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Wake Up, Beloved Child Of The Divine, And Have Breakfast With Your Twin Flame* 🥀

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

💜No matter how powerful God is, it doesn't mean that God's not flexible, God won't continue to grind it out, God is gentle, He never forces or exhausts you. The work of the day is purifying your consciousness, clearing blocks, it's a spiritual workout, take time to warm up, rest, don't wear yourself out. If it looks like God isn't turning much in your life, you know that's not true. Even with a persistent problem, God can turn easily. Never put yourself in a position where you can't do your life's work, many stop working and die because they lose their purpose. Look at the Queen, Jimmy Carter and David Attenborough, loads of purpose, and they go on and on. Your purpose is more than just a job, with just a job you'll be miserable. Live in Heaven on the Earth in a different reality, which is not miserable or numb or separate from God. put down the reality that everyone pretends to be in. Put down the dialogue that's squawking that perpetuates that false reality.🍇

💚Does God wake you up by throwing you in a cold bath? No, He whispers, 'Wake up, My beloved child.' and gently opens the blinds. 'Have I been asleep?' you say, 'Can't remember the dream, never mind.' 'Care for some breakfast?' God says, 'Who's that?' you ask. 'That's your Twin Flame, would you like to have breakfast with them?' 🥰🥯☕ Maybe you would have you wake up with a cold bath, but God's gentler by singing a gentle song addressing your consciousness as you release the dream, and you awaken into Eternity. The nightmare was just the terrible story you've been telling for so long, and you're starting to catch up to the good story. We're still so attached to the nightmare and the way characters show up like NPCs, shadows, not Divine beings... to get in the way of connection and Love.🍀

🌺Ego uses guilt to keep you in the story, where your consciousness gets pulled back in, there's no peace, no prosperity, no creativity, no Divinity, that's ego's story for you. I have a different story for you. You're eternal, you're Divine, you're perfect, you're loving, you're lovable, you have infinite creative expression flowing through you. meet people where they live, the fluffy surface verses the depths of the ocean, serve God in the appropriate way. If someone's thirsty, you don't drop a water tower on them. Then you ask them the next week in they're thirsty and they say no. You are passionate seekers of God, you're deep within that ocean. most are not. The cultural norm is about having an exterior that looks perfect, and when that comes tumbling down, when the façade falls away, what's beneath shouldn't stay the same. Create perfection on the inside, which emanates outwards naturally.🌸

🪀Creating outer perfection and ignoring the inner because it doesn't exist or matter. Poverty is on the inside, inner misery made manifest. acknowledge the inside, the inner beauty that emanates from within and shines out. We agreed to live here in this shared reality, but the darkness is in the neighbourhood, not at home. Would you prefer the inner to be contaminated or the outer? the outer doesn't exist. Singlemindedly focus on the inner, the Divine reality for Eternity. You can both exit the illusion and stay on Earth. You never need to invite more misery, only inner joy. The mechanic of how to bring your Twin Flame closer, attain a state of Divinely, intoxicating, infinite Bliss. How do you bring them closer? That's God, your Twin Flame is one part of God's love for you. Purifying consciousness to being you closer to the Divine Source. All spiritual Masters are intoxicated by God, Rumi wrote about being drunk on the wine of God, it's a natural evolution of spiritual practice. That's Who you're moving towards, that's Who is in front of you, feeling Divine Bliss is OK, it's not a low thing, it's of God.🩱

🧢You can't control God, you're being shown this reality that you're moving towards, bathing in Divine Bliss, it's OK to acknowledge and accept it. The Bliss arises from peace, pursue God's drunkenness, a Master is meant to be drunk on the bliss of God. Your Twin Flame is a representation of that Bliss, but you're keeping them at bay. Your Twin Flame is not the source of your Bliss. God's drunkenness does not numb the senses but elevates them. Build the foundation with peace, and from that, attain Union with Bliss. How much more man or woman do you need to be before you can be with them? That's handled. you think you can't have it, but by all means, grab the booze. your Twin Flame isn't the booze, God is the intoxication. Be willing to follow your Bliss and allow it in your life, but don't lose your peace along the way. It's a valuable foundation, don't trade it in, keep that peace. explore what's beyond it, it's not excitement, you step into the arms of your Ultimate Lover. what if you allow that to happen, do you go back to peace or expand into joy. Bliss arises from that peace in all of your life.🧿

