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Twin Flames~ Using The Mirror Faithfully, Choose Yourself, You Are Who You Desire 💜

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

🌊💎This time period is about refining even more, and becoming much more aware that there is an upset present in consciousness. Anything you feel about your person or anyone around the periphery of your Union is a mirror of you. Stay present with any feelings that come up, this isn't a time to shoot off somewhere else, faithfully look at the feeling that's there. If there is a misaligned belief, for example, that your good can be taken from you, don't rush the exercise, please know that all of your good is yours, really go deep here, and in doing so, know that you're really in the core, the territory that holds everything away. You've done all this work in other areas and it's really solid, and we're now going into the really yukky stuff, right in there, the really heartbreaking, 'I don't want to go there,' type stuff. People in your reality are going to reflect everything, exactly what it's all about, it's the mirror. There's no waiting for your Twin Flame to change their mind, there's nothing going on 'over there.' It's being held away by a feeling. You have the power here, it's not over there.💍

💜🍇You attain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union through using the Mirror Exercise faithfully. Sometimes we can go straight to a feeling and it's clear, but you want to root out all there hidden little nooks and crannies where there's an upset that got overlooked. Choose yourself, show up and Love yourself in all these places where you couldn't quite before because you weren't sure what was real then. Use anyone that might be triggering you and mirror the upset onto yourself. Upsets may arise regarding being inauthentic, not good enough, and so on, this is a block for pretty much everyone. We don't need to search to find the upset, we use the mirror to guide us to our actual upset. If, say, it's the one about 'not enoughness,' you'll see it mirrored everywhere, it'll reflect there. Follow your Divine guidance and do not be hard on yourself. In this way, we're using the mirror faithfully instead of trying to work out our upsets or trying to go by an experience or a feeling, we're really using that mirror faithfully and saying that we don't like this thing. It's uncomfortable, of course, so we want to turn the other way and not look in that place, but that's exactly where we need to look.☔

🌺🍷Have masses of compassion for yourself in this place, for all the times that you were there having a bad time when all you had to do was Love yourself. Remember, you're an Eternal being, You have all the time you need, you're exiting suffering, and you'll never have to go back there. Stay present with yourself, let go of the illusion, make a new choice in that space to bring Love there. Recognise that Love was never, and can never be taken from you, separation isn't real. If you feel like your desires are out of reach, choose the Divine in this place. your desire never left, let yourself know that separation never happened, your desires are one with you and one with the Divine in your heart. All you need to do is choose yourself, choose your heart, it's the same as choosing your Twin Flame, you never have to do any more than that. If you're still experiencing little bits of doubt, be present in that doubtful space. Know that all these low frequencies are a huge stream of stuff that's leaving. You cannot be separate from your own heart. Choose your heart, feel the Love in your heart whenever you choose your heart. Your Love isn't in someone else and when you choose your heart, you're choosing all of you, naturally, your Twin Flame will come into that sphere.🌷

💖🍒Neither you not your Twin Flame have to do anything, this isn't about getting a person, it's not about a person, it's about you choosing you. Are you out of reach for yourself, do you feel an inner state of disconnection? Be super clear so we can truly see when we've healed something that's being mirrored, it stops when it's healed properly. I know it can feel like it's never ending, but when we heal something we're making the shift from fear to Love, and we don't know how many pieces we need to work through and Love fully. It'll always feel like you're nearing completion, but that's because more and more of you comes into Union, with every Mirror Exercise you do and complete. If you mirror faithfully, you can be in Union and continue to work within your Union, we're not trying to fix all of ourselves to have our Union. We simple need to heal our feelings of separation from ourselves in order to continue.💢

