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Twin Flames~ Spiritualising The Material To Have Your Heaven On Earth*🌸

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🍷🍒Whenever there is a struggle, always come back to a place of peace, if you need to take a little bit of time to get there, that's OK. The mirror exercise awakens you to a state of meditation throughout your day. You can be both a yogi and a householder, denounce the world of separation, the Earth plane is not separate from the Heavenly plane, Heaven is within you, it's how you were created. Presence is the prerequisite for Ascension. What spirituality has mastered throughout the millennia is the inner reality, what's new is the manifesting of the Divine into the physical world. From renunciation to the extending of one's meditation outwards, so one's health, abundance, money and relationships become spiritualised. All this is fuelled by your relationship to the Divine itself. Have your Twin Flame and be with God, spiritualising sex, it can only be done with your Twin Flame, or else it's something else. Take time out of your day to meditate exclusively on your inner world.💖

💚🍀You will have a fantastic life, with only the best stuff, so all of your life will be exactly like Harmonious Union, which is the model for your whole life. You've probably spent a lot of time thinking about your perfect lover, how does that perfection look in all areas of your Life? It's really all about perfect relationships. In the West, we focus on the material, but unless you spiritualise the material it will feel empty. Inner peace is more attractive than a perfectly sculpted veneer. This consciousness is more Divine and beautiful but the perfect exterior gives us a goal to aim for. The union of the two is putting the two together, union of inner and outer beauty. Set the goal and have so much Divinity within so that it expresses outwards perfectly. The perfect exterior comes from how one is throughout. The West gets stick for focusing on the outer image but it is striving for Divine perfection, it paints a picture for Heaven on Earth. Ideally, be a Divine being, balanced and in harmony with the world. Master both the spiritual and material.🍃

🍂🧡Master the spiritual and material, go inwards, find the internal solution to get the external result. The pain of separation stems from a misaligned place within, the Mirror Exercise pinpoints it so you can bring Love to that place, and either the external result manifests or you get one step closer to it. It's a path of enormous prosperity, your whole life gets better, one's not spinning their wheels anymore, this way is much more efficient. The results are produced in a different way than we're used to, we're not fixing the outside by going out there. If someone works on the outside to attain fitness, how long will it last and what's the cost? People often lose ten pounds in three months and later gain fifteen. The same can happen in finances. The cost is that the result can be temporary. Losing pounds fast is seductive and everyone wants what's seductive. It's a high to lose ten pounds. It's instant relief but it's an illusion if one doesn't change their frequency, they just manipulate it for an illusion of a result.🔥

🌸🌷When one wants better health, it can't be measured on a material scale, but a spiritual scale, do the inner work, feel better, get to know your cycles of improvement. Things get better, you see results, in your Twin Flame Union, how do you know you're seeing results? You feel the momentum of change within you, then suddenly you lose fifty pounds in one day, you gain fifty thousand dollars and your Twin Flame starts talking to you. It shouldn't feel like starvation followed by feasting, it's more of a receiving of a daily spiritual paycheck. Ultimately, it's the inner feeling you get from having your exquisite romance, money and a fit body. Sex with someone other than your Twin Flame isn't satisfying, it's not about technique but a soul issue. If you're with the right soul, tension is relieved, this is a soul to soul Union, so sex will be great. Shallow relationships create more tension. What you seek is within. Measure up properly and use the tools. When considering how you measure up you can't use material tools. You can use the inner tools to measure the inner experience, you seek an inner result.🌼

🌟💐The inner result is measurable by moving through the blocks, you can experience tension while overcoming a block. God gives you the easy ones first, you get good at solving tiny problems and feel better. You work towards an easy dream and finally you get it, and then a new dream transpires and you work towards that one too, things very quickly scale up, over timelines too, from weeks to years, visualise your whole reality. What do you desire? A whole lot of good shit. Create your world and have your Twin Flame, and now you want to design your life. Remember, you're after a world of perfection, no one can create in another person's world. Someone else may want to be angry, and if you want peace you may have to go your separate ways. Peace is the central foundation, it's the fundamental core value. So if you're building your world from a place of peace alongside a friend who's building theirs from a place of anger, their world will fall away from your reality.🌞

