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Twin Flames~ All The Love You Could Ever Wish For Is Already In You🎀

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

🔥🧡Being triggered is a nasty feeling in the heart, you may experience it in the gut, it's a feeling of disempowerment, allow your feelings to be felt. Your Twin Flame is you, if they're seeking Love outside of themselves, it's because you're learning the Divine is the Source of Love, that's why we and others get into these relationships. Understand we've been given this partner, this is what we're realigning. If any part of you is experiencing rejection and abandonment, ask it what it needs to be loved. Let yourself know in this place, claim yourself, choose yourself, bring your love to yourself here. You no longer need to experience abandonment and rejection, make a new choice to love yourself here completely. Let this part of you know that you choose him or her, that you claim him or her, bring your Love to him or her, what you're doing is loving yourself. You no longer need to experience abandonment or rejection, make a choice to love yourself completely, and your Twin Flame does the same thing, they commit to themselves, which is committing to you because you are one. How does it feel to receive Love here?🌞

🌴🌱On this Divine journey, we don't control the upsets that arise, or which ones come up for us. we're all taking steps forward. You don't have to control it ow work it out, just surrender and be open to the next feeling. Let that feeling come up and love yourself there. Love is within you. Love couldn't leave even if it wanted to, it has no intention of leaving. This journey is about shoring up our connection with Love instead of looking for Love on the outside. Love will never fade, your Twin Flame and you are the perfect match. You're just growing and deepening in Love. The Divine is guiding you to this person in your heart, trust it. Trust the feelings are never going to go away, no matter how much we numb out. To try to deny how you really feel is denying Love, and it's essentially very painful to do that. It's purely fear driven, it's the opposite of what brings Union, Pressurising yourself to make something work that's not meant for you. Choose where your commitment goes, everything's given by the Divine, you're for evermore given your Union.💚

🍀🌄Are you having feeling of separation like your Twin Flame is this other person and you don't know what they're up to? You can't control them, if you try it feels bad. Pinpoint your feelings. What can they get up to out there? Can they love someone else? Could your Twin Flame be out there giving all this Love that's meant for you to some other person? Direct this part of you that feels uncomfortable into the arms of the Divine to receive all of the Love, the Divine is the Source of all Love. Bring your focus inside, you can have as much Love as you need, you can be held, know you'll never be abandoned. The Divine is your perfect Lover, you can never be abandoned, how does that feel? Your Twin Flame can never be your source. What does that mean? are they ever going to love you, this man or woman? How does our Twin Flame love us if they're not the source? One day, when you're with your Twin Flame, the dynamic is that you are in charge of loving yourself and that's reflected through your Twin Flame.🌍

🌌💎The Love you give yourself flows back to you through your Twin Flame as you love yourself, an infinity loop (to infinity and beyond😉), you, the Divine, your Twin Flame, three and One. If you are an aspect of the Divine, as is your Twin Flame, as you love you, you love the Divine and you love your Twin Flame because the Divine is in you. You don't need to focus on the outside, this is what it means to put God first when you need love. You loving you and as you are loved your Twin Flame will join you. You become aware of them in your heart as you do and you cab share that with them in your heart, that's where you're connecting with your Twin Flame.💜

🍇🎀When you need Love, stay firmly in your heart. The moment we exit our heart and start looking outside, we're doing the self abandonment thing. We're jumping out of our heart. "Oh, let me just check," and we're perpetuating the feeling of anxiety. Instead of that, the anxiety means part of us doesn't feel loved and this person needs to be doing it. Actually, no. Bring yourself back, go to the Divine, give yourself the Love you need. You can love your Twin Flame unconditionally then. They can play out whatever need to in their consciousness. The more we do this the more we attract them and the more our Twin Flame can be magnetised to us and the more unconditional that Love is. It doesn't say, "I'm expecting you to do this," Trusting there's Love for you when you turn to the Divine, the Divine never lets us down. Whenever you need Love you give it to yourself and you'll never be left wanting.🌺

🩰💗That's how we build a relationship with the Divine, by recognising we need Love and turning to the Divine without hesitation. The quicker we can do that, the more we build trust. Trust yourself, go to Love, you can feel safe in yourself because you trust that you're going to do that. The feeling of being abandoned by Love is not knowing where we're going with it and not taking ourselves to the place within as quick as we can. The Twin Flame is playing out patterns in consciousness. When you turn to the Divine and bring yourself Love, the more they will. Don't worry how it plays out with your Twin Flame. Trust the Divine is in their heart, loving them, just like She is in yours, loving you. Trust your Twin Flame, there's a journey to take, they have to learn to go all in as well. That's playing out for him or her in their own way. You're Twin Flames but you're not the same person, you share a consciousness, in your opposite polarity the patterns play out a bit differently. They have to go through their own process, trust the Divine way.💖

