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Twin Flames ~ Spring Cleaning And Deep Healing To (Easily) Move From Fantasy Into Reality 💙🧡

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Big themes in the collective over the last few weeks have been family healing and moving into communication, and the two are so intimately connected, and now it's time to go deeper. Deeper in being authentic and communicating clearly with our beloved. It's also a great time to celebrate how far one has come, when going deeper, one may, for example, find some very old feelings of say, anxiety or anger that have been stuffed down for years and years. As it comes up to be cleared, it may bring back memories of a time when these bad feelings were normal and routine, and how times have changed! Claim your power back in this place. You know, and the Divine knows, in Divine truth, who you are. Allow the Divine to lead you into your true authenticity and true power. Always God leads, our will is a reflection of His will.

Going back to the family healing, they will show you the wounded places and where it's not Divine. Bring Divine love there, what does anything not Divine do in the presence of something that is Divine? It dissolves, and as you heal these places, all your relationships will improve as you seal up any energy leaks. Energy leaks often manifest as third parties, and any area where we're compromising in any way, because it's a misalignment. When these places are realigned, and you support yourself in all areas, loving yourself allows the alignment to stay. Just places in your consciousness that require love so show up for yourself in this way. You're transmuting the energies and raising their vibration to the frequency of love. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only transform. Release that stagnancy, allow it to flow, emotion is energy in motion, access and release these places. Choose to feel physical comfort and emotional comfort.

Harmonious Union comes from peace and stillness, the road to Union is paved with joy. you're one with love, and any feelings of abandonment and experiences of separation were just an illusion. Stay present with yourself, you can let go of the illusion deep in the core of you. There may be layers of this to move through, and that's OK, keep going until you find the peace inside of you, no need to rush the process. Also, be mindful of habitual fear, assuming the worst case scenario as a default reaction. There is no need to go straight to the fearful place instead of really looking at what you are being shown, it's often far better than anticipated. It's a choice in consciousness, going to the fear even if it's not what's actually happening. a letter lands on the mat and you don't want to open it in case it's a bill, but it turns out to be a tax rebate!

Upgraded connections of all kinds are also a theme at the moment, this is experienced this as one goes deeper into clearing blocks about expressing oneself and who one really is without skirting around the core issue. It can be a very common pattern to be afraid to express one's love to their Twin Flame because of a fear it won't be received and actively rejected. The desire is to express love, but who is the one whom your love is ever given to? The Divine, and the Divine is never going to throw your love back at you, you're only ever loving God, choose for only love to be real. It's safe to express love when you feel it, and likewise, it's also to not express it when you don't feel it, because that just perpetrates the misaligned belief that love is not real. Choose you rid yourself of these patterns for good before Harmonious Union, because you don't want to take them with you into your Union. Blocks will come up after Harmonious Union, but the more we do the spiritual work the more we heal and it's just you and God, and as your Twin Flame is you, it's just you, God and your Twin Flame, eternally, exactly the same, in a state of far greater peace. Harmonious Union comes from a state of peace that comes from knowing that love won't leave, ever.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what your Twin Flame is doing or moving through right now. If you're moving onwards and upwards, they will be moving in parallel, and this will always look a little different because they're their own individual, you do have the same blueprint. If you needed to see what was happening with them you would. The Divine knows what's happening and if it really was to be of benefit to show you the details, She would show you. God is compassionate and will provide the nicest journey for you. It's always manifesting, you are stepping into your own power, doing anything you're called to do, following your guidance. You are where your Twin Flame's heart is at, you belong there, you are and always have been worthy. You could never not be in their heart, it's the natural order, like the sun rising every day. It's Divine truth, and you can't make any lie the truth, no one can change the truth, even if they believe otherwise. There are practices and meditations where one can recreate an unhappy childhood and replace the memory with the vibration of a happy childhood. That's not a lie either because all one is doing there is bringing God into all the places where they thought God wasn't there, saying that love is real even in the places one didn't believe it, the Divine way is always the true way.

