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Your Twin Flame Is Surrendering To Their Own Divinity🍀

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

🌼🍈I know of a Twin Flame couple who have just come into Union, and the Masculine Twin is currently exploring what it is, he's coming from a place of not really wanting to connect, and now he's connecting, and he himself is looking for information on the subject, it's just that veil being pulled away. Your Twin Flame already has the knowledge present, you have this shared consciousness so the moment you make the choice to connect to the knowledge, that awareness begins to infuse. Every little bit of study, every single Mirror Exercise, they receive it straight away. If you are swimming in your emotions right now, please know you'll be deep in your own Divine Masculine or Feminine energy, and your Twin Flame will be holding the towel for you as you go deeper. If you're in your emotions, they may be currently outside of your emotions, observing and holding space for you. This is confirmation that they're right here with you, they may look like they're separate but they're not, they're right here connecting with you.🍷

💙💜It's just awareness, just a shift in awareness, that's it, and that's really where we're moving into now, the next stage of becoming aware. Even by not being around, your Twin Flame will be pushing you to expand, that's exactly what they're doing, pushing us to heal. When they come in you want them to be able to stick around, you don't want to get so distracted by them that you take your focus away from the Divine and they have to pull away again to help you refocus there. We want to do it right, we want to maintain that frequency. As they awaken there may even be a bit of a change in personality, because parts of the personality are built on ego, so when that falls away they become more their authentic selves. It's a process of reinvention but that's dependent on the processes of growth and healing that you're working. It's realising that they are Divine, even if up till now, they've been living a different kind of life that was based on external stuff. They may not have been focused on that inner connection, maybe not firing on all cylinders, but now you're helping them do that.🌵

🧡🍊Some of them may even have been trying to resist this expansion of new awareness, because they were afraid and they knew that once it kicked it it would be like opening Pandora's Box. For somebody who's not been living their life based on their heart, do you remember a time when we were out there in the world and we didn't realise that our heart was the thing we could trust? We didn't really understand what intuition was by just wanting something, that's what our Twins are experiencing, "I don't know if this is a real desire or if I'm freaking myself out or what's going on, I think I should want this." and remember, they have all these ideas about what their life should look like and what their person should be like, and it's not that we're not their perfect match, because we are, and then some. But in their mind they've created this story of what this should look like, and then suddenly, this feeling of us is coming into their awareness, and they wonder what the heck's that about, and they try to disown it, but the feeling of us will get stronger and stronger, and more connected to Love itself.💭

🌺🍧A Twin Flame Union is not based on lust, their relationship with us is based on a soul connection and a heart connection, not a lust connection, so it can seem more subtle, sure, we all tell ourselves at first that it's lust and it will soon pass🤣, because we have no other reference point for it. Although you are wildly attracted to your Twin Flame, there's something much deeper happening, it's a transcendental experience and connection and that's what they're undoing out there. The whole point of there being a third party there is because both Twins are settling for less, because you don't have to invest with a fake partner. If there's still a third party or 'hairbrush' knocking about, there's still stuff to heal there. You bay be able to access ever deeper layers of feeling about this, if this is your situation, that perhaps you were too numb to feel before. How are you feeling about being triggered? Are you able to promptly go into the healing process by applying the Mirror Exercise in real time? Let's not forget how far you've come, the work at the moment is going to the places that were numb, feeling the feelings, upheaving them and releasing the settling for less pattern, looking outside for Love, and being able to be triggered and be present, without trying to numb out or run away, that's self abandonment. That's going to be the key to maintaining Union, so it's OK to do a bit of work and invest a bit of time there.💧

🍷❤The Divine brings the work of the day to you (often when you're trying to sleep at night, so just do it when She brings it, now you have the time to do that. "Feel the strength of walking with the Divine and how powerful it is in magnetising your Twin Flame to you, and how much it allows them to surrender into their own Divinity." Ryan Mcintyre. That's what's happening now, it's a very supportive energy. Surrender, all you're doing is showing up for each feeling, continuing to Love, continuing to be present, and that's it, there isn't anything else to do. The Divine has got this and knows the order, knows the timing. There'll be a lot of internalising going on right now, and in a third party or 'hairbrush' situation, and one's in there because they thought that was a way of getting security and companionship, to be able to exit that is a process. It doesn't happen overnight, especially if you're a committed person, which is what we are, it begins with the emotions detaching, let that happen. Let them absorb, let them discover.🍇

