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Twin Flames ~ It Takes A Special Kind Of Hero To Face Down Their Challenges*💛

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🌵🌱I want to talk a little about attachment styles of parenting, one is healthy, the other three are not. If one had a healthy relationship with just one parent, one feels safe to to out into the world and explore, and feel safe coming home too. This leads to mature adults who are confident with good relationships. The other styles are unhealthy. Many parents treat their children to feel unsafe in the world to make their children dependent on them, some children don't feel totally safe with their parents. Hardly anyone has the perfect relationship with their parents. What to do in this situation is to cultivate a relationship of trust with the Divine, the only Parent you need to feel safe with, this is the solution, a perfectly safe parent to retreat to. Only God, if you really need someone , you always have God, the perfect parent, safely retreat into God's arms. Be with God and feel safe to go out into the world. No matter what trials, unknowns and uncertainties, you can always return to God at any time and feel perfectly secure with Him there. You may have to rebuild trust with the world after a traumatic experience, build the inner relationship with God, build that trust, have that foundation, lay yourself to rest there in Eternity, so you can grow in Eternity.🌴

🌄💚It's a perfect way of being for everyone, resulting in a perfect way of life for everyone who relinquishes ego. All societies have failed to build a successful Earth culture because they negotiate with ego. The degree to which a society negotiates with ego dictates the general level of wellbeing. Governing bodies are largely dictated by the people, they're not separate from the people they rule over. The people dictate the rule set, the superior rule set is based on Love, it only works because there is total agreement. The one thing that binds us in totality, no matter what different desires, beliefs, ideologies and quirks we have, is Love. Love is the only way we can have a real rule set. It's unanimous, every rule should be based in Love. Only Love can provide for all of us. It's only in conflict with ego's rule set of ignorance and delusion. We're working ourselves to follow the ruleset of Love, we do our best. If you can't do the Mirror Exercise when you're upset, maybe you need to cry it out, it doesn't harm the rule set.🍀

🌏🌅You'll achieve the ability to tolerate tension in your relationship, it becomes a way of being. There are basic principles: You were created with a Twin Flame in Love, Love is what you are, Love is where you're going, all are One in Love and all are One in God. All that arises in our way of being, you want to harmonise with that. If you're experiencing trauma, the mind shuts down and can't move on from that trauma. Bring Love there to heal it and move forward and all the expected results will come of it, loads of really good things. Create a picture of the environment you're dealing with, seek to understand that better. If we make assumptions, we'll seek out to push out new information, if we allow ourselves to be humble, it allows for flexibility of thought, invite new information and acknowledge it calmly. If this new information changes things, they must change or growth is cut off. Stagnation causes dis-ease in the human spirit. The fundamental assumption is that life is good.🌌

🍇💜Life is more powerful than death, life is more attractive than death, life is more compelling and profitable. Sometimes life means we have to face death. We may try to avoid it, say, "I don't see you, I'll pretend you're not there till I have to succumb to you." People succumb to the death of spirit easily. I love my spirit and won't allow it to die, not only survive but thrive in it's optimal environment, the richest soil for your life being Harmonious Union and Life Purpose, rooted in Love for the self and God, a new way of being. Life is highly respected in some societies and in others, very much not. Ways of being forged with ego at the table are never satisfying. The success of societies is rooted in their ability to stand up to ego and stand for life itself. Most civilisations give up the fight with ego and succumb to the death of spirit and the civilization falls, either by cataclysm or slow decline. Coca Cola and Pepsi are vying for control of the market, people prefer coke, so that company has a lot more power and dictates a lot of the rules for the beverage industry. New players come in. There was Google, then came Facebook, the environment changes. There was just Paganism, then the Judeo - Christian religions came in.🍧

🌺🌸Ways of being and belief systems grow and change and evolve and shift, they must be rooted in stability. Both changelessness and an eternal state of change need a healthy dialogue. Ego is not welcome. To address that spiritual concept, we have to look at it in depth and bring and shine the light of logic on it, only Love is welcome here. Blaming others for your pain is much easier than actually resolving it. One can place the problem outside of themselves and believe that's where it is till that belief is shattered. the mind is so powerful it can deny reality. No one likes to feel unsafe and it takes a special kind of hero to face down delusions. It's harder to do in the short term to face down misery. People don't say, "Let's go to the pub for a few drinks and face our misery." No, that's to pretend one doesn't have problems. Popular culture is more 'woke' not, but racism and sexism still exists. Overall, human evolution takes place, but blisteringly slowly. You can evolve fast if you do it consciously. BLM takes apart every issue and brings Love and compassion there. 🌷

🍷🍒To create a perfect way of being that meets the changing needs and desires of the times, any system has to align itself to life at all times. The Catholic Church is very slow to change with the times and fails to meet the needs of a lot of people. Seeing things in black and white opens the door to weakness. Be aligned to life only and nothing else, find where life is and isn't. Stand with life and not death at all costs and there will be prosperity for all. Governments are ideas, they're malleable. There are discussions, minds are changed, communication, demonstrations, governments are in dialogue all the time, but what you are embodying is creating a new way of being for the whole planet where everyone is treated with equal respect and everyone has an equal place at the table according to how they were created. This requires a foundational understanding of God and the self and expression of Spirit into reality, the only thing to be excluded is ego.🌈

💥💢Life is primary, the Divine is the Source of life. If we align to God in our lives, our minds, our hearts, as the essence of our way of being, cultivating God first as the Source of Life. If grapes are all dried up on the vine, one can't really say they are full of life. If the grapes are full and juicy, they're full of life, it's not about the taste or flavour, there's something transcendental in the grapes. Extreme confidence comes from relationship with God. Tension in relationship with your Twin Flame really demonstrates how much trust there is. They will push you to the limit. What we crave from our significant others, people say we all expect too much from our partners. Twin Flames don't expect too much from eachother, because pushing on eachother gives you the strength you need in the relationship. Even if you didn't feel safe before, you'll feel safe with your Twin Flame, because you're always building deeper and deeper trust with eachother. You'll know your Twin Flame's limits, you'll know their weak spots, if you push on them, you'll cultivate weakness. If you love them there, you'll have a confident partner, and you want to build security and confidence in your relationships.🪐

🍁🔥Work harder to love yourself, you don't have to wait to have your good, you can have it now. God is guiding yourself to love yourself now. Don't be deluded by the way the world treats you at times, it's not your fate. People who treat you as such will go away quickly. Everyone will treat you like gold because you love yourself. Pressure and tension in your relationship will feel really good, and while it's challenging at times, it will get better and better. Don't fear the changes and ups and downs as you're being cleansed and purified, because you're destined to rise to a life of abundance and prosperity and joy. People will push on you to find out if they're safe and how much they can get away with. They'll push you to find your position. You'll reveal who you are to them, if you're cool they'll treat you as cool, if you're a dweeb they'll treat you as a dweeb because they feel insecure. You'll also push on people's most sensitive spot, their connection to Source. You're expanding your riches and getting really wealthy, but the ascent is not a rocket, it's as fast as it can sustainably go.🧡

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