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When Your Life Is Full Of Love Now, That's When Your Twin Flame Arrives 🥰🌟

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

💢Wherever you're at on your journey, it's OK. Fretting about not being where you want to be yet can block the infinite, free flowing opportunities and miracles that are yours every day. When things don't look that great, don't worry, nothing's gone wrong, you've just gone deeper, and remember to, at all times, admire yourself and your own divine beauty.🍂

🌻Before this lockdown, many people had regular interactions with their Twins, and that may have been put on hold at this time. If that is your situation, really look at how that makes you feel, that's where the answers are. Do you miss them or are you quite happy with feeling them with you in Divine truth every day. Does it feel like time is your friend or not on your side? By gauging the time between contacts you're saying, 'I don't feel like I'm in communication with my Twin Flame, other than by extending externally.' But is there really any lack of communication? Where is the communication really occurring? It's always and everywhere, omniscient. This is deepening into communication, and true communication is with the Divine. Can you be separate from God/Goddess? The Divine is always communicating with you through everything around you.🌟

🌊Look at how you're being blessed in so many different ways, there comes a point where it becomes clear you're being rewarded for the energy you invest in this journey, it can start as an internal shift or an emotional breakthrough, and then it can show up in other areas of your life. Your good was always there for you, step up energetically and claim your good and abundance. Choose to see yourself as you truly are, magnificent, in full colour. You're divine, you couldn't change that if you wanted to. It's safe to receive your good. All Divine messages (through every experience) refer to your Union. Find any place in your consciousness where you're still settling for anything less than absolute perfection in any area, give that part of yourself what it needs, you're designed to have it all with no compromises.🍧

🍷Choose to surrender the idea of having to go without your good. Choose all of your good, every last drop, in every area of your life, be aware of any resistance that comes up, where are you needing to take the next step? Be present with yourself now in this moment, you're love's not up there ahead of you, it's right here. There's never a moment of deprivation, your love is present right now, when your life is full of love now, that's when your Twin Flame arrives. Or else, we're continually holding it away from us. We don't mean to, we're just learning how to receive it.🍄

🍃Be present with yourself. There's never ever any need to feel bad, even though feeling your feelings means going there. Just because you can dive into the depths of your emotions, it doesn't mean you have to spend all day in them. That feeling's the piece to release, the next block, the next piece of energy to release. When feeling depressed or low, that's the feeling that's releasing, it's safe to let that feeling come up, even a grotty one. We don't need to identify with it. The feeling, once released, is gone. There will be subsequent layers, of course, if you can't feel another layer, you're probably numb to it. They won't be finished once Harmonious Union happens, potentially, upsets will get bigger when you're together, all the way to Perfect Union or full enlightenment. Go for it, don't be afraid, any bad feeling coming up doesn't mean that anything's going wrong. Even very accomplished people in Harmonious Union feel all sorts of feelings very strongly, when we feel like that, nothing's gone wrong, let the feelings pass through.🥑

💋This journey can sometimes feel like a battle, but it's also a dance, like salmon taking great risks to return to their spawning ground, go home to their birthplace to find a partner, it's not for the faint hearted. Fortitude is required but give yourself the credit for the leaps and bounds you have made, all that strength and courage you have. Be confident in your abilities to achieve your dreams. Please know that you/re the perfect person for your man/woman. Whatever's going on, do your thing, be majestic. Give yourself the divine truth that you can have it all, you don't need to numb out to your feelings anymore, that's a survival skill and now you're thriving.🌂

💭It's impossible to not numb out when one is settling, we're not doing that anymore. That's the whole Twin Flame dilemma in a nutshell. This is what's being healed, we've all believed we couldn't have it all, in fact, the world teaches us it doesn't exist, that you always have to compromise, it's time to surrender that, surrender all mediocre past relationships. Did the Divine create you to be attached to anyone other that your Twin Flame? You'd be happy to be attached to your Twin Flame. You're here to back yourself up, validate yourself, bring Divine Love there, the highest validation, staying present with yourself is absolutely crucial. Choose to stand firm and be present with yourself and your values and core choices and beliefs. Choose to commit to yourself. Choose to respect your own values and opinions and always choose to do that with the Divine🌼.

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The elusive deer DF approaches from behind stealthily she is about to touch this free spirited one her warm comforting hand touches her divine his staff raises with shear delight time to use his magic wand to bring love as never before what a beautiful vibe comes from divine hands great painting love it

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