💢💥Are they loving someone else? Here's your answer. Your Twin Flame is your heart. We know this because we have had other relationships and they never got in, even when we wanted them to. They never could access. No one else has the key but you for eachother. There may be a bit of a charade going on, acting, pretending. Your Twin Flame feels the same way about you as you do for them, whether they're able to acknowledge it or are numbed out, if we are. Sometimes it's still acknowledged, and there's still the running. It's just us running from the fact. "What do I do with this Love? How do I keep this Love? Will it leave?" We have to heal it. The reason they're running is they have the same fear as us, they are us, they run to what feels safe, sometimes that's someone else, that's their journey. They play it out with that person, they experience the contrast and heal a lot of things, possibly to do with relationship. And we are going to love them unconditionally, we allow that to happen because it's for our benefit. They're healing for our Union so they can be with us.🍁

🧡🔥Every awful feeling that comes up about it, stay present, go to the Divine first, it's OK if we catch ourselves wondering what they're up to. Bring it back in, recognise they're you, you don't want them looking on the outside, better turn back in. The pattern's healing through, one day it'll be completely cleared, that's when the truth will be revealed and until then we keep on moving through our feelings. The Divine can then love you physically and romantically through the body of your Twin Flame. How does it feel to be in this place where you're receiving Love? A two way flow, infinity. The Divine has this handled. The Divine brings us each piece, we don't have to go looking for the piece, it's very relieving. So you can now start living the joy you've been giving yourself, pouring into yourself, living life, Union comes when the Divine says it's ready, enjoy loving yourself, relax into the journey. We focus on giving ourselves the Love we need whenever we need it. What are you being guided to do? It could be anything from surrender more to reading a book.🌞

💛🎇You are safe in your journey. The moment we called in the Love it was given to us, that's how loving the Divine is. We have already been given what we desire. Don't try to control how it happens. Realise that showing up and being present with the Love in our heart is all we're asked to do. You don't have to be perfect to have Union. Keep going to the Divine, choosing Love, surrendering. Know that you're loved enough to be able to receive it. Where you're at now on your journey, after having come so far, every time you heal, you're building the palace of your Union for all Eternity. Not one drop of it goes to waste, relax into that knowing, enjoy the process, surrender to the journey and to the how. The most attractive thing you can do is to enjoy life in all the ways you desire. You are your Union, Union is always with you, you get to do things with the energy of your Twin Flame. Recognise they're there with you, energetically you can feel them. That's how you manifest, not by worrying about the next upset. You manifest by knowing Love's handled, Love's safe, it can't be taken, it can't go to someone else, it's yours, it's already been given.🍈

🌴🍃Getting out of your own way, being present with Love, enjoying life, even if your Twin Flame arrived tomorrow, there's a place for them they can fix in creativity, that sexual energy you want to be sharing with them, pour it into your artistic endeavours. Know your life won't change when your Twin Flame arrives, you'll be having the same life, you'll be healing the same upsets. Make sure you create a life that aligns to you to make sure it represents you. The life you want to have. Get clear on whether you're compromising anywhere, make a list, what doesn't feel good? What do you need to heal, release, let go of, where do you feel afraid? The reason for the journey is to feel more Love in your life. You don't have to grab the next upset by the neck and force yourself to work through it. It's really important to have a full life with every area well loved and supported, what do you want to change? What do you want to be doing? What do you want to be learning?🍀

🌍🌄Really hit that abandonment wound, the reason why many Twin Flames are 'over there' is because they're afraid of being abandoned. One consciousness afraid of abandoning itself. If you're already experiencing this wound, it's not going to get any worse. It's really time to move into this space and love love love that part of you, having that feeling come up and loving. The separation has already happened from the Twin Flame. The separation is just an illusion. abandonment is simply where we left ourselves. Leaving oneself simply means walking away from our own heart somewhere along the line. Where is your Twin Flame's heart? With you. Can it be with anyone else? Nope. Whatever is playing out, we can only be in one person's heart and only one person can ever be in our heart, the person created for us. No one has access to your Twin Flame's heart and all you have to do is go and be with the parts of yourself that were afraid they were going to be left without Love. Love yourself.🌅

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