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Twin Flames~ You Are The De-Sire Of The Divine*🎆

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

🍁🧡Allow yourself to receive, take it easy, it's your time, tune into that peaceful place in your heart, you are capable, you are enough. This is a process of letting our feelings be fully felt. Allow yourself whatever thoughts and feelings that arise, not blocking them, not stuffing them down. It takes courage to fully feel them, come gently into the here and now. Breathe into your heart centre, what do you feel there? If you encounter a bad feeling there's no need to feel guilted or obligated

into moving forward with it. If you don't agree with it, dive into it and purify it instead of being swept along by it. This is taking command of your reality, be selective as to where you want to go. Don't let yourself or your life be directed by fear. Face your fears and they dissolve every time. Be very particular about what you will and won't allow vibrationally, that's critical. Don't give up and you must succeed, it's a process of finding the things you're not willing to give up on and following them.🔥

🎁🌞There are faster ways to temporary success, but this way brings permanent, Eternal success. It means that you solve the problems arising in your reality completely. Only one thing is permanent, unconditional, Eternal Love. With that as your foundation you can grow and evolve. Tale your time implementing and grounding in your solutions. Twin Flame separation is a very significant problem, but it has a permanent solution. There's a clear simple path to follow to solve problems permanently. If one is poor on the inside, nothing really changes on the outside, it just appears to. 13 years ago, there seemed to be more jobs about, now there's so many jobs available but one won't get service, it's the pendulum of the world. These environments matter to one who pursues their Life Purpose. The passing winds and moods of people, regardless of seasons, you find your Ultimate Lover and build your permanent life of Love.🍈

🌴🌵The permanent solution is very simple, it's Love, whatever the problem. I promise, it'll look like nothing's happening on the outside for a long time. Your intuition tells you that it is happening, so does logic. You look at the people around you who are getting there and you know that so will you. If you think it takes too much Love you don't realise how expansive a being you are. It may take more Love than you realise to get the desired outcome. It's a simple process, the problem can have a temporary solution and a permanent one. One thing is Eternal and truly permanent, and it's Love, not ego's version but real, true Divine Love. If you're confused about the two, stick with the process, shit comes up and it can be scary AF, keep going, you'll get through it. A deep awareness of reality is coming in upon thousands of years of spirituality all put together. It's like the difference between Prada and Primark.🍃

💚🍀That's the same as the difference between doing your Life Purpose and being free and working in the world's system of having to bleed and suffer to survive. The difference between the wealth from Life Purpose and just a job are obscene. Just like the difference between Harmonious Union and a soul mate marriage, obscene, it's transcendental. The value is different and the price is different, but that price is only partially paid by you and mostly paid by God, who really asks very little of you. It doesn't make one an entitled brat, but rather, makes one very humble, you realise just how much God does for you. If you don't like something, define it as a problem. It stems from a lack of Love. Every solution arises, fundamentally from Love. Always the solution. We train our hearts and minds with Love, we focus ourselves and our whole lives to be in Love, it's only experienced within.🧶

🌍🌅It's so incredibly important to be in contact with our feelings, don't tolerate feeling bad. It's OK to feel a bad feeling, but don't sit in it, do something about it. Only you can do something about it. You're socialising yourself into the frequency of Heaven on Earth. If you care for and appreciate your energy, it'll expand. If you've invested tons of energy and are feeling tired, the result will be different to how it looks now. It's safe to invest this Love into yourself, it's not a bad thing to be loved completely. Loving unconditionally is not taught by the world, unless you study under a Master. The world doesn't care whether you love or not. The Divine is where you love unconditionally, and that's different to the world of chaos ruled by fear that exists simultaneously on Earth. Return home to the Kingdom. To exist in that state of consciousness you have to train your mind. Recognise God as your Divine Parent. Be raised in His Kingdom as His child.🌌

