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Twin Flames ~ Reclaiming One's Innocence And Honouring The Process 💥

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

😍The collective is currently reaching a state of greater spiritual maturity, which is allowing for greater expansion of consciousness, and expansion in mission and Life Purpose. This is done by sharing of yourself and allowing the Divine to move through you, it's not about over giving of yourself or people pleasing, so it's safe to let that go. Patterns are being released of experiencing love as obligation, over-giving or as a taking energy. Call in greater peace here, nobody is responsible for anyone else's happiness, just their own, no one can take your peace away, that's your connection with the Divine, the Source of all love, it's not outside of you. If you desire love with a living, breathing flesh and blood being, who is that being? You. Where's all the love you really want? Inside of you. Choose to receive it and choose to go there first any time you need love. 💫

🌷It's safe to let go of any misaligned beliefs about having to love others before yourself and ground into peace in this knowing. If there's any misaligned beliefs about being unlovable, please know that even though one may have experienced ego based patterns that were not real love, real love is still always yours and you do deserve it. That's where God is leading the collective, it's God's promise to bring that to you. With Harmonious Union comes complete peace, which is the most valuable thing, we know how bad it feels when our peace is apparently taken away. Trust the Divine to bring you your truth, your Harmonious Union. Really feel that you can actually receive it, everything ahead is uncharted, know that you've already achieved it, you've already done it. you're already there, it doesn't matter how it happens, how it unfolds. The Divine will lead perfectly.🌞

💜Are there any misaligned beliefs of being forced to settle? Of being able to have any partner but your Ultimate Lover? That's the ego's agenda, don't listen to it. We're not choosing to settle, choose the Divine way, it leads to Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is peace. The Divine will bring you the most peace, God's promise is yours, your choice is supremely powerful. The ego won't be able to throe you off course, notice any thought that relates to ego and choose peace there instead. The more you are authentic with your Twin Flame, even energetically, especially energetically, and the less you try to impress and just share your joy, the more your Twin Flame recognises you through that authentic sharing, that's how they know you. When you're doing your Life Purpose, your success is very attractive to them, it makes them pause and admire you. They'll open right up.🍈

🌵And you'll be able to feel your Twin Flame's energy in response, you'll feel his or her heart opening up, and feeling how you feel about them because this journey is about you, not any other person, and meditation will help you connect to them in a deeper way, so keep doing it. Feel the peace of surrendering to God's way, relax into that, relax into feeling the support of knowing that God is doing His job and keeping His promise. That peace is Harmonious Union and you don't want to resist it. You may as well rise it out and let yourself be gently surrendered into it like a wave lifting you all the way. That trust is that peace delivered to you, trust that love will happen. Ground into the process, the Divine is leading everything and inviting you into relationship with Her, it can take a while to release all resistance to the Divine. It's pretty much everyone's problem, the reason for all separation, it's not about another parson but the journey of receiving the Divine. God is not an abusive God, some people were born into a consciousness where they then became the recipient of abuse, which led to the idea that one's innocence could be taken away. This is a huge thing at the moment, many people are coming forward and being candid about what they have experienced.🥤

💧The collective is, at this time, going to the feeling place where one really really knows that if one were to have had unpleasant experiences of this nature, it is natural for one to be wary, and it's OK to honour that. If it's a significant pattern, then it needs looking at, it's a pattern that's present in the consciousness of humanity, it doesn't feel good having a pattern like that in one's life. It's completely safe to look at that pattern, honour that experience for what it was at the time, and understand that any reaction to it was perfectly reasonable. Give yourself the safety that this part of you was asking for. You now have the knowing that you're one with love and you're incorruptible and Divine. The Feminine energy is Divine, so is the Masculine, anything that happened was just a pattern playing out. No one has to live with the insanity of what they experienced, everyone can access the safety they require right now.💥

🥑Know that you're one with love, everything else was an illusion, you are eternal and love is real. This follows on from the family healing that was going on all summer, and now people can go there more fully, claim your innocence. Honour your feelings, don't avoid them, give yourself the love you need as the bad feelings leave, and continue to do that for yourself. Deliver yourself love, don't rush, you don't want your Twin Flame to rush when they come and see you, stay present with God and feel completely safe looking at anything in consciousness. There's safety in knowing that love heals everything. Commend yourself for visiting these places in consciousness, as you unravel it, let God full that space with all the love and comfort you need. God really is extending Her love, Her hand, we have to meet That hand, and that's down to us, not God, not our Twin Flame, just us, call that power back to you. Remember, always the Divine way, there's only one Truth and that's what we're going towards, all else is illusion. It becomes less about your Twin Flame and more about God, it's God who you're coming home to and your Twin Flame is reflected in that relationship, choose to go deeper with God.🍷

☔When Twin Flames come together in Harmonious Union, all the painful stuff that occurred between them won't matter a jot anymore, that's how complete the healing is. With pretty much every Union, one Twin always says, "You're not coming any closer," and when the healing is done, it's a complete 180 and they say, "I don't know what I was talking about, come closer!" If harsh words were said by your Twin Flame, please don't take it to heart, they don't mean what they say, it's totally not conscious, it'll be like it never happened, it's purely energetic, It's not that person, it's just you and God. When it's healed there'll be no reason to go over the past again because it won't exist. As we move into the Harmonious Union vibe, in order to sustain it, we need to go deeper and feel into the next level. It's also OK at this time if your Twin Flame has taken a little space to process all of what's going on. Everything you work on yourself allows them to begin processing, we have quiet days and so do our Twins when they need to process. They don't have all the answers, nor do we, and that's OK, they're just going step by step too, they don't know the full amount.🍕

🧡You're tapping into The answer's within you, together, and you'll also be in different places in consciousness, our Twins are doing their bit, the journey is with God, surrender everything to Her. Everything you do is showing you how you feel about God, so if any resistance comes up, look at that. We're not supposed to know what our Twins are experiencing, no need to distract yourself by speculating, don't look there, it's none of our business. They're just a person having an experience, it safe to just let them do that and release any anxiety and control there may be regarding that. Your and their experiences are absolutely necessary, there are no short cuts, no way round it, you have to take the step that's presented, and you have to deal with the awareness that you have, and that will currently be different to theirs. It's totally OK if at this time they seem totally distracted or disinterested. The correct stance to be in in this instance is to be not worried, the more surrendered you are, the less fixated you are on the external. Honouring the process free of warry is the correct stance. Realise that the external is just an illusion, that's complete surrender as we heal resistance within ourselves to God. Your Twin Flame is not resisting you, you're resisting God, not each other, you both want love but there is resistance to receiving it, resistance to God is feeling stuck, stagnancy is not going deeper and feeling one's feelings.🍒

💎The energy of Union is always there, God is continually extending Her hand, it's not about a person but about God, there's never a time when God's not asking you to join Her. The process of the journey is remaking your entire life with God, go where consciousness takes you, if you're resisting God you feel like you can't have God, which is the same block as believing you can't have Love, it's all the same thing, thinking one cannot have what they desire and will end up with something not desired and that's the pattern. Once you've known God in your heart, She can never be forgotten, that's the Twin Flame journey, we fall in love with God.🍈

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