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Twin Flames ~ The Tipping Point Into Union And Exquisite Romance💥

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🥀💋More and more couples that I know personally have announced their Unions this week, and that's great news for everyone committed to this journey. If one is diligently doing the work and seeing the Divine truth for what it is, one can see that any other romantic relationships around the periphery of their Union, one can see that this other relationship was formed as a tool to heal a pattern. If the other Twin Flame is not doing the inner work, they must create their own learning experience, and many do so through a 'hairbrush' relationship which highlights potentially, the biggest wound in their Union, the details of which, might not yet be known, but they're experiencing something that is not Love, of that you can be sure. It might be masquerading as Love, it may even look attractive, it may have a good sales pitch.🍁

🍇☔This is where the collective is going in terms of Union, getting to a place of realising that your Twin Flame is you. That means you know what Love is, you know what Love isn't. Separate the wheat from the chaff internally, until you hit the point where the scale tips. Does your Twin Flame need to see you in person or on social media to experience your Divinity? There's no need. That process, whether you demonstrate it physically or not, is still an internal awareness that you're building upon. So you're building a foundation within yourself, and it's that foundation which needs to be aligned to Love sufficiently that you can manifest your Union. You may have done all this work in this area or that area, but if there are certain areas left regarding romantic relationship and intimacy, that's where we're needing to do work. You don't know what your souls have chosen in terms of how you will come into your Union and Harmonious Union, it's OK to not necessarily be aware of that. Whatever's happening for you is the best way for you. Others may come into Union first, but may not have such a strong foundation.💙

🌺🌸Really feel into what's your biggest remaining pattern, it's OK if you still need a little bit more clarity on this. Journal out your feelings, really get clear on them. At this time, it's particularly crucial to be faithful to the original way of writing out the Mirror Exercise. We've seen and experienced variations of that, not that those have not been healing, because they have, but it's time to really go oldschool here. One really important pattern that many are working through right now is the one of withholding Love from oneself, a self imposed deprivation, and being upset about it so one continues to withhold Love from themselves, as punishment for having withheld Love from themselves, continuing to hold one's good away. Can one really keep Love away? Is that really possible? You can't send Love away, you can't send God away. you never did anything wrong, so you can claim all your Love and innocence there.🌷

🌴🍃If one is loving themselves in this way, and the bad feeling does not appear to be budging, please know that this is a pattern that's peeling away, layer by layer. go to that bad feeling. Is there a part of you that still wants to hold Love away? Choose to feel your feelings there, go deeper. Bring your loving presence there. Allow any emotion to come up, allow yourself to feel how you feel. What does this part of you need? Bring that Love in for him or her. Let him or her have everything that he or she ever desired, that he or she thought he or she couldn't have, that was taken from him or her. Does that feel soothing? Deliver the Love firmly, you're doing exactly the right thing by staying fully present with yourself in your heart, so that this part of you can fully receive the Love and integrate back into you. Feel that through until it's completely healed and resolved. Choose to receive yourself in this place. Love this part of you in your heart till he or she dissolves back in. Never rush the Love. This may surface again but this really is the key place, this withholding feeling of self punishment, feeling punished by another withholding the Love, which means it's us withholding the Love.🌱

💖🍒When your frequency rises, it'll always bring up stuff to be cleared, and there's work to do. it's bringing the next layers to your attention, and fast. Your person will be desiring deep intimacy and connection with you, meaning that you're desiring deep intimacy and connection with yourself. Don't forget, your Twin Flame is not another person, their energy just reflects your own inner work (Mirror Exercise). As you do that, the consciousness 'over there' will shift, so that person will not want to be with illusion, they'll want to be with Love in their heart, and they'll recognise and reveal that the other place is not that. Simply expel the illusion and separation within yourself. You can only have with your Twin Flame what you've already built with God. We have our Union and Harmonious Union when we've healed the blocks to unconditional Love and romantic Love. Some of us have been quite wounded when it comes to these areas, especially in romantic Love. We may have has a few disastrous relationships and it takes it's toll. a lot of healing is taking place in this area, and it's OK if we're facing the final frontier to have that romantic relationship.🍷

