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Twin Flames ~ The Work Is Primary, All You Have To Do Is Love*๐ŸŒˆ

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

๐ŸŒ’๐ŸŒ“The work of the day is the spiritual work. If there's one thing that you do to pursue results in your life, it's the spiritual work. One goes out to work a job and gets a paycheck, and they tolerate it because the paycheck's nice, but it's not a good deal unless they're living their Life Purpose. It's a bad deal because taxes are taken out of it, market forces affect it. Efforts don't always translate into joy. The world extracts a lot of joy. The world's systems are unfair and expensive, to have to account for the ego. When you align with the Divine, this won't matter because you have so much joy and purpose. To get there fluidly and effortlessly, you have to do another kind of work. It's not necessarily fun, not exactly what you'd look forward to doing. Close your eyes, feel your feelings for 14 hours, write down the bad feelings. Would you rather have a weekend partying in Holland or feel your feelings? It'll feel really bad and afterwards feels pretty bad too. It's work, and we have to do it when we're not working to survive. Dredging up bad feelings, working through them, and not doing the thing that brings immediate joy.๐ŸŒš

๐ŸŒˆโ˜”The end result of taking the journey, when you look at life as a whole, and looking at it in terms of Eternity, that's when it really counts, but you do want it for this lifetime, or it's quite a leap of faith. Spiritual work is like any other work. Some take pleasure in the most menial of tasks like washing dishes for a paycheck. The fundamental thing to do is the spiritual work, and learning how to have a relationship with work. Eventually, you find your niche. You have to see the bigger picture to have a healthy relationship with work. Applying your attention in service, there is a cost, you give of yourself. Make sure you always pay in in ways that give back to you. Make sure every deal you make is good and healthy. Maximise the benefit to yourself. There's an opportunity cost to not doing the spiritual work. Parties and gigs are cool but maybe you get sick of it because it wasn't satisfying enough, it didn't fulfil you in the way you wanted. Maybe traumas came up, maybe you felt alone and didn't feel close to God.๐ŸŒ 

๐Ÿ’ญโ›„We come to the spiritual work because usually, we've already tried every other way. What the world promised wasn't really that good. An externalised life is shallow, and devoid of deep joy. I love partying in Holland, but I wanted more, transcendentally more. To taste Divine nectar is infinitely satisfying, but to be with the Divine, you have to harmonise, vibrate into harmony with Her. It's a lifestyle of service to do any job. Getting to work on time, working with your colleagues etc, it's a support system to bring goods and services to people. Make time to settle into your spiritual work. It gets a little more complex when you start to look within, and that brings out all the poison and it feels bad. Churning within, the impurities are the first thing that withdraw, and it's natural to think at this point, why am I doing this? I wouldn't be experiencing this if I hadn't done the work. If you didn't do the work you wouldn't notice the poison, thanks to the indecisiveness of ego. Eventually you notice and a new decision has to be made, you have to make a new choice. The work dredges up more work, it starts off bad and gets worse. There's a bit of relief at first, but there's a lot of shit to go through.๐ŸŒช

๐ŸŒ“๐ŸŒ•The shitty upheaval comes up. If you're good at the work, you can get stuck in there for a while and all you see is storms, shite, darkness and the bad feeling. This is the cost of doing the work, it's expensive. In any spiritual practice there's a churning inside and the shit comes out. It's the only way to purify consciousness. You feel the shit leaving. Upheave, or appease the feeling and appease the experience, but then you don't get to live a Divine life full of joy and Love in harmony with the Divine. It's so worth it, that's why the work is so valuable. The most important foundation is the work, this journey is about the work, not chilling and partying, but from the work arises party and chill, after a lot of work. It'll be legitimate to celebrate, when you've won a victory, it'll feel really good to celebrate your accomplishments, the joy of building, of growth. You can't give proper service in your Life Purpose without purifying your consciousness. You have to work to work. Sounds like a shit deal, but it leads you to work that's ecstasy and incredible joy, and maybe some shit. If you don't have any shit between you and your dream, that's pretty cool, if you do, just work through it.โ˜ƒ

๐Ÿ๐Ÿ›ซYou can live a high functioning life by Western standards, and focus on the spiritual work, use your work life to do your spiritual work. Any activity can be a spiritual practice, it's about how you apply yourself, it takes dedication and commitment. Career, family, success, sex, have all the good things and still be actively spiritual, healing your consciousness, on the ascension path. There's no more effective a thing you can do to produce results. It doesn't matter if you're meditating or mowing the lawn, these are immaterial. What matters is are you using it as an opportunity to do the work. Western society is very high pressure, and if you don't meet it's standards, it'll throw you into the gutter, it's brutal, hence it's success, it draws out the best in itself. We have to exist in Western society by honouring it's roles, but I encourage you to do the spiritual work as your primary focus. I personally don't like having poison in me, I want to get shot of it ASAP, but not unsustainably. ๐Ÿฆฝ