☔💜Suffering is the fundamental basis for the world, that's why the Buddhists say existence is suffering, because in the world, you can't be yourself, or you'd act in accordance with how you were created. Suffering results from the world's objective to be separate to God. Release your ego self, your not self, embrace your Divine self. Ego teaches you not to be yourself, it teaches fear, control, treachery, to take. The way out of all this is to make a new choice not to entertain these things, and you will be tested, temptations to backtrack on your new choice will arise. Ascending to Heaven is a vibrational inner experience, reflected into the external world, the process of being raised up to the Kingdom. The building of the Kingdom has physical components but is primarily spiritual and it manifests physically, it's about being able to maintain the high frequency. There will be a Divine atmosphere with the vibration of Heaven on Earth, everyone has to get there on their own merits, it's a vibrational journey.🍷

🎀💗This the process of learning how to bear fruit, trust the Divine's path for you, everything will be fine. You can't mess this up, you may be feeling unsafe but that's really not necessary, your Mum and Dad are literally God, who is saying, "You're safe in my arms, I feed you, don't be stressed, We're working it out, just relax." It's a way of being, a consciousness, Heaven on Earth happened a long time ago. This creates value in your life, generates energy in your life, provides stability in your life financially, emotionally, spiritually. We all make bad choices when acting from a place of fear. At some point in your Eternal life the lesson has to be learnt. People are children of God who act like they're poor, it's quite unnatural. This process removes barriers to your Divine inheritance. Acting poor increases financial stress. Your wealth is only partly finances, your wealth is your beauty, your Love, your relationships, your charisma, your magnetism, your joy, your happiness.🌸

💕💘Your wisdom is a fundamental well of energy, the world gives a delusion of stability, it's not actual stability, it looks stable but doesn't feel stable. True stability only comes from a perfect stable relationship with your Source, you'll know exactly how much water you'll get every time you go to the well. Some basic relationships claim to last because they make their partner feel needed. Your stability in your Harmonious Union will be based on the Divine and it will be unshakable. With other relationships, one may go to the well and it dries up after 50 years so one has to find a new well, it's a temporary stability. They find the next well wondering when it will run out. On a spiritual level it may be ten million years, but on a soul level, you know what's happening. Draw from God, who's Eternal. It requires a relationship with God, that stability is Eternal and literally nothing can shake you. This well can't be destroyed, your way to the well can't be destroyed, nothing can stop you from drawing from that well. You're building a pipeline, building a facet, learning plumbing.🍁

🧡🔥Build more wells, it's the meaning of Union, just you and God, who is everything, open to God's peace. This relationship creates enormous spiritual prosperity. Do you deny you actually desire more? If you do, feel it out, you do desire more good, whatever it is. That's the fundamental nature of your and God's being. If you have a desire it has to play out unless you choose to release all desire, but that's not what you're here to do. To deny you have desires to grow and to have more and do more things creates tension, experiencing something and denying it. Desires come to pass, you have to experience desires, you can't deny them. You can claim to be a super independent cool cat, it causes imbalance. If you're denying your desire, you'll be miserable. You're supposed to be satisfied, you have a shitload of enormous drive, it makes you poor if you deny it, as this drives your wealth.🎁

🌞🌟You are De Sire of God, you desire your Twin flame, if you deny it, you won't be living, it reveals to you who you are. Honour your desires and you let life flow through you. Your dreams must come true, if you deny your desires you deny life. The system adapts to help support your desire. If you deny your desire there's no point in the Kingdom, don't deny who you are or what your function is, your relationship with the inner well, and that's why you feel really bad when you're you're not satisfied. God always guides you to your desires. Real mastery is the joy of fulfilling and giving birth to new desires. Desires are huge, they give birth to the well of energy to fulfil that desire, this is mastery and it's Eternal. Mastering beauty is different to mastering make up, when mastering beauty you emanate beauty. By all means wear make up too, if it feels good, have your own journey. It's up to you to navigate your journey to the fulfilment of your desires. Do you, honour your desires.


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