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Twin Flames ~ The Price Of Love Is Worth It As You're Working In Eternity*🌼

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🌻🌞When your Union comes in, there'll be a period of grounding into the new frequency together, and don't worry if that involves a bit of fighting, there's a process to moving into that higher frequency. It's OK to be disciplined and take the space required to have that foundation with boundaries and discipline so that your Twin Flame can come alive. Without discipline, both can become unbalanced. Both have a say in how the boundaries are laid out. Hold space for eachother and find your own rhythm. It's safe to receive them, you don't have to do or provide anything. Your worthiness of Love draws Love to you, and causes you to give Love. It's safe to give and receive Love, it's safe to receive communication. It may trigger some trauma, and it's OK to receive dialogue. It's important to be able to communicate, "OK, here's what I stand for, this is what I'm aware of."🌼

🍈🌱There will be conflict, but that's not a bad thing. It's part of sorting things out. Usually in relationships, conflict means atrocity, so we shore up our feelings. Don't avoid conflict. The rhetorical question is, "How do I act this way and not fear conflict?" We avoid it because it's difficult, it's not enjoyable at face value, it's a challenge, but we don't fear it because it's a natural part of communication. It's a natural part of getting clear and sorting stuff out, and you'll learn in your relationship, over the months and years and decades, to minimise it, but don't fear it. If you hold back your feelings, you build resentments, if you're afraid of communicating, you never fully meet. Don't take anything personally, it's often a trauma or trigger coming up. You'll move into a peaceful passion, and be passionate about discipline. you've spent a lot of time living this life, and the results start to show. The result is seeing how loved you are in every single aspect of your being, it's extremely deep and perfect. And what gets you there? You loved, that's how. Not failing to love at any point.🌽

🍃🌴There'll be a lot of appreciation for receiving all this Love in such a peaceful way. Harmonious Union doesn't have to be hard, you can always come back to the truth that only Love is real. At the end of your experience, you get to see yourself completely, and the result of that is Love in your life. Love unconditionally, and enter deeper into Love through the challenges and upsets, trust you're safely being loved. It's safe to receive Love. Do you think that God feels any differently in relationship with Him when you choose to love Him? He feels safe when you prove to Him that you love Him. It's safe to let this be a process of opening up and a process of growth, an expansion of feeling, deeper Love and Union with God. Follow the steps, they're simple and easy, always say yes to Love and God, even if it feels challenging. Feel through everything, take responsibility, feel your feelings through, don't project. You'll be helped to find places in yourself you didn't know existed. Growing into your true self every step of the way. You're achieving what most cannot believe is possible, you're achieving that reality through loving and doing the inner work, always learning and growing, you don't have to be perfect, allow yourself to make mistakes to learn and grow.🌳

🍀💚Learning the price of Love, what it costs to be loved in your life and why. Now I want to talk about a Twin Flame couple I know that went through the ringer, when he taught her to drive. She didn't get her driver's licence till she was 35 because she didn't have a supportive and loving family. There was an extraordinary lack of love all the way up the ancestral chain. We can choose to do something with the pain and trauma we inherited from our ancestors. All of us have this, it's not that our parents were idiots, their parents acted the same way. The Bible refers to this as the Original Sin, trauma that continued to be passed on, separation from God passed down. We can't expect our parents to heal all the traumas they endured in life. A good person is willing to recognise all the shit and wants their own children to have a better life. How they do this marks who they are. Most want to do better for their children. If a parent didn't have a lot of cool toys and wants a lot of cool toys for their own kids, it's fairly meaningless. It's meaningful if they attempt to heal the family trauma.💎

💙💫If your parents grew up with shit, you can appreciate them for putting you in a better financial position. If they sacrificed family love to have money, nothing's really healed. If they sacrifice their career to spend time with their kids, nothing's really healed, these traumas are no small matter. When Jeff was teaching Shaleia to drive, it was rooted in something more meaningful. She was unable to get her licence when she was young, and to get it now they really had to heal the family trauma and recognise what it was, a sense of lack stemming from a sense of separation to God. If parents genuinely heal this, they deserve to be appreciated highly. Someone who intentionally passes on trauma, they're a poor, unloving person on the way down. If it's passed on to you, will you heal it, will you love or not?💜

