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Twin Flames ~ Mastering Love To Have Your Ultimate Lover 💝💥

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🍐As your beloved Twin Flame moves closer and closer to you as you continue to do your inner work as a daily practice, it'll become clearer and clearer not only what you are working through but what you are both working through together, even if they're not yet sitting next to you. You may pick up on some of your Twin Flame's own upsets (which are not your responsibility any more than your upsets are their responsibility, you're both responsible for just your own). You may pick up on some experiences they have had that didn't feel so great for them (even if outwardly they tried to make their life look like a rap video 😅). But there's never any reason foe either of you to feel annoyed at any part of the journey, it's not like a basic conventional relationship, when you heal through something all the way, it feels peaceful. You won't look back and wish you didn't have to go through that, you'll see that every experience, every lesson that you both had was just what you both needed. The Divine orchestrates every detail of the entire journey, including every single person that comes into it and that's completely safe. It's Ok for your Twin Flame to be having whatever kind of experience they need to.🍏

🍃"Didn't you know you'd have to learn to master love if you wanted your Ultimate Lover?" Jeff Ayan. And that means healing through any patterns of co-dependency. This is exactly the reason why there are third parties, it's just a pattern playing out, an upset to heal through. A situation to work through, it's got nothing to do with what the Twin Flame is doing, the ball is always in our court. Really feel into whether you have co-dependency with your Twin Flame. Are they the source of your love? We don't look to them, that's not how it works, that's not the way, looking 'over there,' seeing a situation. They're not the source of love so it doesn't matter what they're doing, don't look outside of yourself. And while healing any learned co-dependency, it leads into the intimacy territory.🌴

🍀You can look back as past lovers to find patterns for healing, but in truth you have never truly been in love with anyone other than your true Twin Flame. A big topic at the moment is that people come into Twin Flame relationships with trauma bonding patterns to be addressed (if you don't address your traumas your romantic relationships will). The whole Twin Flame journey is to root out the ways we are not loving. We have to learn to love on this journey, we have to learn how to form a relationship and figure out what it actually is. Sometimes when you work through an upset it completely leaves you and you can't remember what it was and that's a good thing. Sometimes one part gets healed and another part reveals. We don't have to force this. Exploring intimacy blocks is good because these are the ones that relate to the romantic relationship (that was talked about in the previous blog post), that keep the Twin Flame at bay. It's time to really go into all these places, shifting the misalignments of what we thought love was and correcting it.🌄

🌏All the love that we could ever wish for is already in us. Who did you fall in love with when you realised you'd fallen in love for the last time? The Divine. Ultimately, if you take the Divinity out of the person, and you don't see the God there, there is no magic, no sparkle. That's why people fall out of love, they project the magic, the God onto the person and realise that this person isn't the One, and that the Divinity isn't there. We're loving Spirit, we think it's in that body there and Harmonious Union is the coming together of all those parts in one place, one location, one awareness. It won't happen how we expect, the minute we think about how it's going to happen in terms of order of relationship, we're trying to control and we're setting ourselves for an upset. We're not God, He's orchestrating the journey. It'll always be the one thing we never thought of and it'll be wonderful because the Divine does every step of it. Every micro millisecond of it will be loaded with significance. Even the steps taken to come back into contact will be full of healing. You'll know how it works by now. It'll happen in a way that's significant to who your Twin Flame is, to how you both are. Only you know how to communicate with yourself, only you know how to love yourself.