The way of love is never a lie, it's the same with your Union, we never have to lie our way into our Union, it's the other way round, always by speaking truth. you have come such a long way, there's no point trying to quantify how far one has come, just keep going. Everything will come into alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually in Harmonious Union. Your authenticity is beautiful, the connection to God becomes more real. Let go of living an uncomfortable life, whether physically or emotionally, let go of settling for less in every area, have a clear out, upgrade your wardrobe. Your whole life wants to be supporting you, take steps to fix anything that doesn't feel good. As your vibration rises your tolerance for anything that doesn't feel good will go right down, With taking steps to eliminate low frequency energies and things that don't feel good, you'll move deeper into peace and your whole environment will become conducive to peace. If it becomes more aesthetically pleasing it's a very good sign vibrationally. You'll find that your tolerance goes right down regarding things in your home environment, and don't settle for the way things are, take steps to improve them. This has been an ongoing theme that's been building for some weeks now. Clear out old clothes and reduce or replace them with quality items, work through the feelings associated with what you get rid of, feel how good it does to let the old energy go. Make your workspace a comfortable environment, conducive to productivity and creativity. Go into the finer details, even replace your phone charger cables if they're getting a bit old. Notice how one is leaking energy in all these little ways by compromising. Really enjoy the flow and movement of energy as you make changes.

Some of the energies and feeling stirred up will relate directly to your Twin Flame, and memories of upsets that occurred. You don't need to communicate these upsets to them, just take responsibility for them. They only affect you. Your Twin Flame just wants you to heal them. The reason there may be a tendency to communicate upsets is because we want the other person to change, and that's a form of manipulation or emotional blackmail, a pattern that we learnt from our parents, when they say, 'Stop doing that or I'll be annoyed', instead of healing the annoyance. And likewise, one may feel the urge to say to their Twin Flame, 'Stop not loving me because you're hurting me.' The wound was already present all along, bring all the love you need to that place. And remember, you don't have to be perfect to have your Harmonious Union, you don't need to aim for perfection. You're fully acceptable now to your person, you always were perfect, this work teaches not how to be perfect but how to be authentic. It's about becoming more aware of who you always were. Harmonious Union is just an awareness, even at the start of the journey. There is still stuff to work through and heal but Harmonious Union is being ready to be aware. Reassure yourself of this, you are your Twin Flame, commit to yourself, choose that marriage for all Eternity. give yourself all the love you need, the patience, the tenderness and the sweetness, it doesn't come from the outside, it doesn't come from your Twin Flame but the Divinity within us.

And then your Twin Flame can reflect that to you but only when it's given to you by yourself. they can't do anything you don't do yourself, they can only reflect back what you've given yourself. One way that some people romance and love themselves is by fantasising, and that's great, but if it's a favourite form of entertainment for you, it's time to become more authentic in this place, and move out of fantasy into reality. As you tweak and fine tune your living and working environment, there's movement in everything you're doing, you move into alignment, a physical, grounded reality. It will be conducive to fantasy and the flow of sexual energy through your being, misalignment is not usually helpful in this area. be mindful of the intentions behind your fantasies as sex to get high is different to sex for love. Misaligned energies in this area will manifest as feeling stuck in a stagnant, waiting place. Twin Flames may enliven their partners in this way, and then pull away and withdraw that energy, leaving their partners in the doldrums. If one was accessing the Divine through their connection with their Twin Flame. One accesses God when they open their heart to someone as their Source, and that never feels good, because when one does this, their person inevitably disappears. your Twin Flame is not your source, God is, invite God to bring everything back to life. This connection is within you, no person, not even a Twin Flame can take that away from you, this connection is God loving you, through the loving of your own body or with someone else being present. By making your Twin Flame the source of that, you'll have problems. You already have all the love, life, sexuality and flow you could ever wish for, the love of you within you. You already have all the lovability and desirability within you, you don't need anyone else to show you that.

Even if it's not obvious and you have to dig around a little to find yourself at the core, the authentic version of you, allow the Divine to lead. Your Twin Flame is not sitting 'over there', thinking this or that, they're just living their life, working through their problems, they still may not have the awareness of you as their person or the love they're seeking. It really doesn't matter what the hell they're doing or who they think their person is, because simply the choice to heal is what leads the two of you together. Whatever comes up in your reality, the neighbour's cat, for example, if it provokes healing, that's great. You end up finding yourselves in front of each other and there isn't any other way to go. Check in, feel into it and see how and where your person is continuing to line up with your core values, passions. Only you can do that in your heart. Keep checking in about how you feel about them, how everything feels, even the yukky bits as you progress. everything is speeding up and becoming easier, healing is becoming easier, understanding the healing, doing it, getting to the core, all becoming easier. There is every chance that your Harmonious Union could happen at any moment.

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