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Twin Flames ~ The Final Reveal Happens In The Heart 💗💙

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

🍈At this present moment in time, any conflicts between headspace and heartspace are being resolved and coming more into balance, just like the Divine Counterparts are coming deeper into balance in their Unions. Divine justice will win the day, God will sort it all out, it's so relieving to know that God's in charge. It's safe to surrender worry. To have Harmonious Union, there will be blocks to clear, and you have to encounter these blocks to revealing that awareness within yourself. The block has to be healed before arriving in that place of Union, the only control that you have is your choice to heal. if you push against anything, it becomes an energy leak and you desire for your Union to feel good.🧡

🌺Your Twin Flame is not a separate person, they don't need to work you out and understand you. Simply choose to be open and they will do the same. Choose to let go of that mental process of trying to imagine what will happen and what they're thinking. It's not a thinking process, twin Flames are revealed in your heart, and as they are revealed to you, you reveal yourself to you. With every action, you are revealing to yourself who you are, and it's that awareness that you want. It's nothing to do with your Twin Flame, it's how you feel about your authenticity that matters, it's not about how they feel, they'll just reflect how you feel. If you're uncomfortable with yourself, they'll be uncomfortable with you, and that's what they'll do. There isn't a separate thought process happening. Whatever you feel about them, they'll reflect, it's not a separate process, it's just a reflection. Anything you hear about what they're thinking or going through, it's just you, there isn't anyone else. There isn't anyone else there, it's just you, because if there's frustration or impatience about how long things are taking to come about, it's just how you feel about you. You're just impatient to love yourself, and you can deliver that love immediately.🥑

💥The intimate connection with your Twin Flame reveals even the stuff that you don't like that you maybe found hard to see on your own, that's a sign of true Love. As the romance begins to return to you, this is an excellent time to romance yourself with personal care and attention. Bring Love into all parts of your daily life so you feel very very loved everywhere. Feel the joy that's coming in, and with it abundance flows. One way to romance yourself is to invest in quality products, don't settle for less, as your vibration rises, you may seek out items that resonate with it. If you have been living slightly compromised, we may think that the lesser thing has value because it's what we know, it may be a fraction more than what we're used to having, but we're still on the way up. The increase in quality is reflected in your like, your Twin Flame union and your Life Purpose, which are at a higher vibration now. Ask yourself how you feel in every activity, is your equipment doing the trick or is is there something about it that doesn't feel quite right? Be continuously refining. That's how you navigate your Twin Flame union, always checking in together, how do I feel? That's going ever deeper into greater harmony and comfort together, improving that unison. Pay attention to the finer details, what's the next piece, fewer energy leaks.💐

💎The old structure, the old paradigm is being washed away by the energy of emotions in motion. Be present with it, allowing it to happen gently, safely allowing the process to unfold. The old vibration is releasing from your consciousness, it's no longer viable, and you are now grounding into the new vibration, you're a completely new person, you're so much more alive and living in alignment with Love. What was no longer exists. It's OK if there is still some ego talk going on, a little background noise disturbing the peace, always send love there. Your foundation has to be so big and extensive, every moment you spend on the details of your life and making your life feel good, you're bringing that to your Union. Finding yourself suddenly back in your 'cave,' and seeing all your greatest fears coming up again can happen pre or post Harmonious Union sign, some people experience a bit of an existential crisis after achieving their Harmonious Union, when that energy has grounded in. Big fears can come up and so it really is particularly crucial to keep doing the inner work when together. Continually assess what doesn't feel good.🌟

🍄All we are asked to do is look at what doesn't feel good today and God through our consciousness brings us the next pieces, we don't need to think it through. As our vibration shifts ever higher, we are able to receive more love and that's the journey we're on. We may have been used to living on 1% love and we think we're OK with that, then it goes to 2%, but we've got 100 million percent love to be had, we don't stop, we keep going. Everything that we have lived we surrender, all of our lives as we've known them will be made over, we don't know how much of it will be left or even what relationships will remain. It's not down to us but to God and the choices of the people around us. You can never be shut out of love, even if you feel this way, love is the most powerful force. Bring the Divine truth here that it's not possible to be shut out of Love. You were created in that Love, from that Love, you are always as one with it. The idea that the door is ever able to be shut is the illusion. Forgive yourself for believing it, claim your innocence, claim your power and your oneness with God.🌻

💫The Divine will never shut you out, it's the Diving that you love, surrender your Twin Flame. Focus on your real Ultimate Lover, the Divine, the One who our heart craves, focus on that oneness with God. The Divine is the Source of all that you seek, not your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is merely the vessel for that, and you grow in your relationship with God. The Divine will reveal your Twin Flame, you recognising you, you can surrender any props that you used to identify with, the recognition happens in your heart. Claim your true identity, claim your complete self, let go of old incomplete ideas about who you thought you were. A big shift is coming, it will mean something different for everyone, but it could be a revelation, a deeper understanding, an insight, deeper communication, contact etc, but there is a definite building towards a turning point. The old is being washed away and the new is being brought in.🌱

🍂The romantic stories in your heart have propelled the Universe to deliver great Love to you. There is some sort of revelation coming, the Divine is the Source of all that love, choose your true Twin Flame, you will be victorious, your prayers have been answered. Don't worry, it's a done deal. Your energy is reaching a point where you'll be looking at something very soon to help you with your next steps into your Harmonious Union. Romance yourself and enjoy your flowing abundance and joy in the meantime, and rest easy as your success is guaranteed. The energy is vibing up to a point where God can say, 'Ok, this one is ready.' Go deeper into your peace and know you are completely safe. see the Divinity in everything, at all times, it's that process that maintains your Harmonious Twin flame Union. The Divine in everything, then yourself, then your Twin Flame, in that order, start your day with God first.

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Dec 17, 2020

the painting the brush strokes of love divine feminine she looks up with eyes full of love to the one she deeply loves the eyes of faith surrendering to unconditional love the artist knows herself she paints herself love is her inner being she Transends her inner knowing of divine connection with love i am yours you are mine we are one as she holds her hands in deep knowing i see it all divine feminine with the measure you give you receive equal measure love the painting by the way

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