Remember that Divinity is where you want to express from, look at what you're communicating and why you're communicating it. Look at what your messages are saying and where they're coming from and what their focus is. Are they Divinely aligned? Is that God speaking through you or something else? 🌅

🧢Sexual energy can be leaked away in two ways, by leaking externally to people who are not your Twin Flame, but also internally by withholding it from yourself. The focus should be on your own attractiveness, sexuality and your relationship with yourself, and making that Divine, how else will your Twin Flame be attracted to you? Divine alignment is harmonious, peaceful and loving, not an extreme high or acting out. If sharing an inappropriate meme with your Twin Flame feels peaceful and aligned with the Divine, it's OK to communicate in this Divine and peaceful way. Really align your sexuality, make sure it's expressing correctly from the right place, look at any place within that's not balanced and align it. How would you feel in yourself to be balanced? It would feel peaceful. When the Divine is not in this place with us then we're not expressing in a balanced way. If there's any feelings of boredom or being unfulfilled, what do you really need there? Bring Divinity through your sexuality. Boredom in this area is a lack of God in sex, and so is acting out. Bring the divine into this place, feel the Divine truth about why She created the sexual experience, how did She create that to feel?🧿

💜It feels like connection, it feels harmonious, you and your Twin Flame fitting together, working together, pairing, partnering and expressing the Divine, Even if you're not in Union yet, your Twin Flame is always with you here. They're not here to satisfy your lack of fulfilment or bring you out of your boredom, they're just there to express with you. the Divine doesn't need to make a show or have a neon sign or strobe light or act out, that comes from a misalignment. God is pure sexuality and creativity, pure connection. You can have that with your Twin Flame just looking into eachother's eyes, or eating a meal together, listening to music together. We choose our activities based on our connection to God. If we're imbalanced in this area, we'll seek out others that are imbalanced and experience imbalance, and it's no good because we're going to experience contrast in our most private inner place, very very intimately and we cannot connect there. We can go too much, too all out or be too turned off, we're bringing it back to the centre as we heal, balancing it out, neither over reaching and over performing, nor under focusing or projecting our needs on another. That just attracts others that are inappropriate, lack plus lack equals an empty experience. 🍇

🩱You can be physically close to someone while experiencing massive separation, or be on a Zoom call whole being completely connected, it's not necessarily physicality but it is the energy of Creation. Connection, creativity, the essence of you is your sexuality, your purpose, your authentic self. There's nothing you need to be, or do, or perform or demonstrate, it's not about prowess. no need to think if you'll do better with your next partner if you just learn to do something, this is when we try to be an ideal, and there isn't one because everyone has a Twin Flame that matches them. It also means that when your Union is attracted into your life all this will have been healed right through, and it will be excellent. there's work to do together, you're one being, you're one person, there isn't another person, they're you, so if you're insecure in any way, they are too, so that must be worked through. We have to discover that Divinity for ourselves, and they don't magically appear and say, "I see you're so beautiful." Claim your own Divine beauty. Your Twin Flame doesn't have to do anything, you won't have to prove anything, you'll discover your attraction together, you'll go deeper there. You'll explore what that really means, it's not a superficial thing attraction. This attraction is not based on the physical form, it's one that's based in the heart and soul.🍷

🏩That soul is attractive because you're seeing your Counterpart, the soul recognising oneself in another, but we can only recognise them when we recognise ourselves. In the areas where there isn't recognition, we need to bring that recognition there. Go deeper there, go right to the Core of Creation, completion, aliveness, liberation, infinity, magnetising energy, radiating energy. There's nothing you need to do about your Twin Flame, just be you, radiate yourself, express yourself authentically from that place, not intending to be anything but you in a balanced way. Your Twin Flame's curiosity has been peaked. God is orchestrating it. She's showing you exactly what you need to see, whatever that might be. Your energy and your presence is with your Twin Flame, expressing yourself, being you, there's nothing else you need to do. Just be present, you're showing up, that's what the Divine is asking you to do. By choosing to reveal, and as you do that and go deeper, you'll notice new things happening with your twin Flame. the door is always open to communication.🎀

