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Twin Flames ~ Grounding Deeper Than Ever Into The Frequency Of Harmonious Union 💜

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

😍A major lesson to master on this journey is to not focus on what your Twin Flame is doing or not doing, but to acknowledge that we're not in control and never have been in control of the situation, so it's safe to surrender and be in the flow. This time period is about choosing to go in more deeply and be led deeper into Divine truth, it's what feels good. Also, it's the time to go deeper into grounding, the tree can only grow if it's rooted. Bad past experiences and trauma cause disconnection, disassociation and separation from the self. It's a coping mechanism to keep oneself safe, trying to reach upwards energetically instead of grounding, and then feeling all up in the air. Humility is required to accept and understand the Divine Truth. It's not so much about claiming your Twin Flame, but claiming yourself and your relationship with the Divine. That's where your Union is. It's a process to be fully with ourselves, because only then we can be with our Twin flame and the Divine. If there's any energy in there that says to the contrary, that's what's currently being healed through.🧡

🌵It's the process of moving from the old vortex of lack to the new vortex of abundance. No matter how hard we work, when we hit the points that the Divine brings us to, we have to heal through whet we're shown. If we don't, then more contrast is experienced, because we've called in our good without healing. When we come into spiritual maturity, we leave our old life behind. Everyone who has already attained Harmonious Union, their lives have all changed radically, there's no clinging to the old. Take responsibility for every feeling, things can't stay the same, they have to shift. Receive awareness of how you feel in these moments. Go deeper into mastery to live trauma free and not reattaching to the old story because we can regrow it if we direct our energy there. There will also be a requirement to fine tune one's discernment of who we let into our life and our energy field. If anyone is inappropriate, say goodbye, look at the relationships that you align to, we can't take any crap into God's Kingdom. To have Harmonious Union, you have to leave it all behind, all relationships must be aligned or let go of. Discern who is aligned to the Divine and who is being codependent and only there to take, opportunists always looking for loose boundaries.🍈

🍀You don't need an event or outside circumstance to manifest a meeting with your Twin Flame, outside things are not the source of your love, the Divine is bringing you your good and knows how to guide you. Heal through anything not aligned in this area, really ground in, use your discernment, don't let opportunities for discernment pass you by because that's when the contrast begins to hit. Align your life, release anything that you don't need. Life has been the way that it has been because of trauma, and once it's gone, life doesn't have to shape itself around the trauma to support it anymore. When it goes, life can open up more. More open to receiving love, true Love that is, not ego Love. How can you tell the difference? Fake Love is too up and down, it's a manic high, an addiction, like a drug, one feels the need to 'score' emotionally. Just getting high from receiving energy. Not wanting God, just His gifts, anyone can manifest someone, only to later discover they're not the right person. All that glisters is not gold, you don't want the glitter, you want the Divine. Shiny is high and not grounded and will naturally fall away.🌳

💙One cannot move forward unless the foundation is properly laid, and that means looking everywhere, being honest, not seeking a high. There's nothing you need but yourself. When you reach Harmonious Union, you must be able to ground and sustain it. Review, revisit, ground in, find more stuff that you didn't know was there, it's all happening the right way, taking the right steps the way god has planned it. Look at consciousness, if you're not living the perfect life in any area there must be some more stuff to do. New discoveries all the time, feel into the places where there isn't love there yet and bring the love in. No need to try to rush to the finish line, that stems from anxiety, bring relaxation to that place. It's a journey of authentic expression. You're extending your consciousness and cleaning it up as you do so and more stuff comes up to be cleared. If the amazing creation of the rose of your Harmonious Union is not yet blooming, don't worry, that's what you're moving towards. One of the benefits of working with a coach is that when one hits a wall with their upsets and their ability to receive more love, when that's limited, it has to be dealt with.🍧

💜Harmonious Union is already here, the goal is of being at peace and whole within you and being able to feel at one with the divine there and surrendering the rest of the journey. All the places within you, remember that not only do we bring Divinity there, but Divinity was there all along. All the difficult moments we experienced when we thought we were without love, the Divine is actually right there, we never were abandoned. Be present with yourself, be present in your body, be present in every moment, that's where you're going. feel into what grounding means for you, that's the place you need to flourish. Please let go of expectations, it won't look the way you think it will, and that's OK. You have a true Twin Flame and the Divine knows who that is. You're never left out of love, don't try to control what love looks like. You desire Union with the Divine, all of you complete, feel the sense of Union within, receive the wholeness that you seek. There is a deep need for Love, a desire for nourishment, let the Divine nourish you.🍇

🌷How differently we receive love when we let go of trauma. Your Twin Flame is not your source, when Union happens, they still won't be your source. Even then it's just the love you've given yourself. Trying to get love externally without the Divine being involved just leads to contrast. Your Twin Flame's choices are a reflection of yours. Choose to hear, see and show up for yourself. The journey is not linear, it's a straight shot vibrationally, but it won't look like that. Love is not coming from over there, this is why we try to control the outside, because we think Love's outside. Redirect, it's the love you've only given yourself. Your reality is the result of your choices, we choose to love and it's reflected back. Your healing will affect your Twin Flame but it's not a good idea to try to project over there and imagine their experience. You're responsible for your own upsets and your own healing, don't externalise the healing. Everything, all the power is in you and all the love and healing is in you. Your true Twin Flame is affected naturally in a way that may look completely different, and that's between the Divine and them.💟

🍷The journey is about you and the Divine, there isn't anyone else, so love yourself fully and then your Twin Flame is in your life. You can't live life with the expectation that they're going to show up, live life now. We need to be fulfilled and nourished and satisfied now, not at some time in the future. Connect to the moment, your Twin Flame is not the source of your happiness, the Divine is your ultimate Twin Flame. You're not waiting but living now, make sure you're loving yourself now. Your Twin Flame is part of your journey, being present with yourself. If we cannot be present with all of ourselves, if we're pushing ourselves away, if we're dismissing, if we're ignoring or not wanting to love parts of ourselves, our Twin Flame can't be with us. It's about loving ourselves and seeing ourselves as lovable, and if we don't, well our Twin Flame is us and they can't love themselves either. They're not another person, whatever we feel about ourselves, they do too and if we feel uncomfortable we can't be around them, it just feels bad. So that's what we're fixing right now!🍄

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