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You Can Have Your Twin Flame Union Now, The Only Clarity You Need🌻

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

💥🍁The True Twin Flame shows up in your healing, and not only in your healing, but they're intrinsically a part of it, and the Love you have for them deepens as you heal, that's how you know. Having said that, remember, radical nonattachment is the way to step into your Union. Choose your Ultimate Lover every day, and every day your true Twin reveals themselves. We know that Love comes from the Divine, and in claiming the Divine and our Ultimate Lover, we receive the Love that we desire. If it didn't turn out to come through the person you thought it would be, you wouldn't want them anyway, because it's the Love itself that we're desiring.🧡

🔥🎁Also, people came into their Unions and made the mistake of shifting from source to their Twin Flames. People think that coming into Union is the earning, when really it's no big deal, it really is just the next step, and there is a world of difference between Union and Harmonious Union, and there is work to do to get there, people can't help but focusing on their Twin Flame and forget the steps they underwent to get into their Union and maintain the Union. It's like a weird amnesia where they just don't have the proper foundation yet. Some are however, continuing to heal and correct their misalignments, others have the opposite attitude, they've got what they think they want, they think they're amazing, and try to do things their way from then on. Some couples do need to work things out on their own and establish the truth within themselves that it's all about the Divine.💛

🌞🍈Every Union has it's challenges, there will be patterns to be present with, something to work through. It's not a honeymoon period. When your Union comes in you start from scratch, continuing the foundation and learning how to be with your Twin Flame. There will be times in the Union that will be really really challenging, and despite that, it's just the opportunity to up level and you can take it deeper. You need the elements that are being touched on today to have a successful Union, because having your Union doesn't means it just works. Everything's teaching, a challenge doesn't mean anything's gone wrong, it's just teaching you to go deeper into Love with your Twin Flame so it gets deeper and deeper and richer and richer. Release any sense of lack, any sense of trying to hold onto a crumb, love that place all the way through. You're having the whole cake and eating it too.🌱

🌴🍃You're building a foundation in your Life Purpose, this is a great time to really embrace being given a lot of creative energy as you move through, heal, and ground into. You'll find it's a very nice build up of unique pieces, let the Universe guide you as you create more. Remember your creativity is about your relationship with the Divine, connecting within, you being you, that's all you mean, your beingness. You'll find you'll be calling in a high level of creativity in your field, where your purpose meets your Twin Flame, you'll get clearer and clearer about the way you'll both express together, if it feels good, it may be a good time to share yourself with your Twin Flame through your creativity, intimately and vulnerably. The way you do so will be unique if your heart is in it and you've got the Divine with you. Don't force or push it, follow your Divine guidance.🌄

🍀💚By using this time period to do something creative, your creativity is very attractive to your Twin Flame, and as you create, they're totally present with you. The whole of your life has been leading up to this moment, there's not one step of it that was wrong, it was all meant to be. You can love your Twin Flame now, you can give yourself your Union now. You don't need to hold off, it don't necessarily mean you're going to get married today, but you can stop resisting your Union and have it now, and continue to grow your Union from where you are, that's the only clarity you need. That choice to experience your Union, to stop resisting it, to be really present with it is what invites the next step, the next piece of healing. Literally anyone at any level of spiritual awareness can have their Union if they're not resisting it. But you do need to ground and grow it. You may find you're one of the people who are building the foundation before Union, for whatever reason, if so, your heart desires it for a specific reason for you.🌍

💎🌌If you feel you may be resisting your Union, choose to surrender the resistance, and your consciousness will bring up places to upheave where there may have been resistance, because if you've known your Twin Flame for a long time, you will have been resisting for a long time. Theoretically, anyone who has not met their Twin Flame is still resisting, but if you have a physical history there may be events where you resisted. Heal these places in time where you resisted, release those moments in time. There may be a choice of separation we made back then that we need to acknowledge so go and be with yourself, connect with that place. It may have been from a time before you had any knowledge of Twin Flames and found it confusing. Receive all of the Love that you resisted at the time, that Love is yours, 100%.🎆