💚🍃Relax into the knowing of the Divine truth, as you deepen your sense of your Twin Flame being with you all the time, cultivate that feeling. They do know, they're not stupid😂, and going back to the Twin Flame Union I mentioned at the start, the Masculine Twin was really clear in saying that although he was hiding how he really felt, although he was staying away, although he was very triggered, not knowing how to handle all his feelings and really feeling that he couldn't get close, in his heart there was a huge amount of adoration and knowing, and he was very very open to the teaching when he came into Union. He was looking at her adoringly, like a little puppy, and was actually expressing the Mirror Exercise, but in his own words. He was doing a practice just like that, and he was also revealing gifts and talents and connections to the Divine in his own way, and so all of this was happening with this chap that was seemingly non committal. he didn't really feel that, he was just in a pattern, staying away because there was an energy present, so you just have to heal that energy that's keeping them at a distance, and there's always something there to work through. It was very healing to hear that from a Divine Masculine, and you would not believe how Godly this chap, who for all intents and purposes, looking on the outside, you would say not interested, and it was the complete opposite. Completely interested, completely besotted, and very very happy now that he's home where he belongs with his true family and his true partner. And all it took was her own dedication to heal. You can really trust that.🍉

🌼💭And every single subtle feeling that comes up to heal, meet it, each time we do the Mirror Exercise, we become more proficient. Make sure to integrate, because it's something we need to be doing more, when we heal, bring that part of us back into your heart and melt it in and integrate, because otherwise, we're not quite completing the healing, we might be leaving part of us unresolved. Just like everything we do we level up, even with the Mirror Exercise all the time. You can be working on something for a long time and nothing seems to be happening, and then the breakthrough comes in like an explosion. There's going to be an explosion of Unions and Harmonious Unions very soon, it's inevitable. The Divine will be showing you more and more clues that this is happening for you, and sometimes pre-Union, not having communication and confirmation is part of the journey, see it that way, and it's because something about that is needed, so just trust that it's absolutely perfect.🍈

🍂🍁And by the same token, your Twin Flame will be seeing exactly what they need to see, they won't be doing anything without purpose. Let them go through their own process, let them do their thing quietly and secretively, in whatever way they feel comfortable, and when they've got everything lined up and they're clear, they'll make that move. They'll really be enjoying the light you're beaming out, spirituality is the most beautiful mystery of all, the mystery of the Divine. It's absolutely gorgeous that it'll open up a whole world that you'll discover, plunge into, dive into together and it's going to be spectacular. It's always going to be better than we can imagine, we simply cannot imagine the way that God's got it all planned, and it's useless to even try. Do you remember the days when you may have thought it would happen this or that way, throw that out the window, just let it be, let it be how God has it organised because it's always going to be better.🌻

🍋💛The frequency is the most important thing to attain, coming into the Kingdom, and even if they don't show up for a while, once you're in the frequency of Harmonious Union, keep healing the presence part of it. You'll know when you're in that vibration because the peace is so deep, it may not be a sudden shift as much as a fading in. A gradient of being up here most of the time. It's simply the awareness that you're not separate from Love, that's really the stability and the peace that it brings, that secure feeling in your heart that you're not separate from Love. that's what brings the peace of your Twin Flame being able to be with you because there isn't that feeling of the absence of them or the absence of Love. That's what it is. People at the beginning of their journey may find it hard to understand where we're at when we're in this ball park, but people will be able to feel, when you're talking about your Twin that it's a very peaceful energy, just handing it to God and letting God do His thing. In the meantime, fill your life with activities that you love. We're building Heaven here. It's the frequency that we're coming into, it's just down to the process unfolding, No matter what they're thinking and feeling, sometimes it's down to Divine Order and faith. 💖

🌀💙that's the awareness that we're coming into, that there's nothing to fix, there's nothing to achieve, it's simply an awareness that we're already there, the separation never happened. Your Union never experienced separation, that it was an illusion. When the doors of perception are cleansed, we see things as they really are, not as we perceive them to be. That's all we're doing each week, continuing to clean those doors of perception, and maintaining the frequency, meeting anything that comes up, and maintaining our faith, because sometimes God, it seems, is saying, "Have faith and honour your man or woman, and have patience as well, as they work their process. They're learning that choosing relationship 'just because' is not the right reason. If it's not all that you desire, it's not what you desire, and that's what they're learning. If there's any part of us that's doing something like that too, we just need to see it. One may pick someone just because they don't think they'll be abandoned, because they know this person is more needy than they are. Often third party 'hairbrushes' are very anxious and clingy & have abandonment issues, so that's somebody you know will stick around, even if their heart doesn't know them.🌞

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