💋💥Divine Counterparts at this time are hiding strong emotions and feelings that are coming up for them, if you're moving through all this stuff yourself, your Twin Flame will be too, at the same time, even if it doesn't look the same, it's the same at the core. They may be hiding because of these feelings, hiding the truth maybe. They're just working through their own feelings and all you can do that helps them is to actively work through your own feelings. Realise that in their life, it'll come out in a completely different way, they're gaining clarity in some way or they're feeling strong emotions somewhere. What will help them get clear is you being clear or we're still looking at them like they're this other person. It's really up to us to break the 'not good enough' pattern. If you're someone's Twin Flame and they're having a 'not good enough' pattern, and you're the Divine Masculine embodying more of the ego (Divine Feminines can too), you'll very very strongly not feel good enough and you'll make choices based on that in your life and it means you'll pick up with someone who represents 'good enough' for you in some warped, distorted way for some reason. whether it's good enough for your friends, good enough for your immediate environment , easy in some way. Trying to get the 'good enough' from the outside, even if it's just partnering up, latching onto someone.🍁

🧡🔥If one is experiencing being on the other side of that pattern, one can create an attachment out of fear of losing Love, but one gets attached because they're really afraid of being alone, or maybe deliberately not attaching due to the same fear, the abandonment pattern. The same thing in two individual perspectives. It's OK to acknowledge one is just in a pattern that's about avoiding a feeling that's not quite healed through. Your consciousness, the Divine through your heart, is going to guide you to that place. This is the core inner work. The reason why people attach is that they think they're getting their missing needs met, security, stability, everything one is desiring. Recognise the pattern, not only settling but being settled for. Choose to never settle, choose to stay present in the space where you thought you had to settle for less. Who is your Ultimate Love? Bring God into this space. If we're not with the right person we're always doing both, we're settling and we're the one being settled for, it must always be both. If you're desiring mutual Love, you fund the mutual Ultimate Lover in the Divine, so bring God into this place. Fulfil yourself right now, you're not anyone's second best. "For Me [the Divine], you're number one, and there isn't even a number two." Charles Bukowski. If this is what you're experiencing, this is what we keep healing, if it keeps getting mirrored, that's what we keep healing. that's what the 'hairbrush' (fake partner) is about.😊

🌞🌻Please know that your Twin Flame, at this time, is receiving clarity, vision, mastery, strengthening connection to Source because you're aware of that within yourself. There's closeness coming, intimacy, connection, authenticity, you'll be working together, partnering, and exploring deeper and deeper together, whether they're sitting next to you or not yet. You're coming home to Source, your Twin flame will be showing up as their Divine self, things will be revealed, trust your guidance. Take your focus away from your Twin Flame, it's you that you reveal, it's up to you. When you realise it's all about choosing yourself, you realise there's no waiting, there's nothing to do other than just be with yourself, you are who you desire. That's really all it is, it's much simpler, there's no waiting and there's no having to reveal this person, it's just you realising you want to be with you. You're amazing, you're lovable because you are who you want. There isn't an elsewhere, there isn't an outside. There's no distance, there's no out of reach, there's no waiting, there's no waiting on awareness.🍈

🌽🌴You're only ever in conversation with the Divine and you'll see what you need mirrored, sometimes it can be some pretty fucked up stuff. We'll see the stuff we don't want to see about our consciousness, we want to go there. No more experiencing abandonment, why would one want to leave themselves in a place of less that God? No more settling for less than God, no more allowing the pain to continue, if one leaves themselves, they're settling for less than God. If you feel cheated out of God, out of Love and settled for less because you didn't think God or Love itself was available, know that you can have it all. No more of putting up with months of misery for a tiny little bit of happiness. How much Love can we have in truth? All of it! You never have to put up with any form of abuse, let yourself be fully loved in that space. No doubt, as you and your Twin Flame are one being, you'll find similar things upsetting, but you can't generalise because you are both individuals.🍃

🌳🌼We focussed on letting go of the patterns, that's how you find yourself, it's OK if your Twin Flame is deeper in the ego and can't see as much as you yet. It's nothing more than to shift into connection with yourself, using the mirror and running to those parts that are in pain and recognising that choosing yourself is the way, that's it, and you'll have access to those places that you couldn't quite access before. All the feelings will be familiar, but you didn't quite have the way to deal with them then as you do now. That's why, on this journey, it's not like we couldn't have done it then, it's that we couldn't unlock these places or didn't have the strength to go in. All the support you need is available to feel safe to do so. The healing's becoming really enjoyable, we can pounce on the next piece. The next key is really refining, stepping into that place, so that when our Twin Flame is present, we're not making any other choice than for ourselves, choosing you.

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