🌀💙Concern yourself only with your inner world, no one else can trash it unless you let them with poor boundaries. Exclude not-peace by choosing to rid yourself of it. Your reality will increase and improve and nothing can stop it unless it's not built properly. Retain the fundamental principle of peace and self Love. Extend that and change the fabric of humanity. Your loving creation is superior to any unloving one. It's attractive in every way, humanity is hungry for perfection. Perfection is the collective dream of the West. One can't look at the perfectly sculped fitness guy and say they're not beautiful, because that's denying something obvious, and one can't look at the slightly chubby yogi and say they're not beautiful because that's denying their Divine nature. The more powerful frequency always wins and continues, the weaker one falls away and strength always rises. History informs the present, it gives us patterns and stories. Find the best feeling thing, draw from many sources, take the best of everything and integrate them into a superior way of being.🍧

🍇💜People have highly individualised experiences and unique creations, yours will be wildly different to everyone else's creation. You're living out your own individual experience with your individual mastery borrowed from the collective whole. Individuality is not separation, oneness with the whole doesn't mean separation from one's individuality. These are seemingly separate, dualistic ideas and principles, divorced from society's fragmentalisation, yet also a part of it. Some people can't handle the dissonance. Never fail to let go of people, places, things, parts of yourself which no longer serve you, there's always something better on the other side. The Eternal is always with you, the Divine never abandons you. You may envision yourself apart from your Twin Flame, but God always remains with you, it's a Goddamn certainty you can always rely on, the fundamental foundation for Heaven on Earth, in which lives a new species of ascended, evolved human.☔

🍁💋Pay the price of the pressure to change. Change is birthed from the old, it's not separate from it, it's the crucible of consciousness, that's evolution. The process of evolution is self explanatory, align yourself with it's nature and harmony. Obey the principles of it without and within. You're a child of God in perfect harmony and resonance with all of Creation. It takes a lot of determination, many quit, others won't, they may stumble, but they go through it. When discouraged, encourage others, but you must keep going, no one else can do it for you. All that's required is that you put one foot in front of the other, it can seem at times like you can't, choose to stay on track. It's a race run not with your body but with your being. You're Eternal, you're relentless, you're unstoppable, you never sleep, don't waver. Align with this presence in you, and you never get off track. That's what you're mastering. Let your consciousness remain with this process and you will not fail.💥

🌳🌵Some days it's easy to be happy, when the storm comes you may think you might not make it. No matter how many get off the track, it'll always be there. Some convince themselves that giving up and numbing out isn't that bad, but it's a dying way of being, the old way had a purpose and it's concluding, it doesn't serve your inner way of being, it's failed. The perfect appearance of a man is nothing to the perfect man. Why bother with external appearances that don't matter? Always stand on the irrefutable, and it's OK to search for that. Sometimes you have to feel around in the dark, the light finally comes on, and you can arrange your room in a fitting way. Just show up, you may fall and graze your knee, you may see others running past you, but this is not a race with just one winner. It's a race for the human race, everyone ahead helps everyone behind, it's not a competition for limited resources, but a team effort for unlimited resources, victory for one is victory for all.🌱

🌸💟This race is being run for all Creation, we're all doing out part, we'll share gifts with others and they'll share gifts with us. Be seduced by your peace and hypnotised by your Love. The purpose of anyone sharing with you is not to be your Source but to lead you to your Source. To remind you of your own inner path to your own unlimited Source, that's where we're headed. Tap into it, increase the flow, it brings ever expanding riches. You alone create your reality, accept only what you want and choose to accept. Only you can create in your reality, the infinite Source that draws you in is within you. Become attached and you refuse to be with the true Source, and your peace will dry up and the lesson remains eternally. You'll be left with one single thing, your deepest fear, and if you don't move through it, it'll claim you as it always has. You will overcome the block though, the more you try on the inner work, the more your life fills with life.🌷

🍋🌻Be inspired to tap into the God within you, when all of humanity taps into the well and becomes abundant, that's when the New Earth is formed, without poverty, sickness or misery, life full of joy, prosperity, wellness, with no war, starvation, misery, death or hell. You're actively forging it right now, the Kingdom is entirely behind you. You'll share the vibration of your Harmonious Union, separation is a thin delusion that's breaking apart, our oneness reigning mighty in all Creation. One in function and focus, one in God and His Love. Look at others who have quit with compassion. Have compassion for yourself when you fail to make it through the block, respect yourself, bestow that honour on yourself, self respect emanates loyalty. Your peace is in your Source within you. Let yourself be filled within by the Love of God. We are all equal in God, you have your own place in God that no one can take. Take your place, you have no equal in this place. No one else can do what you're designed to do, what you're created to do, that's where you're one with the Most High.💛

🌀🍧You have a purpose and function with no equal, have loyalty for yourself and the God within you. Just because someone influences toy, they can't create in your reality. You can use it to create in your own reality, use that influence to empower yourself. Receive this energy and use it to your advantage.💙

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