolute perfection, it can be resolved by adjusting the relationship with the self. Connect with the Source within, allow yourself to be enlivened by it. It's about undoing the way we were told that life was meant to be led. Go where you're guided, your Twin Flame is not somewhere over there, they're inside of you, that's where your relationship happens, it's created and cultivated by healing within.🌺

🎀Whatever you're seeing externally is not an indicator of your results, if you're experiencing any disappointment, it's safe to release that now. If you feel that there is a shift that needs to happen, who orchestrates that shift, do you orchestrate it? No, the Divine does. The Divine already knows the path. Trying to figure out with the mind how things will unfold, denies God/Goddess the flexibility to work. Putting a timeframe on it is pushing against and not trusting. It's safe to trust, the Divine, yourself, your Twin Flame, and it's safe to surrender, that's the right place to be, control and pushing against slows things down. As you go deeper and deeper you find deeper pockets of resistance, bring love to these places. In the meantime, it's good to prioritise other things, like cultivating a relationship with a friend and living your best life, that adds value, and it's OK to not see everything that's going on behind the scenes while you're enjoying yourself.🌷

🪀Put love itself first, prioritise your healing first, fully support yourself, that takes inner work, and you'll have a pleasant surprise coming, don't worry if you're still healing family and ancestral patterns and concerned about the possibility of an unpleasant surprise, the relationship with the Divine is healing through all of this. There's nothing more you need to do to make your Union happen, you're creating the perfect relationship with the Divine, a real, unbreakable, Divine connection. As this develops, you move deeper into unconditional Love for your Twin Flame, and accepting them just as they are, and you step into further authenticity, really feel you and your Twin Flame enjoying being yourselves together, enjoy this magical, wonderful place, enjoy your authentic expression. You're connecting deeper with your Divinity.🩱

💜Your Creator paves the way with Love for you, you're never separate from that, you can open up to that flow in any moment, never disconnect from that. Love yourself, you're amazing, and share your light and see your life unfold. That really speaks to the heart, you are all that you seek. This applies to your Twin Flame and what you see in them, you see yourself in them, if you have the desire in your heart, what you desire is yours. It was put there for a wonderful reason, not to thwart you. Soul mate relationships are temporary, they're like a brother/sister relationships, not at all like Twin Flames, one single person with whom you share 100% values with with no compromises. Every person's experience is different, every relationship on the way has value, they teach us not to settle. We're moving towards what we never knew was possible, it was always there in consciousness for all eternity, and there are life lessons in the meantime. Everything will emerge at just the right moment and do the dance of joy.☔

🧿Going deeper can bring up a whole host of feelings and emotions, the more bliss you move into and experience the more upheaval will be potentially experienced, because it's the bliss that brings out whatever isn't in alignment with it for releasing. and if this happens, you have a big reason to celebrate because it's indicating that something amazing's going to happen. Every piece of yourself needs to come home, there is an end to the work, full enlightenment or Perfect Union. You receive your Harmonious Union on the way, as well as much peace and Love. Please know that you are with love. all that is required of you is that you meet this place of Love. Claim your innocence. Long ago there was a choice of separation and that's being dissolved now. you have all of eternity to live in love. Surrender negativity, bring lightness there.🧢

🌌Truly commit to the Divine, who can only come through your true Twin Flame. As you go deeper you realise how unimportant any third party is, the truth will always be the Truth. Choose and claim your true Twin Flame. Some people are fortunate enough to already know who their true Twin Flame is, but that doesn't mean the work isn't still challenging. All the Love you ever wanted is going to be right there, you can heal through anything you are shown. It's not really about anyone else, it's only really about you, your Twin Flame can do anything they like, what really matters is how you heal. Whether your Twin Flame doesn't recognise you or if they're with a false twin, or whatever their experience is, no one can change the truth, and the more healing that happens, boom, the truth is revealed. Now I see it. That's exactly what you're doing. no need to focus externally, that can feel bad anyway, go inside. Choose compassion for yourself. It's totally going to happen, deepen your commitment. feel the enormity of reaching this point in consciousness.🌅

If low emotions come up, don't invalidate the feeling by thinking with your mind about what you know to be true, feel through it. it's Ok to be where you're at on your journey. What measures where you're at? The ego, which is not you. The ego doesn't know, surrender that. what you see on the outside has no truth, only the Divine knows the ultimate truth, choose to trust the Divine, who is inviting you to go deeper. Do you trust God's connection with your Twin Flame in their heart? Do you understand God is communicating there his or her truth? as you make progress you will begin to see it externally, it's totally Ok if you haven't yet, it will come. Some people don't see any external change whatsoever until Harmonious Union, and that's Ok too. let go of your need to know and gather data from signs and synchronicities etc. you will have your beautiful confirmation. Surrender and choose peace.

🌏Harmonious Union comes from a beautiful, peaceful, quiet state where you don't even need to speak, it's an internal awareness. Not momentary fireworks, a steady, eternal flame. Before you come together, you're both like birds with one wing. You have a joint purpose in Harmonious Union, you both make more sense and you reveal the truth of who you really are. the truth of your person is revealed because they are your eternal complement and your purpose is revealed as you learn to work together. They're not separate from you, they're an extension of you, you need both wings to fly and know all of who we truly are. You can always trust what the Divine is showing you, what's yours is still yours, regardless of how things seem and what you expect, let go of all that and what's yours will come to you. Harmonious Union is your natural state, you're just returning.🍀

🌿Don't worry about a 'bait and switch' situation, being asked to pursue something and all of a sudden it's snatched away. You know your heart's desires, who placed them there? The Divine, who knows them intimately and delivers. I've seen it happen. Find the places where there are still remnants of the projections of 'can't quite have your good' and uproot them, it may trigger an ego fear reflex, deactivate it so you're as cool as a cucumber. Choose Divine support, let go of the old ways of doing things. Let go of the fears that were keeping Harmonious Union at bay, release the vulnerability there to access these places, that's what's happening. You're seeing the result.🌴

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20 dic 2020

PAINTING DM eyes are locked on love divine look divine hands run through dove feather hair whats that smell the smell of love fills the air as he gently whispers in her ear i love you what is he doing he pulls a dove by the tail and brings it to her breast peace love dove from above the gift of love knowing shes loved by divine the love of a dove for a dove she looks wet in the water no wonder after all that love

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