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Compromise and Settling-Out, True Love & Harmonious Twin Flame Union-In! 🌞

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

🍇The whole journey, it cannot be reiterated enough, is about us being our authentic selves, and not what we think we should be or anything else. All you are ever asked to be is authentic, and sometimes we may be unsure as to what is our true self, and that's the journey. No need to make excuses for who you are, and having your own special way of being, if you like swearing, then feel free to swear to your heart's content, swearing is pure passion.💜

💖In truth, there is never any lack of closeness between you and your Twin Flame, but of course, you desire the full thing, the letting it be enough part is recognising that you already have it. You do desire the full Union manifested, there's a fine line between believing, 'Oh, it's OK they're not here,' surrender that part but still choose it (please see How To Be Happy Where You Are Whilst Honouring Your Desire). It is enough, but also honour your desire for more, if it's not yet perfect, you're not done, there's more work to do, and that's OK. Whatever's going on with your Twin Flame, it's in you too, continue to expand into authenticity, beyond Harmonious Twin Flame Union, all the way to Perfect Union or full enlightenment.💥

🌞There is no such thing as failure, as long as you don't quit. If that energy is still floating around, it doesn't mean you're failing, not at all, you may just be being asked to release that energy now. Be willing to surrender the old story. The core pattern has many tendrils, for example, how you relate to love, trouble receiving love, accepting Love, being with Love, etc. If all of this is coming up, all of it is you just going deeper and being able to express the desire to give and receive Love and be able to do that fully. If your heart's desiring it, it's definitely for you, so honour that desire, it's your Union you're desiring, only when you experience it, you'll know what it really is all about, before then, it's just a theory. The authentic journey is about you becoming your true self who fully gives and receives without censoring or stopping. Life is meant to be perfect with no compromises, no energy of settling in any way. It's possible to come together with a Twin Flame at any time, but unless you've healed the blocks to love, when you're ready to go deeper, you won't be able to. You don't want a shortcut or a temporary relationship, you want to be together for all time and to do the work once and properly for your own soul's consciousness, for your own evolution.💛

🌅Third parties represent the belief in a life of settling, in non-Love, the belief in failing in Love, the idea that we can't have Love and have to settle for less because we don't really understand real Love we don't allow ourselves to receive it. It's a core block, true partnering, moving into relationship and working together verses, 'This is the person ego tells me I can have and my heart wants something else.' And then one numbs out and goes against their heart, this is not the sort of life you want, it's intolerable. As you ascend and go deeper, your tolerance for anything imperfect or misaligned with who you really are, will go right down, which is a very good thing, because it's the same as third party energy. Let go of the energy that says you can put up with something, you don't have to put up with anything. We want alignment, if your heart feels one thing but something else is happening externally, there's a misalignment. Choose to feel your feelings about it.🌊

🌺Ask yourself where you may be still being inauthentic, it could be a tiny little thing, almost microscopic, where are you not feeling sincere, where are you not trusting the Divine here? trust and honour yourself, you won't be abandoned, find the places in your heart where you're still making compromises, there is a Chinese proverb that states, 'Compromise is the energy of achievement.' Feel into how you really feel about what you really desire, in all areas of life, the Divine is guiding you now. Twin Flame mirroring works both ways, once you release the energy of settling and compromise, it'll hopefully be revealed somewhere for you that your Twin Flame is doing the same as they are fully revealed to you. Seeing your choices reflected back is very important part of the journey, have patience with whatever's going on over there. There's always a lot of unseen things happening, it's a very internal process, it's not necessarily something they'll talk about. As they are going through this on the other half of the story, it's not like for like, although when together you'll be able to see it really clearly, it's unmistakable when you're with them. In the connection, when the reveal happens and you come together, it's obvious.🌸

🍀No illusion of separation can ever have any real power, the whole thing's not real, work with the feelings that it triggers, get rid of the bad feeling. Any part of yourself that's not been shown consistent Love needs for you to show up for yourself there with commitment, consistency, devotion, take your time to savour all this. You can only claim what's yours, no one else can claim what's yours because, well, it's yours, not theirs. Choose to claim your true Twin Flame, surrender all else to the Divine, the Divine has your good, She's on your side. surrender any anxiety or feelings about not getting it, it was yours already, always, you're just revealing the awareness that it's yours. You reveal this awareness by releasing the pattern of believing it's unattainable. It's a deep deep pattern, it's ingrained, probably for many lifetimes, it needs to exit, the Divine knows the solution. The belief in settling, having to make do with what's available because your love's not available. What makes your love unavailable in that pattern? That the only thing in reach is the crappy version and the good stuff is always out of reach? is the Divine out of reach? Connect with the core of your being. All the good stuff you desire, if you say it's out of reach, is the same as saying that God's out of reach. There's a part of you calling for God, bring the Divine in there. Shine the Divine light of Love on that squirming pattern until it ceases to exist and there's just Love there. You never have to settle.🥦

🎀be still so that you may hear the voice of the Divine, who is everywhere, who has got you, your union, be held by the Divine right now. You cannot be harmed, there was never any damage to your Divine being, call in greater peace. Heaven is a consciousness arising from peace, that's what you've claimed in your Harmonious Union. Your Twin Flame can only come along when you can compassionately be together, that's why some Unions fail, because they're unable to go deeper, when stuff comes up and is amplified, by clearing everything that comes up beforehand, and taking responsibility and owning all of it, that sense of deep harmony gets magnified.🪀

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