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You Are Perfect As You Are And Your Twin Flame is Yours ~ Know It And Own It! 💚

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

During this time period, many people have been working on their fitness, but, spoiler alert, it won't make a shred of difference to how much your Twin Flame is attracted to you, They love you immeasurably just as you are, if you're working on yourself with the motivation to 'be enough' for your person, you'll just get more not enough. You were born enough, more that enough for your person, and nothing you can do will change that. The activities you partake in are not a measure of Twin Flame love, it's not about superficiality or the way we judge ourselves. If you love sports and fitness, by all means, get out there, but you're not doing it so that your person will desire you more, you're doing it for your own myriad of feel good reasons.

You know your Twin Flame by their vibe and their soul, not their looks, this goes way beyond looks. If you're in an energy of not enoughness, you could be the best looking person in the world and it won't matter, if you feel not enough, that's the energy your Twin Flame will respond to that. Nobody is casting you aside but yourself. It ties in nicely, the false belief of not being enough to the false belief that you can't have this love, to the false belief that your person shouldn't be with you, to not being able to fully believe that your person really is your Twin Flame. All this is illusion, burst through it, see it for what it really is. There is a huge shift that happens in consciousness when you finally accept what you've always known to be true, that your person is yours and owning it.

You really can't get it wrong, the energy's the energy, it's a given, owning it brings it closer, not further away. It's impossible to be harmed by love,it will never leave, even if you fall flat on your face you can't be harmed, it's just an experience drawing you deeper into love, the outcome is irrelevant. This is your journey, no one else is like you. "Other people's stories don't matter, they're on a different journey to you, be inspired and learn from them, but your journey is different. Choose love now is the common thread but you are a universe unto yourself, you're so ridiculously unique So unique, you look at a Van Gogh and a turtle and they're both so amazing and the differences between the two are so vast, but they're nothing compared to the differences between you and another person on this journey."*

At this point on your journey, what's being asked for is the relief of knowing it's safe to follow your feelings and your heart. Let yourself fell the relief of knowing you're safe, you're doing the right thing, you're on the right path. Pay attention to your dreams, as some people are not getting any physical contact with their Twins, dreams are a wonderful and compassionate way to receive information about your next steps. If you work through everything each dream shows you, you'll be given another dream with the next pieces, really get into each one and make the most of what you're shown and release what needs releasing.

"You don't need your Twin Flame in front of you to do it [the spiritual work]. That's why you're not being put in front of them over and over. God knows all of this, God's not messing around, God's not giving you some inferior way to Harmonious Union. God knows you want Harmonious Union. you chose it, it's already a done deal. God's putting you in the perfect circumstance to work through it. You cannot deviate from an experience of perfection because God's behind it."

Now is also a very good time to be working on your mission and Life Purpose, it goes hand in hand with your Twin Flame Union. You're going to have a life together, you'll be doing your life's work together, you're setting the foundation for that, and the grander the palace will be that you'll both live in, the bigger the foundations have to be. You're getting this part clear. Don't settle for less and don't assume things will always stay as they are, you're now paying in and suddenly, there'll be results.

Keep your eye on the target, be focused on what you truly want and desire, feel the shifts occurring. All apparent delays are beneficial, Divine Timing (order) is at work here, everything is happening as it should. Really claiming what's yours and knowing how safe you are, you can come to a place where everything starts to fully open up for you. They're all internal processes. If you have gone deep and shifted some really heavy stuff, please know that your person has done the same, at the same time, they won't always be conscious of this but we'll have many processes and things happening that we are not conscious of either.

It's already yours, there's nothing you need to do, you're perfect, your person is perfect for you, they want you just as you are. you have nothing to worry about, there's only one of you, there's only one fit, anyone else feels wrong, you don't need me to tell you that. You know your truth, a very very deep knowing there. Love never ends, we continue to open our arms to receive more love and all good things open up more for us. And don't worry, as you have your eye on the prize, so does your man/woman!

Do need to hide anymore from what's within you, it's absolutely safe to wholeheartedly embrace all of it, no need to hide from what you know to be true, no need to resist what your soul longs for or the calling of your heart, it's safe to plunge yourself fully and completely into all that you truly are.

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