🍇☔The way resistance works in our consciousness could take the form of going from a place where one didn't know if they'd ever see their Twin Flame again, to a place of friend zoning, believing one can't have them so they'll settle for the crumb of being around them. Connect with any place in consciousness that thought you had to have less than everything. You can have it all, choose and claim all the Love that's yours, let go of the crumb, have the whole cake. Every tier, every level. If you connected with your Twin Flame in some ways but not every way, tune into that intense energy exchange that occurred between the two of you, what do you need in this place other than that one focus? everything, you can have it all. Just bring it all into that space, every part of the Union, not just a crumb, the whole picture, all the sauce, have your fill on goodness and nourishment.💜

🍷🎀Perhaps you had some moments when you were physically together. If you focus on the outside you'll see something not satisfactory, it's not what God promised, so if you look on the outside, you won't see a clear picture. Turn in the right direction so, in all this lifetime of searching for love, finding Love, what do you experience on the inside here? If some false Twin Flame talker ever told you not to expect consistency from your Twin Flame, we can now call that out as a lie, it's still going back to this crumb energy. You can have a steady flow of Love, but that flow comes only from the Divine, not the Twin Flame. If we look outside, we're like, "Where's the next crumb?" that's not the place to look. We're not after crumbs, we're after Source. In the Divine we have everything we need. All the cake, the whole pie.🩰

🌸🌺The Divine is your Ultimate Lover, the perfect lover, She has the consistency you require. All the looking outside is disheartening, and it's what ego wants us to do and make us think that we're not succeeding, that nothing we do is of value, that's the big lie. We know things are changing. Time is an illusion, but the passage of time is to allow us to experience the journey. You couldn't have gone from where you were at the start of your journey to where you are now without the steps inbetween, and it's OK if that takes a while. That's why the Twin Flame may appear to be committed 'over there,' they're just processing like you are, things are changing over there. If we put our energy in an outward direction because we feel we have to monitor, it's not so compassionate, there's an element of control involved, because it implies you need that when you just need the Divine, your heart, your feelings and trust that everything you need will come up every single week.💗

💞💖Everything you're moving through is about you partnering with the Divine, that's the most important thing to do, it's effortless. When we look over there to try to understand what's happening it feels really heavy because it's control and ego based. But when you're with your heart you've already got your Union, you know it because you're experiencing living with it. Creativity is your sexual energy, your Life Purpose energy, and the more is flowing into your Life Purpose, the better for your Union. Directing this energy properly where it wants to move and flow, while we're healing our Union and building a foundation, apply your sexuality and creative energy into the Union and purpose, it's essential. Union, when it comes in, has a purpose, we can't be honeymooning all the time because it'll fall apart and start to feel very bad really quickly.💢

🍁💥Believing that your Twin Flame can be with someone else goes hand in hand with the 'can't have it' block of settling for less. So as we heal that block of 'I can't have my good,' the Twin Flame will also collapse the part where they believe they have to settle for less, part of the Union too. They may have chosen someone who has elements of who you are and they're trying to make that enough. They're having a frustrating experience, this other person never will be. What they try to do is make the other person be something that they need and they're having a bad time with it. We've all done this, it's completely empty, there's a lot of pretending, it's superficial, there's do depth to it. When the hears are not connected there's really nothing going on, that's the truth of it, they can wish it, pretend, lie to themselves about it, even if they're numbing out to the extreme.🌈

🧡🔥Obviously, your Twin Flame can't be numbing out too much anymore if you're not, so that's how you help reveal the truth of what's happening in their lives, by not numbing out. It'll be uncomfortable and settled, there's a comfort zone, they think they've claimed something that's going to tick some boxes. But the more you heal and step out of the numbness, the more you can claim your truth, the more you're aligned, the more you're alive, the more you're creative and in the Divine flow, the more they can't not acknowledge the truth. I've seen this happen in many Unions where just a realisation comes in of, "I don't want this person, this ain't my person." It's just really natural, there's nothing to worry about, it's taking as long as it needs. The Divine has a plan, it's a non linear process.🌞

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