🍀🌳Indeed, it's OK if we're facing the final frontier to have that romantic relationship with ourselves and the Divine first, and it comes in through our Twin flame. God first, then you, then your Twin flame, always that order. It always has to be romantic Love with the Divine within, and then the Union can come in. Deep deep deep presence with the Divine, in all activities, all the romance, all the intimacy, and it's all about being with yourself, and we've lived lives where we literally abandoned ourselves every time things got difficult, we were out of there emotionally. We'd exit, and we didn't realise we were doing it, but when we do this work, we realise, wow, there's a lot of parts here that are upset. If what you're seeing on the outside is making you upset, remember, you won't be able to see the truth by looking to the outside. Looking at social media will leave you none the wiser. It'll be an awareness that happens. You can't tell how mastered someone is by looking at them. Appearance is not where we look, it's all internal. The truth is not in the outward appearance, it's within, it's how you feel.🌻

🔥🧡I know things can feel like they're going too slow, but please don't be disheartened by the block that you've been diligently chipping away at, for what seems like forever. Differentiate between the illusion speaking and Love speaking. Be present with yourself. It is pretty depressing to believe that your Twin Flame won't come even after doing the work, the opposite is true, you won't be able to not be with them. If there's a not so good feeling about this, it's just part of you that's needing to be loved through, release the bad feeling energy, bring that part of yourself back to the Divine. Something wants to be celebrated, are you waiting for something to celebrate? Look forward to all the good stuff ahead of you, not the crummy stuff behind you, or that you're moving through, that's not the dominant frequency. You may think, Omg, all this crap's coming up and it's nowhere near healed, etc etc. don't worry, it's all leaving.🌽

💫🌊If you're moving trough strong feelings coming up, it doesn't mean your Union goes away, but you don't want to shy away from this stuff. Look in the direction in which you're going instead of looking at the bad feeling stuff and thinking that's what you are. Even when you're right in the middle of an upset, that's still not who you are, it's leaving, and the best way to approach it is to say, here's some stuff I can release, wonderful, get stuck in. Allow yourself to learn without any preconceptions of what you're going to learn, do so in order to receive the teachings of Love, not to get something, but to raise your frequency and nourish yourself. Be patient with Love, that's what you're giving to yourself. Your Union's yours already, it's pure inner work, do what your heart calls you to do. You know, if you've been doing the work, how to navigate whatever comes up.💙

💋💥Release any idea of strategy. You don't need to show up or behave or say anything dress in any particular way. Just be you. It's OK if you don't behave totally in the way you want, you'll learn from every experience. you're learning unconditional Love, need nothing from your Twin Flame, you don't need to camouflage your intentions, just rock up and be you. Can you be embarrassed by being yourself? Only by trying to be someone other than you. It's better to just be authentic, don't be embarrassed if strong emotions come up. There's nothing ever wrong with expressing a genuine feeling, ever. Being overwhelmed with emotion is OK, you never need to be ashamed of being yourself, it's completely safe to be you.💢

🌞🍈This is a great time to go deeper into these feelings, deeper into the Mirror Exercise, accessing feelings that were previously not known to be there. It's all about the inner journey, it doesn't matter what your Twin Flame is doing, they're you. They've already been healing all this time, do you doubt that? If you don't see any change in them, the real upset is not seeing any change in yourself. Choose patience and persistence. You're on the bus to Harmonious Union, your Union's on the bus, you're going to Harmonious Union. So you're in the process of harmonising and unifying and building that foundation within. If these things you're feeling didn't need resolving, they wouldn't be coming up. Everyone's Union is unique. You can't measure your own by someone else's, because theirs will have a different setup. we have everything, we're on the bus to everything. Anything that comes up, know it's exactly what you need to progress, you don't have to query it.🌟

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