☔🍇The price of Love is exquisitely high. There are Twin Flame talkers out there who say that Twin Flame love is only for the gods, and most people shouldn't aspire to it, but that's what you become when you Love. That's all a god is, a loving person, only a god can have Love, all else fades into time. The cost of Love is high. I know another Twin Flame couple that recently came into Union, and I saw everything that they had to go through. If you don't see yourself as an eternal being it's not worth it. If you live in time, this work is meaningless because of how expensive it is. It's worth it in time too, but is a whole lot harder than ignoring the trauma because you have to face it. In Eternity, it becomes a lot more worth it.🌷

🌸🍷If you recognise the real cost of Love, you can make an assessment of whether you're ready to pay it. When Jeff taught Shaleia to drive, she was very unsafe, he had nightmares about het getting them both killed. He didn't feel like his wife or his property were secure, the danger level was huge, but he had to go through this experience for Love. It was brutal, and this was because of the degree of trauma she was facing. Every time he told her to brake, she would start screaming at him, because what she was hearing was, 'You're trying to murder my Divinity and I feel unsafe,' She didn't recognise that she was being loved, that he saw that she was an unsafe driver that needed a lot of help, but that was OK. It took years of building up to the point where she could get in the car, and then it took years of processing feelings, doing the inner work and healing to be able to drive. After a long hard day at work, she'd drag him out for a two hour drive.🌺

🍒💖What she had to go through for this tiny thing, her family gave her trauma and abuse and insecurity, and to help and love her, he had to stand in all of that with her, he had to trust their lives were in God's hands, he had to trust that she would not murder the both of them but that she was a Divine being and not a total idiot, even though it appeared to him in every way she'd kill them both. It was savage, not fun at all, there was nothing enjoyable about it, but he had to have faith they'd get through this one day. It would mean freedom and independence, she'd be able to provide for the child they are planning to have, security and safety, these were the things he was facing own. It was a brutal ordeal, they're still not fully through it. Like the Twin Flame couple I know who have just come into Union, they got their license. All this work, dealing with this brutal fuckery, this insane brutality is because of what it means: the decision to know you're worth it, it's worth pursuing that for you, all of that had to be dealt with.💢

💥💋It would have been easier not to bother. He chose to love himself here, and it opened a whole new can of worms. Their relationship started feeling really bad, there was heartache, he couldn't feel the relationship, just trauma and pain in his heart for days, and he was able to heal it with the Mirror Exercise, and by having the faith to know God was loving and guiding and he would make it through. He knew that an inept idiot wasn't what she was. Each layer of trauma healed represents something permanent in Love. Working in Eternity, this is what love really costs. this is what it means, facing trauma, loving it, healing it, have loving compassion and patience with yourself as you go through it. She needed to feel supported in the relationship, her parental support ended because it was conditional. Jeff had to be a father to Shaleia.🥀

🧡🔥The point wasn't, 'Why are you being an inept idiot?" But, 'I'm going to love you, you need this to heal. I'll be there to stand by you and support you and not care how hard you make it for me or how much you try to make me pay for loving you, I'm just going to love you without condition and stand by you and I'll sit with you and love you until this heals no matter what it is. This is my commitment to you. While she worked through her biggest trauma, abandonment, where he felt abandoned, he had to face that and love her there, he had to face down the pain. Where we were not loved, we have to go there again and be loved again, maybe layer by layer, the mind protects itself. She avoided him because she didn't want the relationship to end, when her father was no longer forced to support her, the relationship ended. Jeff had to parent the child in her.🍕

🌞🌻Self respect was very important, not to give her what she no longer needed as she had achieved what she needed from him. She could drive, he set her free, another part of Love is setting free. This is what Twin Flame love is, receiving unconditional Love, loving them completely through the whole process, letting them go there so they can be free. She got to be loved by him all the way through, he expected nothing in return, but he hoped she'd let him love her and he hoped she'd love him. He loved her completely and when the cycle was complete, she was revealed as loving. In the end, both experienced enormous Love. You don't get there through control or force, it's not when you decide, but when God decides, this is the end result. This is the price of Love, this is what Love is. I know what he feels for her. To experience that level of Love from your Twin Flame takes work. Brutality every day to experience that kind of Love.🌱

🍃🌴It's not easy, it's high cost, we pay it, respect your peers for what they're going through, have compassion and patience for them. When you heal, no matter what, you reap the benefit, it's the hardest thing you can do, face down your darkest fears and traumas and meet God. Jeff was very aware that all his good was there in the car, he had to go through the experience of worrying he might lose it, but it was in the background anyway, so it may as well be healed. There's no block to your highest dreams that won't topple in the face of Love, all you need to do is love. It's a high price that calls forth all of you, but the benefits are exquisite in time. They become infinite in Eternity. 💚

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