🧡Open up your inner reality to something new, a really compelling vision, the grain to strive for. The mountain at the end of the long road. Be adjusted to this place, and be comfortable with the next step and starting to take steps in that direction. You need the vision or you get lost, it's a massive undertaking. The vision can evolve, but it's essence remains the same. it's very important to have the larger vision and focus on what's in front of you, and the next step can continue to unfold. Be comfortable with that little thing in front of you and that Divine Bliss. Focus on the next step. You can go gently without losing yourself, it's OK if you're not quite ready, it's a process. Until everything's fully revealed, sit with it and love it to find a peaceful resolution. Only move with Love and peace. With your Twin Flame, they'll trigger your deepest upsets, as you will in them. Ground into compassion. Your Twin Flame is your healing tool for Ascension, that's their primary purpose, to walk home with you to God, the end result.🍅

🌅Whatever they're doing, they're mirroring. Mirroring you is walking with you. Whether they're talking or not talking, they're mirroring something for you to heal and not point the finger. We get there by experiencing uncomfortable feelings, the purification of consciousness. Be mature enough to want to experience this even if it's uncomfortable, the purification is an eternal investment. That's why you can go as fast as you want, feeling is so important, The Divine is orchestrating everything in your life. Learn this lesson or you won't get any closer to your Twin Flame. It's not about them. Master this piece. The critical thing to master harmonious Union: They're your mirror. The thing they're doing, you must heal it within, not talk it out. They're your teacher, if you're being a grumpy twat, they'll mirror grumpy twat to you. Feel comfortable with the gift God has given you, heal that trauma. Loving me to love myself there, that's the core mechanic. Or else get a soulmate and get stuff from eachother, do a deal, it's not your Ultimate Lover. It's a material kind of love, verses a spiritual, ultimate love.🌊

🌞You are the highest creation of the Most High. The purpose of your Ultimate Lover is to become Christlike, you become a Divine Master if you follow this path. This is a new creation of the next level of existence. Set you sights higher for what Harmonious Union is, go there, it's the price for God. Pay that price to be with God. You want the Most High and you'll do what it takes to get there. You'll get clearer, layer by layer. You're being shaped and purified. Be an active participant and not be dragged. Respect to you as you learn to dive in hard. If you communicate to the Universe that you're a boss, be prepared. The Universe hits hard, and the harder you get hit, the stronger you get the fastest. 'It's not how hard you can hit but how much you can get hit that makes you powerful.' Rocky Balboa. Honour yourself, learn who you are by presenting yourself to the Universe. If you present yourself as a badass, the Universe will pummel you, the Universe will take you at face value. Just be true to yourself and it becomes a dance or you get pummelled, you don't need to push too hard. Your project's in order but you're up levelling, slowly approaching the next level. Don't lose your balance by overworking, or you'll get hit too hard.💛

🏩You want to show the Universe what you're made of and you get smacked, you're learning who you are. Relax, putting yourself in intense situations and having massive work to do is not required. You don't need to overtrain. All that matters is feeling good. If you don't want to feel good, this place will amplify what you want, so you don't want to be scared. So follow the good feeling. The truth feels good, clarity will feel good inside. It feels better to be who you are inside, and if you don't want to explore it, then don't. Don't be afraid of changing, love the part of yourself that wants to be understood, don't push yourself away. Your emotions and feelings are leading you somewhere, go there. Let go of the parts of your not self that you hold onto, let go of control. Offer what's attractive, improve the momentum of God's children walking home to Him. This is powerful territory, a miracle is being worked.🍄

Taken from my notes from Jeff Ayan's Coaching Class

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