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Twin Flames ~ True Freedom is Seeing Who You Truly Are 💕🍀

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

It's possible on this journey that sometimes, Divine counterparts may act in ways that can seem to be childish, if that's the case, it's important to be aware that this is just a block showing itself and that is not who they truly are, it's always a bid for love anyway. See them as the Divine being of love and light that they are, and see yourself that way because you are too. See yourself as a fully fledged man or woman. A man makes love to a woman, he parents a little girl, a woman loves her man, she mothers a little boy. Only an adult can have a lover, to have and to hold. Seeing oneself or the other as not fully formed in their maturity taps into the limiting belief of not being enough, you were born enough. In the story of Eros and Psyche, Eros is not the chubby cherub of later Christian times but the fully fledged virile god of love. In his true form, a stunningly desirable man responsible for all the facets of love as well as the responsibilities that come hand in hand with it. That's your person, by seeing your person as the cherub, they may be mirroring it by having doubts about seeing themselves as this powerful lover, maybe with the misperception that they are weak. In their heart they know the truth but finding themselves to be like this, virile, powerful and desirable. The story of Eros and Psyche teaches that true love demands total honesty ans openheartedness. With complete love comes trust and ultimately the rewards are immeasurable. In his true form of the liberator, Eros sets you free. What you must do is love your person unconditionally to reveal that trust with eachother. This is related to some Divine counterparts not seeing themselves clearly, in their full glory (and by default, their partners too), there is a very common block, especially with the Divine Masculines, is the feeling that if united they's lose their freedom, identity and themselves, that's a lie, it can be scary for the Divine Masculines because this connection strips them of everything they thought they were, but you are always freest with your Twin Flame, you're not as free single, you're not as free with a soulmate, your most free in Harmonious Union, this is where you both have the freedom to become absolutely yourselves, you lose nothing and gain everything. This is something that's being currently healed in the collective. It requires a lot of trust and unconditional love for the Divine Masculine to enable him to feel safe in embracing himself as a Divine being. There's no he and she but only Oneness, and in coming into Harmonious Union there may be a period of healing this identity crisis. You'll both get to know places in yourselves, through the mirroring, that you may not have known were there, and it may be uncomfortable going there (see my blog The Mechanics of Harmonious Union). It's all about discovering who you are, not who you think you are or who you were told you were. There is a shift going on with this unconditional love to focus on yourself and who you truly are and what love is and the truth about what a Twin Flame union is, this truth is coming to the surface at this time. This truth is being revealed ans as soon as it is, breakthroughs will occur. To truly act out of unconditional love, you are being loved in return, let it be enough, but that's not to say you don't desire more than to love from afar, because that's still the energy of not being able to have them. Your Twin Flame loves you, you can continue to be satisfied in loving them but don't settle for just that (see my blog How to be Happy Where you are While Honouring Your Desire). Choose to have your perfect life of perfect love, giving and receiving love (giving and receiving is a huge topic at the moment). Not only can you have it but it's always been yours. There may have been a time, before starting to heal through these blocks of not feeling enough and feeling it was unattainable where all of it felt out of reach, but now the collective is inching it's way into the territory where the whole thing opens up to having it all. Where you ever separate from the receiving of that love? You never where, Who's the Source of that love? The Divine is. It was only ever Divine love we were giving and receiving, choose to receive all of God's love through your person. What does that truth feel like within your consciousness that you share? Oneness, there is no Other, just One. In conventional relationships we feel like there is another person present, you feel they're different from us, but with Twin Flames you're indistinguishable. They're still an individual but that's their own aspect of your Oneness. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of fancy spiritual words to talk about something and they don't, One doesn't have to believe in God or the words we use to understand they're a child of the Divine, and all the laws of love and life apply to them, you don't have to believe in God to feel love. It's such a relief to know your person wants love like you do. Harmonious Union is awareness and it's already within you, when it arrives it's not coming from anywhere, It can be perceived as just coming in out of nowhere and feels like sunshine and birdsong and fresh air and green trees and flowing streams. The goal of this life is to make your heart beat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature. Harmonious Union is that space which currently experiences lack or separation being gone and it's Union with the Divine. By focusing ourselves correctly, we focus on the Divine. When we have Harmonious Union we're aware of that completeness within us, and when we do that our Twin Flame is present in that oneness, the Divine is our ultimate lover, the One we're really seeking. It's all about coming into your authenticity, coming into who you truly are, and that's all about realising how powerful you are and not being scared of all that power. You're sovereign to create your own reality, you have the power of choice. Where is your Twin Flame? Where is the Divine? Already with you. Choose illumination over darkness, choose to be who you truly are instead of pretending to be someone else. Only love is real, your person is guiding you, there's no one else, The Divine, through your person is guiding you deeper into love, it's always safe to do that, follow your path to love regardless of how it looks to anyone else. Giving unconditional love is completely safe. Conditional love gives with the expectation of getting something back and not getting it feels bad. It's safe to let go of these expectations, and it's also safe that all you have to do is love. The energy behind the giving in any transaction is what matters. It's safe to be dependent on the Divine, there will come a point on this journey where you will find yourself hopelessly dependent on the Diving and on Love. That is built on a safe structure that you can trust. It does not mean confinement, it means freedom to move in safety. It's the only true safety, there is only Source, there is only the Divine, all else is an illusion. You need to be free, when people play safe by settling for a safe relationship, it's soon revealed to be no good, and it's anything but freeing, when emotionally investing peanuts, one ends up with Mickey Mouse money. There is no need to hold back to avoid codependency, those patterns are easily released when you trust the Divine. Move deeper into your relationship with the Divine, something you can depend on. That structure of safety is all there is, and that's where true freedom is. Commit to the Divine, no need to hold back energy, allow yourself to receive that safety and choose that commitment. This energy of holding back may be tied to a belief that one shouldn't go all in, you will, at some point, feel ready to go all in, know you can't be harmed, know you won't lose, whatever it is you may be feeling at the moment. The Divine takes care of everything, you need only focus on loving yourself and enjoying yourself. If you're feeling nervous about fully surrendering to the Divine, the root of the upset is acknowledging that you deserve this love. Is it really safe? Yes it is, this great love is your birthright, claim it and allow the Divine to carry you there.

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