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Twin Flames ~ Whatever Is In Front Of You Will Fall To Your Persistence* 🔥🔥

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

💥The more advanced you are, the harder the challenge, so if you're being currently faced with a difficult challenge, well done, God will always give you something at your edge. If the lesson keeps showing up, it's not learnt yet. Whatever's in front of you will fall to your persistence, challenges will only get out of the way when you've healed it completely, the lesson's only learned then. The work is an investment in yourself, in your soul's evolution, and investments are not exciting. You may have to make an incision in the finger, in the nerve, the cell, the nucleus of that cell, deeper and deeper. You find the smallest, most fundamental unit, to the root of the problem. a miniscule electron, that's not even out of place, just tilted slightly. You ret-tilt it and place it back in the atom, place the atom back in the molecule, place the molecule back in the cell, which you put back inside the nerve, which is placed back in the finger, and you stitch the finger up, and wait for the healing process to conclude.🌹

💛You're on your way to the Party, and it's a really good Party, but we can only enter in a state of total perfection. Work through each misalignment, cleaners of consciousness, purifying consciousness. It takes grit because your mates are getting wrecked and you're here, scrubbing electrons. That's why it takes strength and commitment, it's the most powerful thing you can do. Parties are great, but they're not the way. The world really validates getting high, it may seem like deep joy if you don't know deep joy, but this is the way. It is challenging, which is why few take this path. The ascended ones have left, very few of the ascended stay, so we don't know how many have got out of the illusion. Ascension is even cooler than the party, the people who take the path of ascension get laid the best, they're the strongest, the most beautiful, the most wise. Discipline is required, because it involves going into the uncomfortable place, for every great achievement, there is a specific, refined state of mind that you must cultivate, it's the cost of liberation. You must be willing to cultivate this presence all the time, the uncomfortable feeling produces the results, a more beautiful Union process that brings all results into the world, and you can have it all, it's a simple process, face the discomfort with faith and focus. Relax into the energy, the gift you've given yourself, be in a state of appreciation and gratitude. After we focus on the work, face down all the stinkiest stuff in consciousness all the time. All that's out of alignment, work through the junk that arises. you don't need to go out and get love, work through the shit, feel better.🌞

🌊It's a spiritual journey and when you get there you'll know [your person] unequivocally and no one will fight you on it. Where are you in your heart right now? Be present with your current feeling, until you attain the eternal sense of peace and you'll be able to look others in the eye and tell them the truth, you'll be able to communicate how you feel and where you're at and be understood. So come to a state of understanding and the Universe will reflect that understanding to you. Relax into deeper peace, control doesn't keep you safe, surrendering to the Divine brings security from a place of power and authenticity. To come to Harmonious Union, you come to a perfect place of peace. It's about you, not the other person, find the deeper place in yourself to attain Harmonious Union. Surrender to take the spiritual journey. You can't know until to get there, and it's not OK to accept an upset as the end result, it changes when you change yourself. Any hint of ego that you still think is you will bring conflict, there's space in reality for all of you. Don't leave it unresolved and perpetuate misery. Don't accept ego, don't accept misery for temporary relief.🌅

🍒You're so expansive, take your new found insights and share them in reality, it's the mechanic for expansion into Harmonious Union. You have the power to change everything that needs changing. Hurt and upset needs resolving, no tiny hurt can be left unhealed. It may seem to difficult but you can resolve it now. Total satisfaction is the only appropriate end result. Go deeper into the feeling, into clear knowing, to have clear awareness you must feel your feelings. It's a shallow soil unless you plant it in Divinity, heal yourself so you can find harmony. Keep going until you find the Divine absolute bliss, and until you get there it's OK to be not satisfied, it's OK to be aggressive and passionate in the pursuit of God. There's no need to fear losing yourself in surrendering, you're finding your truth. God puts you forth into existence in every moment, you can't lose yourself. By surrendering to God you're honouring yourself the most. The only way to lose yourself is by denying God, allow Him to write your Love story.🍷

🍏Don't try to perceive God's plan, stand in your truth so no one can deny you or you're not quite there yet. In loving something you reveal it's truth, you can't move on from something till you've loved it fully. Love what God puts in your path until it goes away, and you are transformed in the loving of it. The state of surrender can be scary because of the loss of the sense of control, but you really become more in control as you align with God, it's not a choice, but there's power in it. It's safe to surrender to Divine will. Acknowledge your fear so you can say that it's stupid, letting fear hide is a great way of letting it win. God's will is spoken through all Divine beings. There's a difference between God and ego (not-God), a guru will point you to God. If you don't know the difference between fear and love, go and find out. It takes mastery to acknowledge your feelings, only when in total relief can we be done. It's safe to acknowledge your feelings, ego will tell you that it's not, that's how it survives. Trust yourself, trust God's truth, and then the fear comes in, but what if God knows something higher than you and guides you to it? It's OK for God to rock your world. Perfect Divinity is never adulterated by challenges, they enhance it's beauty. Trust your intuition but until it's proven, it's just something to watch. In the meantime, just stand on it as an awareness of potentiality.🍐

🥭It's OK to admit you have problems if your life isn't perfect yet, surrender to being accepted and loved by the Divine. Surrender to letting the Divine direct your Love, loving completely and unconditionally will give you the safety you seek, let the Divine direct your Love, She knows where you'll be happiest. Your Twin Flame is the first person you are completely safe to love, and then you can extend your love to your brothers and sisters and the Divine, that's why Harmonious Union is a waypoint. You really desire to be close to the Divine, the lie of ego says it's being close to a person. Be comfortable in the in-between stage of where you are, not needing others to understand. Your faith will be tested and you'll have the chance to vibe back into the old vortex. Love unconditionally and rise higher with every challenge. It's OK to acknowledge where you're at, but you want to be feeling all of life too. Expand your love, your perfect, beautiful life. It doesn't matter how long it takes to move through this, Love is the only way. The love you have is enough, never give up. You are to be respected for committing to the path, no matter how fucked up it is, staying power is very powerful, if you never quit, you must succeed.🍊

Taken from my notes from Jeff Ayan's Group Coaching Class

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