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Twin Flames ~ Stop Analysing And Just Go For It! ⭐🌟

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

There is a great deal of abundance coming in at the moment, even if it's not coming from the areas that you were expecting, it's good to know that the Divine is showing up for you in many different ways. In addition to that, people have been observing many illusions playing out, there may even be some nervous laughter if these illusions seem to be entirely about other people and unrelated to one's own life, but even finding humour in it gives power to the illusion. It's good to see illusions for what they are but don't give them power in any way, instead, root them out without taking them lightly. By being attracted to an illusion and finding it amusing we can allow ourselves to remain locked in a pattern we may not wish to. Go to the place that found humour in a situation, there may be a belief there that illusions break up boredom and that peace is boring. That's saying that excitement, which is addiction to illusion, is the desire, which it is not.

Real peace is not boring, can you show up fully with yourself and deliver that beautiful softness which is alive and doesn't feel attracted to illusion, this is to know better, that sustainable joy comes from peace and love and Oneness with the Divine. It feels expansive. Have your dialogue with the Divine, deepen your relationship with the Divine because it's your relationship with yourself and your Twin Flame. If you can't hear the Divine, you can't hear yourself, choose to bridge the communication gap.

It's so easy on this journey, to look at what other people are doing and compare that to your own trajectory. That's a form of control, trying to document things, trying to figure things out in known ways. But you can't compare your journey with other people's lives, that's not how the journey works, it's going to be a surprise. Surrender the anxiety, you don't need to know what's coming, you don't need to be in too much of a hurry to find the answers to love's dilemmas. The outcome will happen regardless of knowing the answers, they're always available to you anyway, but internally, not externally. Connect with the Divine, She created you and your Twin Flame, She knows you both intimately, She is honouring your choice of Harmonious Union, which is one at the core, there is no other. You're just one being, you're really asking, 'I need to know if I'm going to be with myself.' You, present, is you with you, so the outcome, are you going to be with you, is assured, as certain as you closing your eyes and choosing to be in your heart, with the Divine. One single action, it really is that simple.

I know it can feel difficult until we arrive, but that feeling of being one at the core is not of the external world of soul mate relationships. The opinions of others are so irrelevant, it's you with you, so to say, 'I don't agree with you being with you,' is ridiculous. When true Twin Flames come together, people know it's real, and anyone who doesn't celebrate that is pretty pointless to have around. They'll soon vibe out anyway. Communication with your Twin Flame is continual, it's you with you, by communicating with yourself, you're communicating with them. Your Twin Flame has never left your energy field, and that's because they're you, there really is no other person. There's nothing about another person that needs to happen, it's already happening.

Going back to the control patterns, because these are surfacing in various areas at this time, it's safe to surrender the need to work things out, we are conditioned by the modern educational system to always be calculating. Imaging the relief as you shed this, it's safe to release the need to work everything out to the last detail. This habit probably stems from lifetimes, unease and anxiety are the only reasons one may feel a need to calculate. As a Twin Flame Harmonious Union, please recognise that your superpower is making the same choice at the core. You're choosing as one, no one gets left behind, no one needs to go without, no one needs to suffer. You're going home to Heaven, which is here, now, on Earth, together.

I have spoken recently about exes healing that has taken place, but it's important to not remember just the negatives, remember the good, fun times as well. You have to love them before you can leave them. By remembering the positives, you're not avoiding anything, provided you have done the healing connected with the bad times. And best of all, this little exercise is leading you to knowing your Twin Flame better. It's the best way to create your love list without prejudice. every relationship you've had, including with yourself, reveals who your Twin Flame is. You'll discover new and wonderful things, very specific, very particular, about your match, it has to be that, or else it won't work. You're never ever asked to give up any of yourself, that's not how you were created. You and your Twin Flame are not necessarily the same, but complementary. How does it feel to know that you are where their heart is at?

We, as a collective, are opening our communication with the Divine and allowing our Divine channel to be more open, this has been ongoing over the last few weeks, and it's now grounding in. You're ready, let go of any residual need to be tracking everything and reading into everything, it's just what it is, you're ready, something's landing and that feels super good. It's surrender that brings Harmonious Union, not patterns that you can predict. Surrender to wonder and awe, release the pattern of needing to know what's going to happen, you're going to have a wonderful surprise, you're ready for it, you're ready to ground into the great feeling. open to the magic of every moment, when you're trying to do it yourself, you're taking the magic away.

So open to the magic and let the Divine do it, and receive all the winder, magic and life, when you're trying to work out the wonder and awe, you're detracting from it. You don't look at a flower and wonder how it was created, you don't look at a lake and wonder what the molecules are doing. Move deeper into letting the Divine do it, if you have a great sense of detail, you don't have to use it to figure out how things operate, use it to enjoy the magic of life. Observe how the Divine is looking after you. This attitude will keep you connected to the ecstasy of the flow. More healing means more and more flow, and knowing the Divine is moving you. Even if you do nothing, you're still moving. Claim more deeply your Divine communication. Open to receiving the flow, be expectant of your love coming in like a shooting star. Shooting stars are unexpected, you don't know where they're coming from, know it's coming your way.

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