🌸Notice how the internal communication, as it blossoms and becomes more expansive, is reflected externally, it's opening up within you. everything's just you and you, your relationship with the Divine. this is the relationship that's reflecting and how you're opening up there, how do you feel about receiving more Divine support and guidance on this journey? Choosing to go deeper here is why things are shifting, all the time we're a little but scared, it keeps things at bay. All we can do is work through what we're given, you'll become aware of what you need to work through at the right time. The biggest blocks were present right from the start, once you have gone into the core it's very very obvious. One core block that pretty much everyone has, although we may have projected it onto our Twin Flame, it's just a core block between ourselves and the Divine. Worthiness, hurt, abandonment, go into the core of these, they may appear to be largely dealt with, but they're not gone till they've gone. there does come a point where you go into them for the last time for separation purposes, and in Harmonious Union you'll be working together as a team. It does shift to a more purpose based ascension journey. The blocks always appear the same again and again and again, the belief that one just can't have this love.🌺

🍅It's the 'just can't' that needs going deeper into, who said so? Did you ever tell yourself that you couldn't have love? Not given yourself permission to have love? Choose to surrender that pattern right now. Work on that, there's layers to it, it may show up in a slightly different way, that's what you're looking for. Letting go of the story, it's not your Twin Flame who's stopping the love, not some third party. We're the ones doing it and that means the power's with you, it's time to really dig to the core. At this stage we shift the way we look at things, no longer from the story point of view, but the core blocks. It's time too look at then not so much as you would do when you begin the journey, but the point of view of it being about you and the Divine. How you view love, your relationship with love itself. The Twin Flame part will naturally realign, there's bugger all we need to do about them. Whenever you heal, your Twin Flame just clicks into place with you so it's super easy and effortless, it's about how you relate love itself. As we go deeper on this journey it's less about what they're doing and more about our connection to love itself because that's what the Divine is inviting you into, not saying, "Here you are, I'm just going to give you a Twin Flame.🍎

🥭You'll get a relationship with love that you and your Twin Flame will deepen into physical experience, the natural result of letting yourself love and be loved. That's the focus now, to let love in for real or all we do is perpetuate a cycle of bargaining, which is why when we reach out and they don't respond we get upset. They're us, it's like getting ourselves to love ourselves, trying to have a relationship with ourselves. The more we focus on them, the more we're giving power to fake illusions (third parties), putting energy into that person over there, no. They're you. You in relationship with you, that's what matters. all that's happening in third party situations is that they're pointing to the places where we've not been with ourselves, where we're needing love, that we've maybe completely forgotten about and numbed out to. As we go deeper, we find the places we're ignoring.🧡

🌭In summary, this week has been about, the alignment of your sexuality, let the Divine in. This is about connection, mutual loving that enables us to grow. If we've not experienced that, we can't feel those things, a misalignment to look at. It's highly likely old traumas will be unearthed, put some love in there. These are the places to go, and that's why the connections in our families are the way they are. There's a feeling involved when a childhood trauma comes to the surface, and it's very important to feel through that for your family relationships and let go of that suffering and those experiences and reclaim everything you need there. Otherwise it's there whether we like it or not and out life becomes shaped around it, go gently in. You'll receive the utmost care and support as you do so, it' won't be as hard as it seems, don't be worried, keep depositing the love. Heal through family relationships so the true dynamic is one of love, and everyone knows how to relate in a way that's not compensatory.😚

💛Being with your Twin Flame means healing everything with no stone left unturned. They are pointing to where needs healing, if they didn't have that finger pointing at the issue, we wouldn't know it was there. The progress is amazing but your Union's completely guaranteed, it's going to be there once the healing's done. Keep focusing there, keep putting love there, don't be afraid. we really want just connection. You could connect with your Twin Flame once a week on a Sunday, if it is your person, that can be the most fulfilling experience. It's not about quantity, but simply the experience itself, there's a lot of balancing to be done just to get there. We're asking for awareness, the Divine uses other people, cards, signs, mechanisms, songs and your person. You're already mastered, you can now go to places that before, seemed like they weren't there anymore. You're ready for all of it, go into your Divine beauty, your Divine sexuality, discover more of what that is. Your femininity/masculinity, finding yourself attractive, putting God in that space, what does the Divine want to express through you?🌞

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