๐Ÿ›ฌ๐Ÿš€This is the long term result, it's the fastest way to Harmonious Union and the Divine. It's way faster to do it with your Twin Flame, there's much more pressure to do the work when your Twin Flame is present, and if you don't, it'll hurt, but the rewards are absurdly Divine. But there's a lot of work to do. You may go for weeks without seeing the light of God. Some may use it as an excuse to be miserable. If that's not your intent, you'll get out. If you're experiencing separation consciousness, you can't expect to do the work and always feel great. On some level, throwing up is relieving, you're glad you got rid of that sandwich, but you clean your teeth and still feel gross. This is what's healing, it's what you've been doing, you're heading towards the dream God put in your heart, you know exactly what that is. That's what God's bringing, even if it seems like the opposite. The dream comes true, but on the way it may appear like the opposite, because you're upheaving that frequency.๐Ÿช

๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒAbuse is a lack of Love, not attack. Lack of Love is merely a call to Love. To say I wasn't loved in these ways, instead of having been abused, and I need to love myself now. There may have been a lack of awareness of the depth of Love you need to attain your dreams. Dig deep down to the roots, to where there may have been no Love and spread Love there. There is a difference between that and living a shallow life. You will have your dreams the way God is doing it, not how you expected. Heal what comes up, keep surrendering the healing process to God. It's only a matter of loving yourself where you've not yet experienced Love. Experiencing a lack of Love, you need these deep roots when you love there, and everything out of alignment with that Love comes up for release. You're growing the Love you need. Life reflects the Love you need to give to yourself and/or the call to Love. If you want a partner that's amazing, you need a loved partner. You see a gorgeous person full of good feelings in them, all that comes from somewhere, that's Love. You can have it for real with Love, all you need to do is love. Wonderful and shitty things will be reflected until you've loved yourself there completely. Your heart only calls for Union with God. God says, "Come close, My child," And stuff happens and you go, "WTF is this shit?" God says, "Love there, meet Me here." God is steering you to Love yourself there, it's your choice, the price of entry into Heaven. You'll have not Love reflected and it's horrendously unpleasant in all the ways. Be patient, Love grows slowly. It's creative process, there's huge Love to put in.๐Ÿ’™

๐Ÿ›ฐ๐Ÿ›ธYou want a seamless masterpiece, it calls forth Love from you. It's a grinding feeling, no matter, find equilibrium, do what you need when the question arises. Have patience and Love, your dreams require Love. You have to put the Love in, that's why you're so powerful, don't be needy. Don't say, "God, do this, do that. God loves you but won't do anything for you. He'll show you, but you have to show up and bring God and Love there. That's the work, and when you do it it dredges the shit and you may get lost in darkness, but then you Love yourself there and bring the clarity and presence and love yourself, and when you're done and have achieved Harmonious Union and found your Life Purpose, attained your goal and the next steps, the Ferrari, the exotic holidays etc, you'll have a new dream arise within you, and you'll be back at it again. A life of work, but while it was really unpleasant before, it gets easier. Look at what you're dumping your time into. Recognise all life is spiritual work, relax into that as your primary focus.๐Ÿ›น

๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒ™You love your Twin Flame. It's sometimes so easy, other times it's, "OK, we're going to get out of this." You really have to Love them anyway. Point yourself towards the primary focus, it should be the thing that's the most profitable. It may not seem profitable, you may really want to move your life forward, then feel called to take a nap. The logical mind will tell you you should be doing all these things. But the spiritual work produces the most valuable, profitable things in the material world, even more than the material things. Do what you are called to do according to your dharma. The performance of a duty is a way to worship, delaying it delays spiritual realisations and awareness of the supreme duty, freedom from bondage. Everyone has their own dharma or code of conduct. We're cycling into a golden age, a distinguishing quality of the golden age is everyone in alignment, following their own dharma, following who you are, performing your function perfectly. Doing only what feels good to do (Life Purpose Class), if you desire an end result, but not the means, you have to function in accordance to your way of being, your code of conduct. ๐ŸšŠ

๐ŸŒ๐ŸงญThe spiritual work is what you do all day and have a great time. Quite simply, love where there's a call to Love, a lot of loving where there's a call to do so, but it's where God thinks, not where you think, God's in charge. But you don't have to push too hard, don't worry about what others think, you're doing your spiritual work that the Most High wants you to do. The Most High is the only opinion that matters, and it provides relief from judgement. God's pressure is creating God's diamonds. In conclusion, work all day, just do that all day, do the most profitable thing all day, in accordance with who you are. Do your work, make it the primary function till you transcend it and it becomes intrinsic, even though it gets hard, do the work.๐ŸŒ„

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