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When You Find Your Twin Flame Coming Much Much Closer & They're Matching Up In Every Way🌟

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

🍂🍁If your Twin Flame is going to come in and you have a pattern where you believe you can't do anything right, for example, they will not be able to connect here. This is what it's like going in on an even more subtle level to tidy up the energy so you can have clear communication. Communicating from this level, everything one does, they're going to think they're doing it wrong, and it's not going to be comfortable. You don't want to feel like you're to blame for anything, especially when there's nothing to be blamed for. Give this part of yourself a little bit of space to express freely, choose to stop any self judgement. Bring in loving acceptance, let yourself know in this place that you can't make a mistake because it's the Divine working through you, and everything that happens is on purpose, and even if we trigger others, it's all perfect, there's never any reflection of unworthiness, your Divinity is always intact and whole. There's never any reason to be hard on yourself, putting pressure on yourself never serves you, the Diving never asks you to do that, choose to release it.😍

🍇💜Instead of feeling pressure, call in greater peace, let it take hold, and relax. Choose to always go deeper with yourself to the next feeling. You were created as more than enough, you are perfection itself, nothing will ever change that. You were created to be desirable, nothing can ever take that, choose to acknowledge that you are good enough for yourself. It's really with taking the time to do the work thoroughly, enjoy every moment you spend loving yourself. Show up for yourself and be present as you allow any bad feelings to leave, feel whole and complete with being with yourself. We're choosing to be with ourselves, choosing to partner with ourselves, choosing to be at peace with ourselves, this is what this work is now about. Choose to stop feeding any illusion, choose to take back your power from any external situation, choose to stay in the joy of your inner reality. We're doing a very thorough clean up mission, we're going into every corner in consciousness. It's OK to give these things time and do it properly, rather than rushing our way through.🍧

🌻🌟Settling energy is being healed through right now, it may be a good idea to revisit the energy of times like these in the past when stuff went down, turn your attention to whatever feelings come up. Connect in there, show up with Love, give yourself exactly what you need, Divine truth, Love is real, Love is for you, it was yours all along, choose to release any feeling out of alignment with this truth. The only reason we settle is because we think real love is hopeless, that's the reason why many Twin Flames are silent and detached 'over there,' because at the core of their being is this fear, that they can't reach it, that they can't access it, that they have to numb out to it. One can only drink it off their mind for so long, because illusion isn't real, only Love is, no matter what one does to themselves, or what method they use to numb out, the truth is the truth and they will crack open, they will reach rock bottom, and the truth will be there, that only Love is real and it's time to get healing. That's what we've chosen to do in this life.🌞

🍒🍷Even if your Twin Flame has pulled away in the past, please know that it wasn't a mistake, it was simply the most compassionate way to move forward, and now, if you've been doing the work, you should be able to feel that your Twin Flame's energy is much much closer. They will be able to feel you and as you've been expressing and expanding your energy, they've also been doing the same. Receive their energy, make them welcome. That's what we're doing, we're tidying up the energy that in the past, was tied to where there are still these little pockets of, 'I can't have it.' But you're feeling them in your heart, you're connecting to them in your dreams, you're feeling the blocks together, you're healing that together, they're matching up in every way. You'll sense them showing up for you in every way that expresses your own personal intimacy with them, your personal relationship, your own personal way of expressing that energy. Everyone has their own special way and you have yours.💖

🍀🍃Popular fiction and drama talks a lot about the impermanence of Love. This work is about transcending the worldly view of relationship, and for good reason. That reason is that the way the world sees relationship isn't real. This isn't about relationship, so much as REALationship 😂. That's what we're having. The world doesn't yet widely know this, and it's OK to allow others to work it out, because they will get there, they just haven't transcended it yet. They haven't realised that they can have more because they're in a settling for less pattern. And the idea that everyone else is having a great time, everybody is settling for less, they think that the next relationship is the one that's going to make them happy, that it will be the one in which the buzz will last forever. And we're actually the ones who are formulating that for real, with the foundation of something Eternal. Do the Mirror Exercise throughout the day, otherwise, how can we be in Union if we can't mirror our way through a conversation? You have to be able to do that. Just practice self Love throughout, it doesn't need to be more than that, and choose to recognise that you and they are One in every moment.🌴

🌱🌻The feeling of 'not enoughness' is exactly what keeps one from their Twin Flame, there's a lot of that coming up in the collective to process at this time. It's about taking everything and applying it. Surrender, have compassion for yourself and your Twin Flame, realise they're going through their own process, you may notice that as you go from a state of relief at having completed the last piece of healing to a state of turbulence from going deeper into the next layer, your Twin Flame will be holding the towel for you as you do so. If you communicate, speak lovingly and be yourself, not to get anything, and with every upset that arises, carry on loving. Little bits of doubt may come up for uprooting, piece by piece, it's an inner dialogue, catching the moments when doubt creeps in. You don't need to fix that, just choose to love the Divine there, call in more of that. Any third party has no power, remind yourself of that when that thought comes in. Your Twin Flame is your heart, if they are in another relationship they're not connecting on a heart level, because the Twin Flame is the only person in their heart.💭

🍀🥑It never feels right with a third party, it always feels off, it always feels disconnected. The other person can't reach you there and they know it, and you can't reach them there and they know it. If you're in a situation like this, please know that your Twin Flame is 'over there,' experiencing difficult things, experiencing the intricacies of the kind of relationship they don't want to have, and getting clear so they never have to go back to those patterns, clearing them out. It's also common for one counterpart to go from one false Twin experience to another before reuniting with their true Twin. Everything they couldn't learn in the first situation, they had to divert into another relationship based learning process. One can't just exit a relationship or marriage without having processed it. There will be stuff to learn there. With rebound, one is taking their problems with them into the next relationship, their purpose on their journey now is to heal relationship. Your Twin Flame needs to recognise you and the only way they can do that is by knowing what they don't want, then they can see you clearly. The third party don't connect in the heart of your Twin Flame. You know how it feels when you do something with your heart, and you know when you're not connected there, it's like night and day. 🌴

🍇🌷Hell is the illusion of the absence of the Divine, tap into your Spiritual Source within, fill this space with Divinity. Going deeper and noticing places which were maybe too numb to feel before. Call in greater awareness and presence. The collective is going deeper with the Divine, deeper into trust, can you feel the shifts? When we go deeper the good place we were at seems to leave because we get to the next level and all the stuff that prevented us from going deeper comes up, so it's OK if it looks like things are going to pot. Be compassionate with yourself and be compassionate with your Twin Flame. If you're brewing for a communication, it's OK to reach out and express what you've been doing from a place of having healed. Do whatever your heart guides you to.🌸

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