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Twin Flames ~ Illumination Of The Path Home To Eternal Life💙

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

🍉🌷You attract situations in alignment with your thinking, you manifest a reality associated with your beliefs. Your core choices give rise to your way of thinking. See that there's joy in this moment, the foundation is created on the inside. Just as you desire the fruits of a spiritual life, Harmonious Twin Flame Union, Life Purpose, you must drive your roots deep into the Divine. If your roots are good you can grow tall, anything with shallow roots will be pushed over when the storm comes. It requires study and application, apply those to your inner world and help others who are on your level. You'll become a channel for spiritual fruit and it's so profitable that it's silly, and life becomes a series of endless solutions instead of endless problems. Deepen the foundation of your life, know how to build upon it for when the storm comes and sweeps things away. If you continue you'll eventually come out of separation and build a stable foundation with the Divine.🌸

🍀🌼When it comes to your Union, you don't need to be so focused on the practicalities and realise that there are really no blocks to the Divine, you really don't have to worry about anything, release any feelings of overwhelm you may have. There are lots of changes going on in Unions at the moment, there's a lot happening behind the scenes, if you don't know, you're not to know, that's how the Divine is orchestrating it. Some Divine Masculines switched overnight, and Union came in, don't worry, it's happening, each Union has it's timing, you'll come into your cave of biggest fears, and it may occur before Union, during Union or after Union, but the cave is really big. It doesn't have to take over long, nobody knows what else is going to arise for them on their journey, bring it on. Please know that whatever it is, you can handle it. not may dee it through to the end, if you're still here then you're due this wonderful Union, you'll be one of those who are waiting to explode into fireworks. The work is a discipline and it's all unfolding beautifully.🌟

🍒🍄Invest in your journey, refuse to invest in numbing out, stand in your power and don't be swayed into anything just because. Stand in your power and never override your heart. The collective is currently moving into forgiveness, this is bound to happen because Unions have been waiting to come in for aeons, it is, of course, quite natural. And while this is occurring, they may be feelings of doubt and control coming up to be cleared, listen to your intuition. Process any feelings that come up. doubt doesn't mean that things are going wrong or that you've gone backwards or that the knowingness goes away. It'll be just lingering strands and pockets coming up to be cleared till there's no more doubt. Your knowingness is expanding as you're releasing that doubt, it has to come up for release. There's an awful lot of things happening that we can't be privy to, it's better not to know at this time, but I can tell you that for many Divine Counterparts there's going to be a period of reflection, because things are got great for them at this time.🍉

🌟😊As one Twin does the inner work, they Counterpart will experience a lot of inner turmoil and a lot of not being able to get close and a lot of thinking things but not being able to say them or reach out or write them, and then one day when the block is cleared, they can come in, but not before. It isn't really living to be living with someone who's the wrong one, it won't be comfortable, a lot of feelings will be coming up. It's a process, leaving someone, the shift happens overnight but it's a long time coming. In false relationships, people give their power to the things that come with it. It's harder to say goodbye to those attachments, not the person or the future they were going to have or the idea of who they were, but all the external trappings. It's a big step to take but when it's done it's done, it's Ok that it's done properly and well thought through. They're gaining that clarity, it's happened at the pace it has been done at, it couldn't have happened any faster, there has been a lot of feeling to work through.💎

🍁🧡Fears that come up, even if you know they're irrational, still need working through. This is a time for deepening your trust in the Divine, please know that everything's falling into place. Inhale the bliss of the present, just be here right now. How do you feel in your heartspace, is there anything out of order? Move into these feelings, expanding your heartspace, spread peace there. The function and purpose of the spiritual tools is the purification of your heart, all spiritual tools perform the same function, the purification of consciousness to Perfect Union with the Divine, or Full Enlightenment. Use all the tools you encounter, they serve the same purpose, you'll come to your perfect life. Unions are opening up, you have no need to worry, if you see others on social media coming into non Twin Flame relationships, they won't necessarily have anything to do with Love. Remember, with what you're doing, everything's internal, the only thing that's important to us is our own connection within.🍃

🍇🌸It'll be as it's meant to be, if it leads to even deeper healing before Union, so be it. You'll only receive what's yours in whatever way that may be, that's all we're here to receive, we won't receive anything outside of that, there's a real purity to this. Your Twin Flame's progress will be reflected in your journey and however fast we've been moving. It can seem slow but it's not about pace, your Twin Flame's pace may look different to your own, because they're doing it in a different way, so don't try to control how it's happening. It may look terribly slow, like nothing's changing, but in truth, everything is, because we are. They are coming into an awareness, others may be just beginning their journey, or picking up from where they left off. All we're wanting is for the Divine to reveal the right person at the right time. It's a very personal inner journey for them, they're going through their own and we're going through our own, we can't be in our own Twin Flames' journey, but know it'll be perfect for them.🍷

💋🍂Whatever it is they're going through, we have to do a lot of letting go and surrendering, be present with yourself, a lot of this is required at this point in the journey, it seems like doing nothing, but really it's everything. Negative self talk about being fundamentally unlovable is a core block, that's really the place to be, really deep in the core. What do you feel about Love itself? Why does it seem to be over there somewhere like an impossible feeling? Show up for yourself here, bring Love into that space until you can feel the block dissolving, stay present with yourself here for al long as you need, don't abandon yourself here or settle for less. Stay present with any doubt, it won't need anything more than your loving presence, feel that doubt dissolving as you know that you're on the right track for God's journey for you. Any part of you still resisting Love? Be with this part of yourself that doesn't even remember Love. we've forgotten, be with this part that's forgotten and bring him/her what he/she needs. let that Love in, we're finding all the places where Love didn't yet reach and making the conscious choice to expand Love into them.🌞

💙🌊Reach for yourself, let any anxiety release and bring yourself Love into the place that feels anxious and nervous. Keep letting the Love in, it's exactly where we need to be,100%. Be with any tension, why do we feel like we need to resist the Divine? Be with this part of yourself that's afraid to be abandoned, it's a core wound. Know that Love never left, separation never happened, God was there all along, give yourself that reassurance. You're safe, the abandonment was just an illusion, you can let that go, let the Love in. Bring in perfect Love for yourself, the Divine through your perfect Lover, let yourself receive all the Love you need to soothe that heart. Please know you're safe and secure, go to the part of yourself that's been living alone, feeling alone, let this part of you know that the Divine is here, your Twin Flame is here, give yourself all the Love you need in this place, know that you never have to be alone again. This is why people settle for less, so they don't have to be alone, this is what's happened to many Divine Counterparts, it's just the opposite pattern we're experiencing. They're afraid to be alone and they still find themselves alone, pretending sucks.💚

💜🍧Do you feel there's something standing in the way of Love, where you feel you can go no further,? Have you built a wall to protect you from getting hurt, and are you feeling unsafe? Avoiding feelings to avoid being hurt is why people numb out, so be with this part of you that's feeling hurt and feeling like he/she needs protection. Bring him/her your loving presence and anything else and anything else he/she needs, stay present, choose Union with the Divine here, let Love fill this entire space. Know that Love can't be wounded, dissolve that belief. Love sets you free, Love is freedom, be with this part of yourself, bring your loving presence here, Love never left, it wouldn't even if it could, there is no state of lovelessness, it doesn't exist, give yourself all that safety, reassurance and comfort. Are you feeling under pressure, like your desires are out of reach? That's not true, it's not how we were created. Choose to release the illusion, choose to let the Truth in which is Union, this is the way, nothing else makes sense.🌀

🍷🍒Bring your loving presence to yourself and anything else you may need, Love can't leave. Let go of any negative self talk, stop gaslighting yourself, love yourself in this place. Go and be with the part of yourself that believes that his/her good can be taken, that's not happening. Know that no one else can have your good, it's not for anyone but you, that is you, choose yourself, choose the Divine in this place, choose to be able to hear Divine guidance. Union energy is coming in, people are coming to the core more quickly, some people's Unions will be more progressed, depending on where they left off in a previous life. Some people find some areas of communication really easy. At the start of the journey things can look really easy, then we go deeper and we hot the core stuff and get traumatised, and the trauma's already there and it takes time. For the ones who already know who their Twins are when they come into this work, the process can take a little longer, and that'd OK.🌂

🍈💭Union happens within you first, be yourself, you have nothing to hide, you've claimed your man/woman, that's what we're meant to do. They can already feel that on some level or another, they're not daft, they like a mystery, leave them to do their thing, they'll surface when they're ready, it's all going on on the inside, they won't show a thing. It's not just you who is going through a lot, there's stuff happening with your Twin Flame too, they may be scared to connect because it's triggering. You just heal, the way forward is simply heal the bad feelings about the connection, about seeing them, about Love, about everything coming together, you just heal every last thing you're shown that feels bad and you bring it to peace. That's what you're doing right now, you just bring Love to the place where it's all trigger after trigger after trigger and work through it. It's about you and you and this is how you're doing it, by going into all the spaces. If this is the area of most hurt, the scary place. That's why space is being taken, but there's Love in the silence.🌵

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